August 31, 2014

{ #faceqapp Fun aka I'm Bored}

I can handle having the kids gone for a night maybe part of the next day, but this will be night number 3 tonight and I am not a fan.

I'm getting quite a bit done. I washed my sheets, got caught up on the laundry, and washed Owens sleeping bag that stays on our bedroom floor.

D and I have gone out to eat 3 times too! We had dinner at Chili's on Friday then stopped for Little Caesar's on Saturday, then had KFC tonight lol. We are getting a small taste of what it will be like 11 years from now when its just us lol. We don't mind it.

I do miss the small people though. I usually always have at least Owen with me on the weekends even if Dawn and Gaige are off with the grandparents. Mommy did need a break this weekend though. And that's OK. Every mom needs to know her limits and how much BS she can take before she jumps off a bridge lol.

While I was stalking some youtubers on Twitter I saw that a few were using this new app called "face q". I've gone a little crazy with it lol, which is obvious because 3 of these pics I'm sharing with you are the kids. But like I said the kids aren't here so yeah..I have nothing note exciting to do with my time. You should all download it and post it to my Facebook or mention me on Twitter.