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August 4, 2014

{31 Day Blog Challenge- Day 4}

Best Childhood Memory

More than a few of my best memories are centered around one common thing.

That is my grandparents '66 Dodge motor-home. This is where more than a few of my childhood memories are held. This thing has been all over the U.S. We took a trip every summer of my childhood. No matter if it was just to Galena to go camping with family or if we were heading to TN to see my grandparents friends. We were in this thing so much in the summer that my grandma just kept certain foods in the cupboard lol. One year we even had Easter morning it. I believe we were on our way home from Ark after visiting my aunt and cousins. It was sure memorable :).

I don't have a ton of pictures of the inside of this amazing vehicle because my grandma didn't have a camera permanently attached to her hand like I do lol, but I do have a few from our trips over the years.

 My brother sitting in one of front chairs. I coveted spot among us kids. I don't know where we were at or where we were going with this trip. Neither does my grandmother lol.

 Camping. I don't know where. 

The best memories aren't just about the motor-home though. They're also about the trips we took. 

Pictured: (L-R) My grandpa, Grandma, Mickey, my sister, youngest brother, oldest brother, Me (at 15), and my great-grandma (grandmas mom).

Like the summer we took a month off school to drive my uncles massive van to California for my cousins Marines graduation. We visited Disneyland, the Grand Canyon, Flintstone camp ground, and Planet Hollywood. Those are just the ones I remember right off the top of my head though, I know we stopped at random places along the way too.

We took 2 trips to Canada. I believe this one was for some marriage thing or something. I don't really remember it but that's what my grandma said. Look at how little we all were lol. 

Pictured: (L-R) My mom, sister, oldest brother, youngest brother, Me (8mo pregnant with Gaige)

This trip was obviously quite a bit later on, but we took it anyway. And this time my mom actually came with us. She didn't go on too many trips with us when we were kids. My dad didn't want to go..and blah. Anyway- this was to Grants Farm. It was us, my grandparent, great grandma I think, my aunt & uncle plus their 2 kids, my brothers friend, and our other cousin. It was good times :)

But those are my best memories.