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September 30, 2015

{First Teenager Party}

Dawn got invited to a girls birthday party today. This is the first time since grade school that she was invited to anything. Well, anything she bothered to tell us about. Usually she RSVP's yes to something and then doesn't tell us until the day before the party and expects to get to go (this has happened twice). I think that's why girls stopped inviting her to things. She thought that just springing it on us the day before would mean we had to let her go.

September 28, 2015

{I Love Fall #Tag }

1.) Bath & Body Works or Yankee Candles? Is this a serious question? BBW of course! But I'm not a real big candle person. I prefer the wallflowers.

2.) Favorite Fall Accessory? My backstreet boys hoodie lol. So fashion forward!

3.) Uggs or Moccasins? Neither. I wear my tennis shoes all year long and when I'm in the house I put on my slipper socks.

4.) Fuzzy Socks or Knee Socks? Fuzzy.

5.) North Face or Columbia? Neither. I find most of the jackets hideous.

6.) Favorite Fall Food? Chili! Nothing says fall like a huge pot of D's chili!

7.) Red or Pink Lips? Nude. I'm not into color on my lips usually.

8.) Winged Eye Liner or Bold Eye-shadow? Shadow.

9.) Natural/cold/light or Bold/warm/dark makeup? Natural.

10.)Apple Pie or Brownies? Pumpkin pie lol.

11.) Would you rather cook the food or eat it? Depends on what's being made. I don't really like to cook though. I do it, cause it's my job, but I prefer to bake. 

This was the most random survey I've ever posted lol. But it's Monday, and I don't have anything else to write about.

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September 25, 2015

{Weight Watchers: Starting Over}

In the last year I have basically completely given up on any kind of weight loss. I don't think I cared too much about anything but my grief. And although my grief is still there and I am still working my way through the grieving process, I realized after stepping on the scale the other day (which has been sitting in the corner of my bathroom with dead batteries for far longer than it should have), that I need to stop letting my grief get in the way of my progress. I need to stop letting it affect me this way, if only because I know it's going to hurt no one but me in the long run. Me being a blimp isn't going to bring my grandpa back. Stuffing my face full of potato chips and ice cream is not going to make it stop hurting at all. I'm going to cry and I'm going to hurt, and it's not going to stop for quite a while (or ever). So I might as well get back on this wagon and make myself a better version. Who knows? Maybe being back on this is going to help me feel better. I don't know.

September 23, 2015

{My Paranormal Experiences}


1. of or relating to the claimed occurrence of an event or perception without scientific explanation, as psychokinesis, extrasensory perception, or other purportedly supernatural phenomena. 

September 21, 2015

{Parades & Tears}

My sister convinced me that going to the parade a town over for their festival is something I needed to do. So Saturday we got up early and headed over to meet her, my nephew, my brother, and my niece. It was an OK time. Basically the same floats we saw in the parade last weekend here lol. 

September 14, 2015

{It's Festival Time!}

Fall is finally arriving in Illinois and I've been waiting all summer long! Bring on the hoodies (which I'm currently wearing right now) and slipper socks. Pick up your Pumpkin Spice drink from StarBucks if that's your thing (it is not mine) and curl up with a cozy blanket. Lets not forget the planning for Halloween starts now too! I love Halloween. It's the only holiday D actually wants to participate in without a huff. But most importantly, to me anyway, it's time for festivals!

We have two that we attend pretty much every year (money willing). The first is in our town (I won't give the name since I don't particularly care for crazy people stalking me). We gathered up the kids this past weekend headed up town to the parade. It was freezing. I was glad to have my BSB hoodie ;).

September 4, 2015

{10 "How" Questions #YoutubeTag }

I have pretty much nothing happening in my bubble right now. The kids are good. The husband is annoying, but good. I'm good. So I didn't know what to do for today's post. I'm attempting to stay on a Mon/Wed/Fri upload schedule. So I figured I'd do a little youtube tag :). I've never seen this one before. So it should be fun, but short..most likely. I don't know. Could be 10 pages long ;).

September 2, 2015

{Dawns Thoughts on Our Trip}

For vacation me, Gaige and Owen all went on vacation to Champaign, IL. There we went to Jurassic Quest. They didn't have much to do. But on the way back home all of us stopped at a museum and zoo.

The zoo was my favorite part since they had a whole bunch of animals that aren't at the zoo we normally go to. There was even a carousel too!

At the museum we saw a whole bunch of artifacts made from way back when such as old clothing that you could put on. Also there was a school house that had mini chalk boards at the desks that were made of wood, you could also draw Abe Lincoln on the blackboard.

There was a waterfall a little ways away from the schoolhouse so we went to see that too. It was really pretty with the waterlilies and flowers everywhere around it.

We went paddle- boating which really freeked me out since that was my first time on any type of boat and I was sitting almost on the edge of it too so i could see the water moving once we started going I wanted off.

Anyways I had a fun vacation.


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