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December 26, 2013

{I am Blessed (aka Spoiled)}

Since yesterday was kind of kid picture overload, I thought I'd go ahead and just wait until today to post what D and I got. It's not like a crazy amount of stuff but it's certainly worth a mention :).

For starters, D's grandma got the a beautiful set of candle holders. I'm putting them on the table in my entry way. She also gave me a gift card. So I see a shopping trip to Ulta and Ross in my future ;). D also got a gift card. And because it's kind of their own little tradition, she got him a wallet. He kind of goes through them...unusually fast lol.

D did really good this year when it comes to gifts for me! As usual. I mean, he has never gotten me a bad gift. He knows me like that though. Anyway- the first thing I opened was this awesomeness. He thought he was gonna be slick and tape my box shut. I'm way better at getting into a gift than he thinks I am ;)

 It's a Steve Madden! I am in love with this bag! OMG!

And these are the surprise gifts. Funny story though, he threw the bag away and left the receipt in it lol. He shouldn't have done that, cause I peeked ;). I'm a nosy bitch what do you want from me? LOL

 I seriously wanted this soooo bad!!

And this is something I didn't know I wanted until I had it lol. I told D that I needed a new hair dryer. Which I did, I've been using this Mary Kate and Ashley one for years. I'm long over due for a new one. I was so not expecting this though! It's an Ultra Chi Pro! It came with CHI Magnified Volume Foam 8.0 oz, CHI Magnified Volume Hairspray 12 oz, CHI Turbo Large Boar Brush and CHI Clips. And an awesome weekender bag! I tried it out this morning, it's friggin' amazing!!

So yeah, this has been an awesome Christmas for me :).

Oh but don't think D didn't get anything ;). I got him a wrench set that he was eye balling at Menards one day and a hat lamp thing for work. And his big thing, was a Sharper Image action camera. He has been wanting one for the last year and I finally found a deal on one at Menards on Black Friday :). I did good! :)

{25 Days of Blogmas: Day 25}

What did Everyone Get for Christmas this Year?

So here it is, the "what did you get for Christmas" post! I love seeing what others got for Christmas! So I'll start with the kids and go on from there.
Dawn: from Santa
2 shirts
2 pairs of pants
Galaxy Tab 3
Case for Galaxy tab 3
4 Monster High Dolls
MP3 Player
2 Fashion Pictures for her wall

Gaige: from Santa
Galaxy Tab 3
Case for the Galaxy
Paintball blow "dart" gun
MP3 Player
2 Ammo Boxes
Camo hunting cover
Drill that looks like a gun

Owen: from Santa
Shredder Figure
Splinter Figure
Turtle Ear Buds
Turtle Ooze Car
Play Doh
Turtle tub dart board
Turtle pillow pet (the one that lights up)
Turtle chair type pillow lol
2 shirts
Galaxy case (cause he got Gaiges GT2)

So yeah. Not to mention all the goodies they got at D's grandmas house.

So that's what the heathens got. For the most part anyway lol. We have my moms Christmas on Saturday and the siblings Christmas also on Saturday. Then on Sunday we have my dads side to go to. *Sigh* It's kind of a busy weekend. So I'm sure there will be tons of more pictures.

December 25, 2013

{25 Days of Blogmas: Day 24 (a little late I know)}

What is your Favorite Christmas Eve Tradition?

Gah! I was doing so good with this challenge and then yesterday I got lazy. Blah.
When it comes to Christmas Eve traditions I didn't really have any up until this year. Unless you count going to D's grandmas house and opening gifts there. This year though we started a new tradition :) Christmas Eve boxes :) Except I used bags because I couldn't find a box I liked lol.

They all 3 got pajamas (or in Gaiges case PJ pants only), a movie (Rise of the Guardians, A Christmas Story, & Polar Express), and snacks.

The whole event was a total hit! And then the next morning I didn't have to have pictures of miss matched jammies lol.

December 22, 2013

{25 Days of Blogmas: Days 22 & 23}

Since Day 22s question was a hard one to blog and make its own post I thought I would combine the 2 and make this post a little longer. So here we go :).

Day 22: Eggnog or Hot Chocolate?

If I absolutely had to choose I would gowith hot chocolate. I had never had eggnog until last year my MIL made it and I tell you what...*gag* I couldn't even handle that stuff! And I don't see how people can drink it or why its a favorite holiday drink at all. So gross! I'm not a huge fan of hot chocolate either but at least I can drink that without wanting to puke lol.

Day 23: What are Your Plans for 2014?

Honestly I haven't really thought about it. I want to really start working on the house. We have so much to get done to it and I would love to have it be all pretty so that I can host our siblings Christmas again next year :). But all the stuff we want to do takes money and we tend to not have as much of that with 3 kids lol.

If I could just get my new TV and the fireplace built in the living room I think it would make me happy :).

In the summer we plan to take the kids to Disney! Shhh! That's a secret though. If I talk too much about it or get too excited it won't happen lol.

As far as plans go that's about it. Nothing too exciting. I don't like to make a lot of plans too early because when I do that I'm always disappointed.

OK now its your turn!

December 21, 2013

{25 Days of Blogmas: Day 21}

Do you Travel on Christmas?

Absolutely not lol. 
No one that I spend Christmas with lives far enough away to travel to their house. The closest thing to traveling that we do on Christmas is going to my uncles about half an hour away. When I was a kid this part was at my dads parents (now it's at his brothers usually).

Funny story: On our way out to the farm (where my dads parents live) every single year, my dad would give us the same speech. "You don't act a fool. You say please and thank you. I don't care if you already have something they got you, you say thank you and act like you like it." It was basically the same thing every year. Same words and all lol. And now going to familys houses for Christmas I tend to give the same speech to my kids. Except I tell them if they act a fool I will return their stuff and they won't have anything. 

I would love to travel some time for Christmas though. I keep trying to convince D that we should go to a cabin or something for Christmas one year, but he refuses to do it. He's a party pooper.

Does your family travel for Christmas? Where do you go?

December 20, 2013

{25 Days of Blogmas: Day 20}

Favorite Christmas Meal
When I was a kid the thing I looked forward to most was my grandpas chili. He made it for the Pumpkin parade and then usually at Christmas too. It was always something everyone looked forward to. Since he has been gone though I guess my grandmas potato soup is something I look forward to. Not that its super special or anything because we have it other times than Christmas but its yummy.
I'm not much into the traditional Christmas dinner at all.

{25 Days of Blogmas: Day 19}

Favorite Stocking Stuffer
I don't think I have one.
How am I supposed to blog about this? Lol this is more of survey question.
I love to fill the kids stockings with random little toys. In Dawns case I've begun getting her make-up.
My mom one year got me a little Tommy Pickles (from rugrats lol) keychain. I'm pretty sure I still have it. I love that thing! Completely weird and random but its one thing I remember loving (besides the backstreet boys stuff I always got lol).

December 18, 2013

{25 Days of Blogmas: Day 18}

When Do you Open Gifts?

Up until last year, I have always, opened gifts on Christmas Day. But last year we had to switch it up a little bit.

D was working days last year and when they offered him Christmas Day, he accepted. Which annoyed the piss out of me because I don't believe anyone should work on Christmas Day. 

So after opening gifts with D's grandma on Christmas Eve we came home and let the kids open their gift from us. Santa still came that night of course, but because D was working all day we couldn't dig into the gifts like we normally would. But I couldn't handle making them wait for everything, and almost broke down and let them go ahead and open it all lol. So I set up my laptop and recorded them opening their stockings instead :). I uploaded it to YouTube so that D could watch at work too. It was pretty friggin' genius if you ask me.

Later they got to open gifts when D got home. So it was still on Christmas Day, just a little later ;)

This year we're also doing Christmas Eve boxes. They're getting PJ's, A movie, hot chocolate mix, a new cup, and popcorn. I might go ahead and get them some kind of candy too just to make it more movie theaterish. It's gonna be a good time :)

December 17, 2013

{25 Days of Blogmas: Day 17}

Post an Old Christmas Card

I don't do Christmas cards. I have always wanted to but I just can't seem to get them out on time. So I stopped trying.

Since I suck at life, I will just go ahead and post some old pics of Christmas :)

His first Christmas :)




And there we have it :)