August 20, 2014

{1 Day Down! #firstdayofschool}

This afternoon I've got 3 exhausted kids.

We started off today on a pretty good note. Everyone got up and got dressed with little to no fight. I predict this will not last more than a couple weeks. The older 2 got breakfast and such on their own. I didn't wake Owen up until about 7:30 because he doesn't have to be at school when they do.

We were unsure of where Dawns bus stop was going to be, so D took her up there to make sure she was getting on the right bus. As they were coming to the stop the bus pulled up (6min early) and then as they were running to catch it, D said the driver looked at him, shut the door and drove off. He was supposed to pick up 3 kids at that stop, he didn't pick up any. So that was great. D ended up taking her to school and calling the school to let them know that it happened. We'll see what happens tomorrow.

Gaige was off on his bike. He made it to school fine, as I knew he would. He hates riding the bus. The kids tend to pick on him, which pisses him off and then he gets in trouble for defending himself against them. Which in turn pisses me and D off. It's just best if we let him ride his bike lol.

Owen was a lot easier to get to school than last year. We got there about 20min early so we could take our time and I could make sure he knew where his class room was. He did great! He knew right where to go (and the fact that the guy who was student teacher last year in his class, has a class across the hall now, is a great help). We found his desk and he sat down with his book bag. There were no tears or fits or screaming. It was calm and I knew he was nervous but it helped that he knew his friend Jack would also be in his class this year. I hugged him and told him I'd pick him up after lunch. Which is easier than telling him later. He knows that "after lunch" it will be almost time to go home.

We were also told this year we will get to walk with them to their class for the first 3 days this year. Last year we could only walk the first day and the 2nd day they had teachers waiting to drag my kindergartner off screaming because he was scared to death. I think we all remember that. I can only imagine that they had a bunch of pissed off parents last year and that is why they changed it. In reality, I don't think they did that when Gaige was in that school at all. They let us walk them to class the whole first week. As it should be. They're nervous and I'm nervous. I want to know my kid knows where to go and who his teacher is and that's not asking too much.

This afternoon I picked him up and asked him how his day was, he said it was good :). He likes his new teacher and he did all kinds of fun things. I have to say I was a little more concerned about him than the other 2 but I guess I didn't need to be lol. He had a good time. He ate his snack (gold fish and water) and some of his lunch (a bite of pb sandwich, a cheese stick, chips...he didn't touch the orange he insisted I pack though).

Gaiges day went pretty well. He didn't come home complaining so I'm taking that as a good sign lol. He doesn't like to give specifics.

Dawns day was not so great. She had a lot of changes this year and they are proving to be a bit much for her to handle. She said that she wasn't sure about her schedule for starters, so she didn't know where to go. She ended up just following her "team" from class to class. Then she couldn't get her locker open so a teacher came and unlocked it with the key. D said she was crying on the bus. And I know she was upset and frustrated because she was quiet when she was telling us about it. If she was just being pissy she would have been yelling. So in all, she did not have a good first day :(. I'm hoping tomorrow is better because it would suck to have the first few days be bad. It'll set her tone for the whole year, and I'm not wanting to listen to the I hate school crap. Those of you with kids who have had a bad first week know what I'm talking about.

I'm hoping that everyone has a better day tomorrow.

Did your kids start today? What was their first day good?

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