August 11, 2014

{31 Day Blogging Challenge- Day 10}

Your Daily Routine

So I've been getting back into going to the gym more regularly and then it started raining. And then the van broke down. So guess who doesn't have a car because D doesn't like to ride to work in the rain? Yep. So I'll just do this like if I was going to the gym lol.

6:30am: D wakes me up. Oh he doesn't just wake me up though, no, he makes me sit up and look at him so that he knows I woke up lol.

7:30am: My alarm goes off and I wake up for real ;)

7:45am: I walk out the door to the gym.

10:00am: I return from the gym and shower and eat breakfast. Usually an egg white omelet with salsa.

10:20am: I start the laundry and pick up the house. This lasts from anywhere between 15min to an hour depending on if I bothered to do it the day before or not lol.

Around 12pm: Lunch time!! Usually some fruit and a Smart Ones meal. My favorite is Fettuccine Alfredo.

After lunch I go about folding laundry and putting it away. Depending on if I've been keeping up with it or who brought their laundry in for me to wash (cause the kids don't often bring their clothes up/down until I yell at them for it), this can take all day. It's an on going process honestly.

Around 4:30pm I start thinking about what to make for dinner. Be it pizza or shepherds pie. I take out whatever I'm planning (unless it's pizza of course).

D gets home at 5pm. We have the foods. Then I finish putting away laundry. Aka, I fold it and put it on the stairs for the kids to put away lol. And we all kind of just hang out.

Around 7pm I start getting kids ready for bed. Showers/baths and jammies (should they choose to wear them) on.

We all just sit around some more. Nothing really happens in the evenings because I like to just chill before fighting kids to get to bed.

8:30pm: I start telling them it's time for bed.

9:00pm: Finally get them all in bed. Usually Owen is the one dragging his feet.

9:30pm: Tablets are off and children should have their eyes closed. Of course, this is my family so that's not how it actually goes. I end up telling them to turn them off only to go up there 15min later to see both of the boys still have them on. So I get mad and start threatening to take them away.

10:00pm: I'm in jammies and ready for bed.

10:30pm: There's usually a small child still fighting me to go to sleep. He ends up in my bedroom on the floor in a sleeping bag. Because I'm a serious push-over. Not my fault.

And that's my routine lol. Well for the summer anyway. In about a week school starts and then BOOM madness mornings commence. I'm looking forward to having my house back. I'm not looking forward to getting up and fighting with children to get them ready and out the door before the bus leaves. Blah.