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April 28, 2015

{Full House is Coming Back?!}

As a child brought up in the 90's Full House was one of my favorite shows! I didn't relate to any of them for the most part, but I enjoyed watching the show. Michelle and Stephanie's one liners were hilarious to me. In fact, I often caught myself saying How rude! and You got it dude! and who can forget my favorite, Well pin a rose on your nose. There hasn't been a lot of shows I would like seen brought back, but this is certainly one of them.

April 24, 2015

{It's the Land of No More Sleep}

Also known as I have insomnia but it's brought on by the fact that I have a huge pink cast on my leg. Blah.

I haven't been sleeping hardly at all these days, not at night anyway. I used to get up when D got back from dropping off Owen so that he could have the bed. More lately, I'd say probably the last couple weeks, I've been staying up all night and sleeping until my alarm goes off to tell me someone needs to get the kid. It's very depressing to be honest.

April 19, 2015

{ #weightwatchers Update}

Since I broke my ankle I have not been weighing in. I just kept telling myself there was no point since it would be off anyway. There's no way I would like the number on a scale having 2-3 extra lb on my leg. So my weight tracker got lonely. And my weight watchers app reminded me of this pretty much daily. I just didn't feel comfortable weighing in though.

I have been tracking my points though. I put everything in even if it means I'm screwed lol. I've been doing really good. I ask for oranges and plums mainly for snacks and try to stick to low point meals for dinner and lunch. I don't really eat breakfast these days. D has been good about making sure I don't snack too much on the wrong things. He keeps plenty of fruit in the house for me.

April 17, 2015

{And That's How We Got Engaged}

I was just sitting here at 12:30am watching reruns of Sex and the City on demand (thank you D for the new laptop, my old one would have blown up by now with as much TV as I watch on this thing), the episode where Aiden proposed to Carrie. I couldn't help but think back to the time when we got engaged.

Some of you know the story of how we ended up getting married. If you don't I'll sum it up for you. He bought me a wedding set (my beautiful engagement ring!) and so I just changed my facebook relationship status to engaged lol. He kept getting asked about it so he finally came home and said you might as well start planning a wedding since everyone keeps congratulating me. Bahahaha! What a way to get engaged right?

April 14, 2015

{ #AprilIpsyBag Unboxing!}

I'm back with another ipsy bag unboxing! I know I skipped last month. Don't hate me :). I'm back with this month though and this is a good one to get back in it!

This months bag is pretty cute. Something I'll most likely find a use for and shove it in my purse to organize some more. Lord knows a girl can never have too much organization in her purse. Especially a mom. Maybe I'll have somewhere to stick a snack. It can be my stash bag! lol

April 11, 2015

{Adventures in Broken Ankleville}

Can we just take a minute to talk about the weather we've been having lately? I've got the windows open and the back door too. I'm of course also sitting here with a blanket over me lol. But damn if it's not nice having the windows open and getting a little fresh air in here today. Especially with all the storms we've had the last couple days. Tornadoes actually touched down up by Chicago (three hours away) and completely devastated an entire town :(. It's so sad to see the pictures of the aftermath. Brings me back to what happened here a few years ago and of course the tornado that touched down just a block from us that same year.

So prayers are definitely in order for the residents of the affected towns. I really hope they can all get the help they need to rebuild and make it through this tough time.

April 6, 2015

{6 Things I Love About a SAHM}

I know I tend to complain a lot about my world. It gets frustrating sometimes, I think any parent working or stay at home can relate to that right? If it's not one thing it's another is what my grandma always says. But there are some good things about it too. And on days that I'm finding it really hard not to pack a bag and high tail it out of here, I need a post like this to remember why I chose to do this to myself ;).
Feel free to comment with things I've over looked that you love about being a SAHM or a WAHM or a mom that has a job outside the home :)

April 2, 2015

{That Time I Went Crazy on Bed Rest}

Yeah. That's happening right now.

I literally fell asleep in the 15min D was gone getting us lunch (me a salad from Wally World and him a burger from Hardees). Like I was out. I'm a napper. I love to nap. What mom doesn't? But this is getting a little out of hand. The problem is that there's nothing stopping me from napping.

Today I woke up at 7am and stayed awake until almost noon. But I didn't do anything. Thank God for my phone.