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May 31, 2012

{Tag! You're it!!}

When I logged on the other day I was greeted by a comment from Graceful Disaster. I thought while I'm waiting for my meatloaf to bake I'd go ahead and participate! Super fun!!

The rules (if you choose to play along) are as follows:

Each person must post 11 random things about themselves.

Answer the questions that the person that tagged you posted.

Create 11 new questions for the people that you tag

Pick 11 new people to tag, link them on your post & go to their page and tell them they've been tagged.  No tag backs!!!

11 Things About Me:

1. I. Love the backstreet boys. I am not ashamed to admit it. I will shout it from the roof tops!!

2. I'm addicted to my phone. I can not put it down for fear that something might happen and I'll be the last to know (which I usually am anyway).

3. I do not like teenagers. Never mind that I actually have 2.

4. Although many might think I'm "boring", I would much rather sit at home on a Saturday night than go out and deal with people.

5. If Vampire Bill (and if you don't know who that is..I can no longer associate with you. Sorry) were to walk up to me and say "leave your husband"...I'd do it. He wouldn't even have to glamor me. Just saying.

6. I tell people that I hate rodents (and I do) but the hamster we just bought my 15yr old...is adorable.

7. My father and I have a closer relationship than my mother and I at this point. And I'm loving it.

8. If I could visit any place in the world..it'd be Disney World. I want to be a princess too damn it!!

9. I cheated on a Science test in grade school. We were allowed to put up a folder and I put my study sheet in 1 of the pockets. That was the first and last time I cheated. I never got caught.

10. Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong decade. I am far more of a 40's/50's wife than a 2012 wife.

11. I have always dreamed of being a writer. But even though I start a million books, I never finish them. It's sad.

My Gracefully Disastrous Questions:
1. What is your most embarrassing parenting or relationship (if you're not a parent) moment? Hmm..when Bug was born an old lady asked me if he was a boy or a girl...I said girl. I had to correct myself and she looked at me like I was effing crazy.

2. Have you ever fallen down in public? I slipped and fell on a Casey's floor one winter. I bruised my tail bone and broke my pride.

3. How many blog followers do you have? According to blogger I have 33. And since I don't have a following widget because google wanted be jackasses and remove friend connect, I don't know about any other ones.

4. What's your favorite cuss word? I drop a lot of F bombs around here. I'm trying to stop myself and farkin' or effing.

5. How often do you really mop your kitchen floor? When it gets so sticky my socks get stuck to it while I'm making dinner lol. Kidding! Whenever I think it's dirty.

6. What is your favorite book?  The Sookie Stackhouse Series by Charlaine Harris is my favorite!! And of course This Lullaby & The Truth About Forever both by Sarah Dessen. I'm a YA reader. What of it??

7. How old were you when you started your period? I was in 5th grade. It was in December cause it was on my brothers birthday lol.

8. When was the last time you had an "OH SHIT" moment? Umm...I don't know. I haven't had one recently I don't think.

9. Are your parents still married? If so, what do you think their secret is? No. Hell no. Thank the lord no!!

10. What is your biggest fear? Besides something happening to my children? Zombies. Farkin' hate zombies!!

11. What is your biggest wish? To get my house done & to love it. And to just be content. Forever.

I know I'm supposed to tag other people..but I don't really have bloggy friends lol. So I'm not going to. And you can't make me!! What do you think about THAT?!

May 19, 2012

{Guess that means he was there..}

I try not to make this blog overly personal while still talking about my life. But since this is the second time this has happened, I'm gonna go ahead and talk about it.
I may or may not have mentioned this in past posts, but my grandpa died of cancer in July of 2005. It affected everyone in my family. Actually I'm sure that it affected more than just the family, I think I heard someone say that there hundreds of people at his visitation? I can't remember a number I just know it was up there. He knew everyone and was friends with so many. I am not going to sit here and say that I was super close to him. I saw him on holidays mainly and once a year at the Pumpkin Parade. Because your fall didn't get off to a good start without heading to grandpas for some chilli and watching the parade. But just because I didn't see him every weekend or even every month, it doesn't mean that I don't miss him. Holidays are not the same and I don't go to the pumpkin parade anymore.

Anyway, several months ago I had a dream. It was mostly randomness. Most of it didn't make any sense at all lol. But the last part is what jerked me out of my sleep and had me sobbing for just..days. It was so emotional. I got to hug my grandpa. Something I had not done in years and something I greatly missed (even though I am not a hugger lol).

Excuse the hair lol

When I talked to D about it he said that maybe it was grandpas way of letting me know he was there. I don't know what it meant. I do know that I started talking to my mother again after I had the dream though. Because I felt like even though she was being shitty to me, he wouldn't have wanted us to not talk.

I have not had a dream with him in it since that night..until last night.

It was a wedding dream, I was in my dress, but things were going so weird lol. I just kept walking down the isle and my dad didn't walk with me, it was just me. At the end and in 1 of the first rows was my aunt who was cracking jokes lol. I thought it was funny. I was laughing and everything. And all of the sudden, in the 2nd row I look over and there sits my grandpa. Looking much like he did when I was little, before he got sick. I stood there and talked to him. He tried to tell me that he was talking to someone about me, but I don't know who. He commented on the picture I had displayed for him on the memory table.

This was the day I came home from the hospital.

I woke up sobbing again. Not because I missed him but because he was there. I couldn't help but thinking that day that I wished so much that he could have been there. And I guess he was :)

My High School graduation :)

May 16, 2012

{Recipe Wednesday- Shepherds Pie}

This is a real favorite in my house. And it was one of my favorites when I was growing up. It's funny how we start making the same things our mothers/grandmothers made. Of course, my shepherds pie could never compare to my grandmothers. But whatever, D and 2 out of 4 kids like it lol.

So here is the recipe!

Ingredients:feeds family of 6
2 lb. hamburger
10 potatoes (2 per person)
Cheese Slices

Start by preheating your oven to 350*. I like to get my potatoes in the pot and cooking before I start the meat. Usually I let them start to boil (and see bubbles) before I'll put my meat on to brown. Make your mashed potatoes like you would any other time. Brown your meat like you would any other time. Once both of those are done, take a 9x13 pan (or whatever size you like..I prefer bigger for obvious reasons) and spread the mashed potatoes into it. Before you pour your meat into the pan, drain any grease that might be in it. Now pour the meat in and spread it out so that it covers the potatoes. Put your cheese slices on. Pop in the oven. And your done! I usually leave it in for about 15min. or however long it takes for the cheese to melt. Since the other ingredients are already cooked, the cheese is the only important part when it comes to the oven :).

I usually let it cool a little bit before serving. Enjoy!

May 13, 2012

{Happy Mothers Day!!}

And happy birthday to me!! :) I am 29 years old today. And I plan on staying 29 from here on out lol

I actually had a pretty good birthday. Which is kind of surprising because normally my birthday kind of sucks. There is almost always something that causes some kind of drama so that I can't celebrate the way I want to. This year was pretty enjoyable though. We celebrated on Saturday by going out to dinner at my favorite restaurant (Schooner's I heart me some wings!). As far as gifts go I got a new phone!! I have been wanting one for a while and figured that since we'd had our plan for a year on the 5th that we could upgrade. And we could. My FIL ended up buying my phone and D got me a pink rubber case to go on it. I love it!

D also bought me a deep freezer. Which doesn't sound exciting but it's AWESOME. I love knowing there is somewhere for the food I buy. Our freezer is just not big enough and it never has been. Not for the amount of people that we end up feeding.

I also got my new camera 2 weeks ago but I didn't get that as a gift. I bought it myself. I heart it anyway though.

So what did you guys do for mothers day today? Anything fun?

May 9, 2012

{Recipe Wednesday- Tuna Pillows}

It used to be wedding Wednesday but since the wedding is over (thank the Goddess) we are moving today to Recipe Wed. starting today.

Tuna Pillows (makes 4 pillows)
1 box of cream cheese
Chopped celery (or celery seed)
Chopped onion (or onion powder)
1 can of tuna
1 can of Cream of Chicken soup
1 container of crescent rolls

Mix softened cream cheese (helps when stirring), celery, onions, and tuna in a bowl. Set aside. Spray baking sheet with Pam and arrange crescent rolls. Lay down 2 pieces of the rolls in a triangle shape. Drop a spoon full of cream cheese mixture into the middle of the rolls. Fold the 3 corners up to meet in the middle. Pop in the oven & bake at 350 until pillows are golden and crispy. While the pillows are baking I usually start the soup. Pour (cooked) soup over pillows and you're ready for a delicious meal!