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April 24, 2010

{Good news for us!!}

Before I even start this post I have to direct your attention to my treat site (yes, I'm plugging once again!). I'm currently doing a giveaway (my very first) and I'd love to get everyone involved! So if you have a dog or know someone who has a dog that would love to get 3 free biscuits head on over and see what it's all about!

We got some amazing news the other day! D came home from work and informed me that not only did the big bosses (not the really big ones, but the important people lol) at CAT recognize that he is the only one who knows what's going on in his department but because of this, they gave him a promotion! He is now a supervisor! Woohoo! And with this comes perks ladies (and gentlemen should there be any). He gets a $1 more an hour (which doesn't sound like a lot, but it is) and he gets dibs on the good over time! So not only will we be able to finally pay all our bills in just a couple checks but we can get off Link. If you have ever been on gov. assistance you know how good it feels to finally be able to get off of it. It's like a huge weight has been lifted and we can breathe again. It's awesome! Oh but the good news doesn't end there kids! Wait for it...D said I should start looking for..wait for it...(enough waiting?) a house...to buy!! We want to do contract for deed, you started this whole deal a year or 2 ago but never found anything we could afford that was worth the money in this area. It appears though (from looking online) that a lot of people are moving out of the area we want. If we're lucky we can find something good. I'll even take a fixer upper, in fact, I would sort of like one. I like the idea of making my house the way I want it instead of how someone else liked it. I'm a control freak like that lol.
Some not so fabulous news I got the same day D came home with his, G's SD is going for visitation after 6yrs of not seeing or contacting him. Lovely. I'll have more info as the BS progresses.

April 14, 2010

{That's gonna leave a Mark!}

I swear Bug has got to be the most accident prone kid I have ever met. If it's possible for him to get hurt doing something, he will. Two days ago we were walking in the house and I was holding the door open. Of course he dragging his feet, he's 2, I have to dangle candy in front of him to get him to move at a decent pace lol. Anyway- we have 3 steps leading to our porch, he was on the second step, he went falling backwards, hit his little noggin' on the ground. It left a scrape and I'm sure it hurt quite a bit but there was not blood so I didn't think too much of it. He got kisses and hugs and wanted to cuddle for a little while, 10min. later he was telling me, "Side" wanting to go back out with the olders. So I let him. :)

Then today while he was running around like a wild man after his brother (G) outside he fell down :(. He came running to me with G in toe to tell me what happened. Basically he fell and got some booby and a nap out of the situation. All was fine after his nap.

Until of course tonight when G spilled a glass of tea on the kitchen floor. Of course Bug took the opportunity to run across the linolium, wet, floor and fell, smacking his head on the floor. Poor baby :(. He got kisses and hugs and some tylenol for any headache that might come later. He's fine ;). He's up in his bed watching Kai-Lan right now.

I just don't understand how someone so small can get hurt so many times in a week. I guess he doesn't have that, "I better be careful cause if I fall this is gonna hurt" voice yet. Hopefully he gets that soon lol.

April 10, 2010

{Well it's about time!}

Three months ago my father-in-law (OK, so he's not my father-in-law because his son is not my husband but whatever) got me my very own domain name for my dog treat business. I wasn't having any luck selling my treats, I thought having an actual website with an actual store would help me a lot more than peddling my wares on etsy (which is one of my favorite sites ever!). I couldn't afford a domain, but FIL found dreamhost and set me up. I was so friggin' excited I could have peed my pants right there while I was setting it up! I couldn't wait to get started designing it (besides treats that is my 2nd favorite thing to do in my spare time), I couldn't wait to show it off. To prove to everyone that said it's a stupid idea that I could do this, I could do something I love and something I'm so horribly passionate about and make money. But there were problems.

The first arose when I realized that I had no clue how to build a website from the base codes up. I didn't know how to put one together on my own. I had always just gotten a code from somewhere like blogskins and stripped it down and made it the way I wanted it. But setting the whole thing up on my own? Intimidating much?! I, of course, couldn't find a free website design that I liked either. So that made it even harder. I tried my hardest to figure out what I was doing but nothing I did was up to my standards. I'll admit it freely, I'm anal about my websites. Horribly anal. I want them to be as close to my vision as possible. And usually, I accomplish this. I gave up for a little while.

Then I decided that because FIL had also set me up with zencart I would just use the store as my actual site. Well that worked out real well, I have no idea how to code CSS which is what zencart layouts are coded with. I learned pretty fast but zencart is so messed up and annoying that I just gave up after a while with that too. Dead end.

And then I got this bright idea, set up a wordpress account! Now that I had my own domain I could host it myself and not have to worry about it. I'd always wanted a wordpress blog..ever since I started one. And there are all of these amazing themes for it, and plugins...oooh the plugins! I of course screwed it up a million times though and probably made my FIL crazy with all the e-mails he would get from wordpress saying I'd installed it after screwing it up and having to delete it lol.

It took about two weeks for me to find a theme I liked and work it to be my own. I set up a store within wordpress and I am sooo happy that it's still a blog.

So here it is bloggies, the debut of PRECIOUS PET PASTRIES!! Expect big things in the coming months, I have so much in store! :)

Other than all that, there's really nothing to report on lol.

April 6, 2010

{I'm sweatin' like a whore in church!}

It's only 80* and I'm already complaining. I'm screwed this summer. I bet it's ungodly hot. *ugh*

Easter went well around here. The kids got a little bit, not much after the fiasco at Christmas. We headed to D's grandmothers for some yummy food (I swear the woman could make liver and onions taste like steak). She had baskets for the kids. So they sort of made out like bandits. We staid there for a couple hours and let the kids jump on the trampoline (*jealous* I want one!) and trample the grass in the back yard ^_^. We got home around 3pm (so not too late of a day) and just hung out forever. I'd filled eggs but I was way too lazy to hide them this year we just never got around to hiding them. No big deal, Bug graciously took one for the team and ate most of the candy inside them o_O. I'm kind of glad it's over. Here are some loverly pictures for your enjoyment.
Decorating eggs

Bug eating said eggs

The finished product

Trampoline fun

OK, that's all I got for ya'll. Enjoy the pictures I'll be back with you at some point :).

April 2, 2010

{Blogger Fail}

I have been slacking so bad with doing this blog that it makes me want to cry a little bit...not really. But since I'm up at 5am anyway, for unknown reason, I thought I'd go ahead and blog a little bit :). You know you missed my ramblings ^_^.

I have been kid free since Wed. I don't know what to do with myself without kids. I don't know if that's because I love them so much or if I realize just how little life I have without them. G and Bug are both with my grandparents & Drama Queen is with her grandparents. I don't think I like being without kids, as much as I needed this break from them, the house is oddly quiet without them here..and I don't enjoy it. There's no one kicking me in the ribs or stealing my covers (Bug), and there's no one sneaking out of a bedroom to snack in the middle of the night besides myself thinking that I don't know about it (Drama Queen). *Sigh* I'm kinda looking forward to going to get them tomorrow.

I also have to finish Easter shopping tomorrow. I am such a slacker this year. Usually I have everything done way in advance because I don't like last minute shopping around a holiday. But not this year. *blah* I did manage to get a few things (minus the candy) the other day though. G is the hardest to shop for so far all he has a Styrofoam airplane you assemble yourself & a checkers game (the kid loves it). All he ever wants is guns and crap like that and I told him he's not getting any more guns, I am so tired of finding them broken and all over my house. Then again, I might get all the kids some little water guns or something. *sigh* I don't know. Drama Queen wasn't too hard to shop for- 2 pairs of Princess socks, 1 Mickey Easter water color set, Princess lip-gloss, & a Tinkerbell activity book that was supposed to go in her stocking but got forgotten under my bed. Bug is getting- a plastic shovel & rake, finger paints & paper, & Cars socks. T has nothing so far, I'm letting D go get him stuff because I can never pick stuff that he likes (and he'll let you know he doesn't like it & that pisses me off). So I guess really candy is the only thing that I need to buy besides a few more things for G. Shouldn't take too long I guess, just need to make sure D leaves me money lol.

While we're talking about D (as I often am) we had a date night tonight ^_^. I was starting to kind of wonder if it was going to happen since he had plans to go fishing all weekend. But today when he came home from work he asked me (and T because he was here too) if I wanted to go fishing with him. He rarely as in never takes me fishing with him anymore. We met up with his friend at the Pekin park and fished there for about 2hrs I think (around there). I caught a cat fish O_O!! It was just a baby, we threw it back. After fishing (T's grandmother picked him up from the park) D and I went to see Alice in Wonderland (didn't suck..would have been better in 3D) and then to my favorite place to eat Schooners. The have the best hot wings on earth! No joke!! I won't even eat wings from somewhere else. Then we came home after that (a pound of wings in hand). I love date nights :-).

So I guess that's pretty much it. My treat site is coming along, as soon as I get the plugins working for the store then I'll post a link. I can't wait for everyone to see it. I'm working super hard on it. And I finally figured out how to work wordpress..the forums helped quite a bit.

OK, I better get off here and see about getting back to sleep..I don't think it's gonna happen though.