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April 30, 2013

{Didnt think you could fall in love with a phone}

I got my Galaxy s3 Saturday!! I am so in love with it I could die! The camera takes amazing pictures and it has a front facing camera also so that is a huge bonus. I can take pictures of myself again lmao! The OS is pretty good and a lot faster than my mesmerize (D took that one). I absolutely love that it zips from one app ti the next with the greatest of ease. I can also answer texts and such and get right back to what I was doing before I had to answer. I'm in love with all the apps I can get too that were not available to me before or that were but would lock up my phone or run too slow to bother attempting to use them. Its been a pretty good buy so far :).

Something I'm not in love with, however, is the keyboard. I had my mesmerize set ti the Android keyboard because I wasnt a fan of the Samsung one. This phone does not allow you to switch to another keyboard. It does have the swype feature already on it though. Not that I use it cause swype makes me feel stupid lol. But its nice to have if I ever decide otherwise. And I dont have to get used to a whole new keyboard if I want to use it.

So that's my little review of my new Galaxy s3. And for those wondering why I didnt just get the s4...I didnt want it lol. Im not one of those people that has to have the latest phone. I wanted this one a year ago and couldn't get it. Now I got the one I wanted :).

Now here is a pic I took of myself Sunday. There are no filters and I didnt change any of the settings before snapping. Below that is a pic of my awesome new case :).

April 24, 2013

{No. We are not under water}

I'm pretty sure I've been asked this at least 3 times today. Yes, we are in central IL, yes we live about 3 blocks from the river, no we are not floating. There you go.

If you are not aware of what I'm talking about, I shall inform you. The river is flooding/flooded. There is water pretty much everywhere. I have seen on the news where closer to Chicago (I think) they are getting it a lot worse but for my town, it's not that bad. D and I have taken some pics to show you how much the water has risen in the last week.

 He took this one last week. This is a drive way/parking lot down by the river. On a normal day, you can drive through that. It's supposed to be dry.

Just last Sunday I took this one. As you can see, you can't even see the block where the sign is standing anymore and the sign itself is getting covered.

D was down there just this morning and he said that now this sign is pretty much totally covered. This is a record breaking level. The river hasn't been this high since the '40's. It's friggin' crazy! But never the less, we are not all floating...yet lol. It was supposed to crest today around 3pm and then it should go back down. *fingers crossed* Cause otherwise we are all in a world of hurt.

And now on to more pleasant things.

The teenager had her 16th birthday! It's crazy to think that D has a 16 year old. That we just met last year. *sigh* Anyway- her mother planned a party at Jillians Sports Grille so we all met up there. It was a good time :). The kids had fun.

Walmart got that cake all wrong. But it was pretty good anyway :).

So there you have it. My laptop just told me that I've got 10% battery left and I don't want to get up to plug it in, so that's all the time I have to update ya'll right now :). Don't forget to check me out on facebook and instagram! :)

April 15, 2013

{A case of the wants}

Since D said that I can get my new S3 next week (I know..spoiled) I have been looking on amazon for cute cases! That's the only thing I absolutely hate about my current phone, there are just no cases for it. And that is annoying.

Here are some I like (in case someone reading this wants to get me one for my birthday lol)

Those are just a few. I'm gonna buy the pearl and the minnie mouse one. :)

April 13, 2013

{Relaxing Saturday}

D and I had the most relaxing laid back Saturday we've had in a long time. The teenager went off with her boyfriend about noon so D and I were kid free. Which happens often but not often enough lol. So I got dressed and we headed to Target for starters. He needed new shirts cause all of his are stained or too small. He ended up with two. Oddly enough I didn't get anything. Which he pointed out by saying "I can't believe you haven't found anything to put in the cart yet" lol. He knows me so well. But honestly I didn't need anything cause we went yesterday and got it all. I was going to head to Ulta and use the $10 to get a couple new nail polishes. But then I decided against it. I have so many bottles of all kinds of polish right now that it's ridiculous. I need to get one of those racks that so many people have for their polishes. I should look for some.

Anyway- after Target we were off to the antique mall. Oh man, that place was huge. Some of the booths had some amazing stuff and some of it was just crap. There were a lot of high chairs, baby buggies, and cribs that's for sure. But I also saw a lot of dishes and these really trippy 60's style canisters (for flour, sugar, ect) with mushrooms on them. Then we found this amazing antique stove. I'm going to guess it's from the '40's or '50's. It was a lot like this one, except it had a cover over the burners and they were in the middle. I didn't take a picture of it cause I didn't know if that would be OK and the people were standing right there lol. I didn't wanna get in trouble. But it was about $400. I told D I wanted it so bad but he said he didn't trust that it was safe. It said that it works well but one of the little heat vents were melted lol. So we figured that it probably got too hot and probably caught on fire or something. I don't know. I was really wanting it though. We also found an antique fridge and a chest freezer! Gah! We decided that I was born in the wrong era. I love anything before the 60's seriously. I love the fashion and the furniture. Should have been born in the 40's I guess lol.

After the antique mall we headed to the US Cellular store. I have been wanting a new phone for a while. I don't need one. I love my phone! It's a Galaxy S Mesmerize. But when I went in to get the phone I have I originally wanted the Galaxy S3.
But we didn't have enough points and honestly it was like $400. So I went with the phone I have now. I have basically been watching the S3 since and I knew that when they put out an upgrade for that phone, that it would go way down in price. And it did :). So we are gonna get me one in 2 weeks when he gets paid again! Weeeee! I'm so excited I could pee! I've already been on amazon looking at awesomely cute phone cases lol.

We are now home, in our sweats. We stopped at Taco Johns for dinner of course...cause that place is awwwwwesome! And we watched a movie called The Awakening. It was good. See it. It's on Netflix.

Tomorrow The teenagers mom and I are going shopping for her 16th birthday cake.

So how is your weekend going so far? :)

April 10, 2013

{Thats ENOUGH!!}

I don't know about the rest of you but I get so tired of picking up after kids! I had my house totally clean last weekend, the minute the boys came in from my grandparents house on Monday morning it was a disaster area again. There is always something that doesn't belong there on my table. Usually bowls/plates from whatever they ate last and wrappers from poptarts and chip bags. I am just so tired of it!! I don't see why I bother to clean at all if they're just going to come behind and leave a mess that looks like a tornado hit. I've decided to take to pinterest and see if I can't find some way to organize that will keep the crap off the floor and the table.

I do have to say though that since I said I was getting rid of toys amd clothes that were left down here they have been careful about taking them upstairs. So at least they are picking something up.

And I just had a great idea while looking at pins. Its not really organization that I need. I need rules and limits on what is ok to snack on and when. So I have thought up a few rules to post in the kitchen for all the kids to see.

No more snacking all day.
You may have a snack between breakfast and lunch, and lunch and dinner.
These snacks do not include chips, cereal, poptarts, cookies, or anything not in the following list;
Apples, oranges, grapes, cereal bar, strawberries, any other fruit.
You eat all meals at the table and snacks too.
You eat what we eat or you may make yourself a pb&j sandwich.

I'm sure I will think up some more. I'm tired of running out of everything and I'm tired of picking up the papers left behind from all day snacking. And I'm really tired of reaching for something to eat and finding what I want is gone.

So there we go. What are some of ypur rules for snacking and meal times?

April 9, 2013

{Cause what else am I gonna do?}

The Basics
Peoria Illinois
Between 2 little towns in central IL. 
About 15min from the place I was raised ;)
More about you
Online- 5/13/04; I person- 5/20/04 (I think)
The first time he proposed at Chili's lol. The 2nd time I basically put on FB that we were engaged and that was it lol.

About him
Peoria IL
He works on the machines in a foundry. I don't remember what it's called lol.
The first time I saw him was online, and I though "Gosh he's kinda cute" :)
We went to the movies to see Shrek 2 and then to Steak N Shake.
In the movies on our first date ;)

Your life together
5 between us. 
For his 2 with his 1st wife, yes. Not with his oldest daughter and not with our son.
We were together 3yrs before we had him.
Hmm...he used to show up at work when I was a cashier :) I liked that.
There are a lot.
Of course!
Our son obviously.

The family
My dad likes him. I guess my mom likes him.
He likes my dad, which is a first cause I don't think any other guy ever did lol. And he likes my mom...
I guess they like me lol.
We both do. I get along with mine for the most part. We fight like siblings do. He doesn't see his sister.

Life in ten years:
Right here. In the house we bought.
Probably what we're doing now.
I believe so.
I don't know that now.

A little more about you:
Not really. It's kind of better :)
Right now it's a toss up between My Last Day- Justin Moore & Just Give me a Reason- Pink.
The Backstreet Boys. Forever ;)
Blog and read.
So far it has been Disney Land in California.
My grandmother.
The girls in my mom group I think

My bestie :)
My husband.
My husbands grandmother.
I don't even know.
I have no idea. I know a lot of people who claim to be religious but who don't act like it.
My daughter.
He knows who he is and there's a good chance if I ever saw him on the street I'd punch him in the face. ;)

Your thoughts:
most people.
my family. my husband. my kids. my pets. 
I'm with my kids and my husband.

April 5, 2013

{Planning Vacations is hard}

The amount of planning that goes into a vacation with children astounds me. Seriously. Finding somewhere to go is the hardest part is seems though. Little Boy is only 5, so we're limited to what he can do and what will also be fun for him. We had originally though Disney World but it's just so far away and so expensive. It was going to cost us at minimum $3000. And that's just tickets for the parks. That's not counting food or hotel. Which I think is outrageous. So we nixed that idea and decided to wait and save that for another summer. It's not like you can grow out of having a good time at DW right?

So after realizing that was a no go we thought Six Flags. Which was fine with me. I'm not crazy about it because I know without a shadow of a doubt that I'll be the one sitting with Little Boy while D goes on all the rides with the other 2. But he kind of has it in his mind that we're going so I looked into it. For tickets and parking for the 5 of us, it'll be about $300. Which isn't too bad. But then you can't take food into the park, they only want you to eat there. So we're looking at another $100 for food (I estimated high because I know how those places work). So that's around $400 just for that place.

Another place I found was a children museum called Magic House. I found it while searching for somewhere to go in St. Louis lol. I'm kind of excited about it. We went to a childrens museum in Iowa a few years back and G and Little Boy loved it. So I can only imagine that all 3 of them will enjoy this one. The best part is that for all of us to get in it's only $50 lol. OK that's not the best part but it certainly helps me enjoy it a little more knowing that we're not paying half a mortgage payment to some place to entertain our heathens.

So just attractions are going to cost us at least $450-$500. Then we'll have to have a hotel room. *sigh* And I worked in a hotel at one point so I am not about to stay somewhere nasty. I have no desire to come home with bed bugs or roaches *shudder*. I'm guessing this will cost least $100 a night for a decent room.

Why does everything have to be so expensive?

On top of the planning of the actual vacation, I need to figure out how we're going to pack the car. I will hopefully be able to put all 3 kids clothes ect. in the same bag. If we're just going for a couple days then it shouldn't be a problem. D and I can share a bag I think. Then I think each kid should take a book bag of things they can use to keep them busy. Of course Little Boy will take his Innotab, I already have some movies he has never seen ready to go on it before we leave and I might get him a new game to play too I haven't decided yet. All 3 will probably take their DS's. I don't know what else. But I imagine they wouldn't have a hard time finding things to take.

I will also be taking snacks and drinks so I don't have to stop cause someone is hungry.

We're not going until July. I have tons of time to figure all this out. But that won't stop me from obsessing about it.

April 4, 2013

{I should be asleep}

But I'm not. Obviously.  I'm blogging at 2am. I can't help it, I haven't been sleeping worth a crap lately at night. Don't ask why I couldn't tell ya. Maybe its my Netflix ocd? I think I have to watch all seasons of a show at once. I can't help it. And since I missed the last 2 seasons of the L Word I have been trying to figure out what I missed. Not that there are any new episodes or anything but I've always wondered what happened.

Anyway- so that's whats going on tonight. Well that and I have this monster headache right now. I had it when I woke up this morning and I've been downing tylenol like its friggin jelly bellys all day and it just won't go away! I'm starting to wonder if maybe its the weather or something in the house that's causing it. Either way...effing annoying and ridiculously painful.

I guess I should go ahead and go to bed...since my phone is dying and this episode is almost over lol.

April 3, 2013

{Top 7 Fave shows}

I have always been a TV watcher and now with Netflix and Hulu I watch more than I ever did before. So I thought I'd share some of my favorites with you :). Just the top 7 though cause I could be here all day if I talked about all of them lol. So here they are, in no particular order.

7. The L Word
I discovered this show when it was originally on the air. I don't know why I got so addicted to a lesbian drama. I am clearly not a lesbian...I'm married with 5 kids lol. I like that it's the first one of its kind I guess. I'd never seen anything like it before and it sucked me in after the 1st episode of the 1st season. I missed a few seasons when D and I weren't living together. So I have to re-watch it so I'm not still wondering what the hell was going on lol.

6. Parenthood
Discovered this one on Netflix and then when I got through however many seasons were on there, I jumped on Hulu and watched the most recent season.

Follows 4 siblings and deals with their fails and triumphs. It's just really good I don't know what else to say about it :).

5. Army Wives
The girls in my mommy group were constantly talking about this one. I found it on Netflix and watched the seasons they had on there, sometimes until 3am. And then when the new season started on Lifetime I was on that like white on rice. There are so many changes this season though and I don't know if I'm going to like it as much. Why do they have to get rid of characters?? It's annoying.

This show is all about this group of Army Wives living on a base and dealing with the drama that comes with being the wife of an enlisted man. Or woman in 1 guys case. I'm not sure about the newest seasons cast though. I haven't "met" them all yet.

4. True Blood
Let me just say first and right off the bat I am TEAM BILL all the way!

OK, now that we've gotten that out of the way. I was looking for something good to watch one night and found this on on demand. I watched the first season in like 3 days lol. It's all about this telepathic waitress that falls for a vampire in the 1st season and drama and blood and death seem to follow her wherever she goes. It's amazing as hell. After watching the 1st season and doing some googling to find out more about it, I found out that it's based on a whole book series. The Sookie Stackhouse Novels by Charlaine Harris. They're a light read but good heavens they're good! I've read them all at least twice. I check the authors website all the time to see if she's posting anything about the new (and I believe final) book coming out this May.

3. Madmen
Set in the '60's and follows the people who work in the ad agency. It's so addictive! I put off watching it for so long and I'm sorry I did. When it first came out I kept hearing that it was great and suspensful and such, but it just didn't appeal to me. But thanks to (you guessed it) Netflix, I got bored one night and couldn't stop watching. It just pulled me in. It's one of those shows that you get so wrapped up in the characters that it's like everything they're doing, you're doing. At least for me. I don't know about others. Then again, this is their 6th season so they have to be doing something right, right?

Fairy tales are real and the only one that knows it is a 10yr old kid. He has to convince everyone else. I am a total fairy tale fan. All of them are here. Even the ones that I couldn't remember lol. Belle, Rumplestilskin, Snow White, and just all of them. I heart it. You can get the past seasons on Netflix (where I found it) but the most recent season is also on Hulu. So jump on and discover the awesomeness that is fairy tales :)

Basically this girl takes a job as a doctor in a small town even though she doesn't really want to be there and she doesn't fit in. The first season is all about figuring out how she's going to fit in and deciding if she's gonna stay. It's pretty good. I'm not super addicted or anything. But I do enjoy Wade ;)

April 1, 2013

{An Easter Update!}

Hello Everyone! I hope you had an a-may-zing Easter! We had a pretty low key one this year. Well, on second thought we have a low key Easter every year.

The little boy woke me up at 7am. Obviously every kid thinks the best bet for getting their basket/stocking/ect. is to send in the baby ;)

I'll just jump right into the pictures, I know that's what you're waiting for.

Our Easter Morning!

Flying a Kite at grandma and Paw Paw's Little boy got the kite but they only wanted to fly it for a few minutes before it got boring lol.

Easter egg hunting! I only have pictures of little boy cause the others took off out the door without me lol. Little goobers.

Sorting the loot!

So there you have it folks, our Easter 2013. How was your Easter?

{1 year later...}

This is us a year ago today. I could not have chosen a more amazing man to spend the rest of my life with. I love you more than you could possibly ever know. 

The song we danced to :)