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February 29, 2016

{The Homework Battle}

I hated doing homework when I was a kid. In fact I often just didn't do it and ended up taking correspondence courses my freshman year to make up the credits I screwed myself out of. I also ended up taking Freshman science my junior year because I failed it. So I get the struggle. Especially when you don't like the class. If they're not talking about something you give a shit about, you're going to find it hard to want to bother doing any of the work. 

February 24, 2016

{I Chose Him}

If you've been reading my blog for any amount of time, you know that I had Gaige when I was just 19. To make a long story short, I met a guy at work, we started "dating", and I ended up pregnant. What I haven't been super up front about was the fact that I wasn't always positive I was going to be a mom.

February 19, 2016

{Dentists & Eye Doctors}

I picked the boys up early yesterday because Gaige had a dentist appointment. I picked up Owen because there was no one to pick him up after school, D would still be sleeping. I figured we could get on the road at noon and stop for lunch, then search for Gaige some new shoes since the ones he was wearing had a big crack in the sole.

February 16, 2016

{These Kids Are Such Slobs!}

I don't know what to do with my kids anymore. For real. I'm going crazy here. I feel more like Rosie from the Jetsons than a mom. Cleaning up after people who just come along and trash everything all over again.
I've tried chores, no one cares if they get the rewards or not. I have tried cleaning their rooms myself and getting rid of damn near everything in them, they don't seem to care. 

February 4, 2016

{2016 So Far!}

2016 is in full swing folks. We've already jumped over hurdle number one which was making it through January, and February is here (and will be gone again before we even really get used to it).