March 13, 2017

{I Hate You Mother Nature!}

This picture is so accurate for this past week I can't handle it. There is nothing worse than living in a state that can't make up its mind about what season we're in. One day it's 60* and the next it's this crap...

I sure wish Mother Nature would take her meds so we can get back to spring! #getyourshittogether

In other fun news, D and I went to a wedding on Saturday (a good time!), but came home to a freezing cold house. Apparently our furnace has decided it no longer wants to do it's job. D, always the prepared husband, had several space heaters in the basement that we used. We managed to keep the house pretty warm the first night. The next day he talked to a friend that installs HVAC units and he told him what was probably wrong on it. He finally got it working again but then it wouldn't shut off. So that was fun.

We finally just decided to turn it off completely because once he finally got it to kick on and off, it stopped blowing warm air.

He went to walmart and was pleasantly surprised to find small space heaters for just $5! He bought a couple of those, since we wouldn't be able to get the furnace replaced until tomorrow (Tuesday).

Of course with all that good fortune of finding cheap space heaters, came with the smell of burning last night. I was just by chance walking through the dining room and smelled something hot. Knowing the space heaters were running (and having it drilled into my head as a child that they were dangerous...thank you Ivan!) I shot up stairs and followed the smell to Dawn's room. Where she was unplugging the one he'd put in her room. We don't know if it was the space heater itself that was over heating or if the curling iron Dawn still had plugged in and turned on that had overloaded the socket and the space heater over heated because of that. But needless to say, it was removed. D came home at three in the morning because it freaked him out.

He went to Menards and picked up another space heater, this time a big fireplace one (or a decent sized one anyway) and put it in the dining room so it keeps most of the rest of the house warm.

We'll get the furnace fixed asap but so far it's pretty warm in here :). Lord please let this weather get warm soon though, I'm over it being cold.