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September 29, 2013

{Parenting Sucks. I Quit.}

I think the Drama Queen is trying push me into an early grave. For real. That is the only explanation for why she would do this.

She has been doing so good with her behavior and not talking back and stuff lately. D and I have been very impressed. I told her that I was proud of her for it while we were finishing up the grocery shopping the other day. She said," yeah I've been controlling my mouth". Which is true. There have been no major blow ups for the past couple months.

Until today. She wanted to go outside and play with the neighbor kid. I let her. I went on about my business in the house. I looked out the kitchen window to check on her and what do I see? They were gathered around the fire pit trying to start a fire!! I actually saw her pick up some grass and hand it to him so the fire would start. *Ugh* I wen right out there and put a stop to it. She said "but I wasn't holding the striker so I shouldn't be in trouble!" I told her that was bs and that she knows better and I'm not dumb enough to believe that her handing him stuff to set on fire was her way of telling him to stop.

When we got back in the house I told her to get in the corner cause I was prettyad at her right then and she said "no. I'm going to my room to read." I'm sure as a mother you can appreciate how pissed it makes me when a child tells me no. So we went about 3 rounds arguing about it before she got in the corner and then she proceeded to keep arguing with me for about 15min after she got there.

In the end she argued and back talked herself into being grounded for 3mo (I said 2 but then she said "well you might as well make it 3), no trick or treating, and she has to sit at the table while at Little Boys party Thursday and not play (we are doing it at Chuck E Cheese). I threatened to give all the gifts we've already bought for Christmas to my cousins daughter too.

I don't know where she gets the idea that she can just do and say what she wants but I'm not going to have any kid talk to me like that. I'd have been missing teeth if I talked to my grandma like that. *sigh*

Then (oh yes there's more) D got up and he had 3 texts from the bank telling him that his card had been charged $45 this morning on the Xbox. Since I don't buy things on there or play games really (I'm on it for Netflix), the only other person was Drama Queen. When I asked her she said she was just playing a game (one we already downloaded). I figured it was an in game type of purchase. Come to find out she bought 2 friggin games!! And its not like she didn't know she was buying them because it tells you how much the game is and wants you to confirm it!! So if she wasn't grounded from the whole fire fit this afternoon she would have been grounded for that bs.

I have just had it with this girl I tell you what. Gaaaaah

September 22, 2013

{Favorite Fall Polishes! }

I love nail polish!  I think if you follow me on either Facebook or twitter you know this already. I am an addict and I'm not ashamed! Because I am so in love with all things polish, I thought it would be fun to post a few of my favorites for fall :). Its here you know!

So here they are!

First up is Mrs. O' Learys BBQ by OPI
I got the idea from this MissJenFabulous on YouTube. She is by far one of my favorite beauty vloggers. Anyway- this color looks purple in the picture but it's really this deep BBQ color. I absolutely love it! When I can't decide what to wear, I go for this color every time in the fall.

Nute by Zoya
This is a new favorite. Although I'm not in love with formula because it takes 2 coats to come off as dark and opaque as I like it, I still love the color. In the store I thought it was a dark green but when I got it home and on my nails, it looked more grey.

Four Leaf Clover by China Glaze
I know this color is a little bright for fall when all the other colors I have pictured here are dark, but I think it brings a little color to my nails without going bubble gum pink in the fall/winter months. :) I actually just painted Drama Queens toes this color last night.

Pampaloma Purple by OPI
I just got this color a month or so ago, but I'm in love with it! It looks a lot brighter in this picture than it really is. You'd have to see how amazing the color is in person to really fall in love with it :).

Space Cadet by Orly
I don't usually like sparkly polishes. I find them hard to remove and I'm not 13, I don't want glitter all over my hands all the time. But this one is perfect for fall. It's not too glittery and it changes color depending on the light. Sometimes it looks gold and sometimes it's just black and sometimes it's kind of rainbow-y lol.

Fishnet Stockings by Essie
I love Essie polishes. This one is amazingly creamy and pretty. It's not a deep red more bright. But it's gorgeous on the nails.

So there you have it. My go to colors for fall. What are yours?

September 21, 2013

{I'm so on top of this...}

I am what some people today might call "over protective". I just call it being a good parent. There are so many predators and crazy people out there that are waiting to take advantage of kids that have little to no supervision. And the internet is a huge part of how they get to them. So I am so on top of what my kids do online that it borders on obsession.

When G and Drama Queen first got Facebook accounts I set them up and put their profiles on lock down. Friends from school and family are the only people allowed on their profiles. They aren't to tell anyone their address or where they go to school. Nothing about their profile is public except what can't be private (Profile picture, ect). 

So when I logged on to Drama Queens profile and saw that her About Me was public and that she not only listed her full name but the full name of her school, I almost shit a brick! I deleted it and replaced it with this...

ATTENTION PEOPLE: If you are not family or a friend of "Drama Queen", please do not add her. I do check her Facebook regularly and I will delete people I don't think she needs to have on her profile. Thanks. - "Drama Queens'" mother.

I refuse to be one of those parents who's child goes missing and they find out they've been talking to some random stranger on their facebook. And I wasn't kidding when I said I check her facebook. Every time I know she has been on it, I log on shortly after or during her time spent on it. It just depends. She has given out her address once to a kid who is friends with T who she knew. I squashed that also. I don't want her getting in the habit of doing things like that. The face that it was someone she (and I) knew already was irrelevant. Her telling one person will only lead to her telling other people...and next time they might not be someone I trust.

I don't worry about G too much. He doesn't use his Facebook, has no real interest in it cause no one ever answers him when he messages them. He has had the same lecture that Drama Queen has though. I will not let me or my children become a statistic. 

Sorry creeps. 

What do you do to keep your kids safe online?

September 18, 2013


Hmm..what was I supposed to be doing? Oh that's right, I was supposed to be walking every morning after I drop Little Boy off. I haven't been doing that. I just have no motivation. Maybe I should actually schedule a trip or something so I have an end date? I have no idea. *sigh* I'm such a weight loss loser.

G is doing great in school! I absolutely love his recourse teacher. She is so on top of shit lol. I have an appointment in a week to set up his IEP. They have just been working with his old one from last year up until now. He's even getting good grades!

Drama Queen is doing well too. Her grades could be better. But we're trying to get her to understand that if she doesn't get good grades, she will be repeating 6th grade this year. *sigh* It's always one or the other. I can't have both of the older ones doing well at the same time.

Little Boy is doing very well! He is learning so much. Every day when I pick him up it seems like he's grown. It kind of kills me a little bit because I know these years are going to go by so fast now :(. He loves both of his teachers (there is a college student in the room too). So much so that for the past few days he has given his male teacher a hug. I just can't believe it. He is learning to read and write and I just don't know if I'm ready for this lol.

I was ready to write an update saying that she was gone. A month ago when D went on his bike trip with his dad for a weekend, Erma went missing. For those that don't know, Erma is our cat. We got her a couple years ago from a friend who had rescued her from his parents tow lot. Anyway- she went missing. We figured that she 1. Got out while I was letting the dogs out and I didn't see her. Then we left for the day and she ran off. Or 2. (the one I really hoped it wasn't) was that she got into something she shouldn't have and something had happened to her. I was really starting to believe the latter. It made me sad and we all missed her. Drama Queen the most as she slept in either her bed, or mine. She had done that since she was old enough to roam the house on her own at night. We had pretty much decided we'd never see her again.

Well imagine my surprise when I opened the back door tonight to let the dogs out to potty, and heard meowing. The meow sounded familiar, I flipped on the light to see Prissy staring down a cat under my car. I could see the paw and hear the meow clear as day. I could not believe the face that popped out from under the car. I could feel the tears in my eyes, it was her, it was Erma. She was back!! I coaxed her in the house despite Prissy and Boss trying to keep her away lol. And she went right to bowl. I called Drama Queen down and she was in complete shock! We fed her, put litter in the box, and I put flea drops on her. She has since gotten 2 bowls of food, drank some water, and had a couple pieces of turkey. She is ridiculously skinny. I mean, she was never fat before, but now you can really see her bones :(. She is also extremely lovey and I think it has to do with not getting loves when she was gone.

So she is back :) And she won't stop touching me lol.

September 7, 2013

{A Reason to Lose}

I have been so lazy about dieting and exercise that its ridiculous. Ever since I threw out my back I've basically just been making excuses. Its too hot, its raining, the kids are annoying lol. Whatever I can think of to get me out of it that's my reason for not doing it. I just have not had any motivation at all. Until now.

D and I never got to take a honeymoon. The year we got married we literally spent all our money between the house and the wedding. So we weren't in a position to ditch the kids and take a trip somewhere like some other people do. But now that we are kind of doing OK now I brought it up to him again. Saying that we should send the kids to my grandparents house one weekend and just go have a good time without them. Go somewhere and be newly weds instead of mom and dad. And he agreed! So that's my motivation right there ;).

I'm going to attempt to start tomorrow morning. Get up at a decent hour ( if that's possible with the way I've been sleeping lately) and go to the park and walk the path. Just for an hour or so. Then I can go right to the same park every morning after I drop little boy off at school. I've been wanting to do this since school started but just haven't.

I don't know how I'm going to start dieting though. I guess counting my calories again? I don't feel like I eat a whole lot during the day but I know what I'm eating isnt very good. Maybe I should give up meat? Maybe I should try a juice cleanse to kick me off? I dunno. We shall see and you all shall watch me shrink (hopefully).

So, wish me luck :)

September 2, 2013

{1wk Down & 16 'til Christmas}

Yup I went there..I said it. The C word! We have already started planning...have you? I know its not even Oct yet. I'm aware that I have to get through Halloween and a thanksgiving before I can start decorating for my favorite holiday. But just the fact that I can start the count down..has me excited lol.  We all know how obsessive I can be, on just warning you all ;).

The first full week went far better than the first few days.

Drama Queen, who never really has much trouble in school as far as bullying or her teachers being a problem, started off the year trying to get out of homework. It was not how I wanted to kick off the year so I'm hoping getting on her about it early nipped it in the bud. I do not want her falling so far behind that she has to miss out on other things because of it this year. Last year was a damn pain in the ass getting her to do her homework.

G likes his teacher this year. His special education teacher has been in contact with me a few times and we are working together to make sure he is getting his work done. I also struck a deal with him that for every day he comes home with only assigned homework and his usual read 20min he will get $.50. So by the end of the week he will will have $2.50. Yeah. I'm paying my kid to learn. What about it? It works. She emailed me on Friday and told me he had a good day and had actually been very interactive with the other kids. It was a first for him. I was proud. Even though its costing me a little money to get him there. Its worth it :).

Little Boy, who started school on a very rough note ended out the week walking himself to class! Sure he did it because I promised him ice cream but what about it? He's 5 and what works works. I'll do anything to make sure my kids are happy at school.

So yeah...exciting stuff happened last week ;).

If your kids just started...how are they liking it?