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May 20, 2013

{I'd go Anywhere For Youuu}

When I was 7 I had an obsession with New Kids on the Block. For my birthday that year my grandma (my dads mom) bought me 2 tickets to their concert at the Civic Center. I went with my other grandmother (my moms mom). It was my first experience with that large of a crowd. I still remember the excitement of getting ready, standing in line waiting for our chance to walk through the doors. I remember the energy surrounding me as we took our seats and waited for the show to start. I even remember thinking, "those are not the 5 hardest working guys in showbiz" as the announcer introduced some obscure boy group as an opening act. I could feel the bass under my feet and all through my body. It was an amazingly unforgettable night. And so began my love affair with a live show and more importantly...Boy Bands.

Standing outside about to leave for the concert.

I was heartbroken when in '94 (that would have made me 11 by the way) NKOTB broke up. I just could not handle it. I ripped up my concert tickets. Why? I have no friggin' idea lol. I guess I was just an emotional kid. 
It was a few years later before I found another band to obsess over. 98*. Which never really felt right to me. I didn't get the butterflies like I did with NKOTB (even at that age). So when I was sitting up late one night in '97 watching MTV (and no doubt writing something as I usually was), I heard Quit Playing Games (with my heart) for the first time. I had gotten up to go to the bathroom and as I entered the living room again, I heard the most amazing voice. I sat there cross legged on the floor in front of the TV, hanging on every word. I had to know who these 5 guys were. I was then on a mission to track down the name of the group that had so captured my attention. Since there was no internet then I had to just wait and see if I could catch another video at some other time. I finally did. BACKSTREET BOYS. And it began there.

I was immediately in love. I couldn't help myself. I loved everything about them. As the years went on I developed quite a collection of memorabilia. Posters (that covered the walls of my room), pictures I printed out or cut from magazines, CD's, a couple tapes, and anything else that had their name on it. I wanted it all. I began asking for only BSB merchandise for Christmas/Birthdays and I got it. I was covered in Backstreet Boys and that's the way I liked it ;). My mother swore up and down that once I saw them in concert I would stop liking them so much. That the thrill of them would die and I'd move on to someone else.

I went to my first backstreet boys concert in the summer of '98 (August 1st to be exact and that made me 15). I had nose bleed seats but I loved every single second of it. I still remember everything about it, to this day. It was so much fun!! I screamed and cried and jumped up and down. By the time my mother, my cousins girlfriend, my best friend, and myself left the venue I was hoarse, all but losing my voice to the excited squeals.

Much to my mother surprise, my love/obsession not only grew but they were my world. I could not help myself. I loved everything about them. They are what got me through some of the more trying times in my life. Them and their music. I could listen to them and escape whatever was going on at the time. They were my calm, my constant, something to focus on when other things just were not right in my life.

I continued to love them. In '00 they were going on tour again, this time for Millennium. I had to go. And when the radio station announced they were doing a bus tour to get there, I saved my pennies and bought 2 tickets. Along with this came food and a movie. The experience of the bus ride was none too exciting but I didn't let the crappy experience of that over shadow the excitement of the show. I took my other cousins girl friend with me that time. 

Standing outside the bus waiting to get on (Millennium).

My tickets for both Millennium and Black & Blue Tours. Plus my boarding pass to get on the bus.
Post concert...excuse the horrible hair and awful angle lol.
For the Black & Blue tour in '01 my grandparents took me all the way to Pontiac Michigan. Yeah. Spoiled. I know lol. That's 12 hours round trip. I took my friend with me that time.
Of course I didn't just stop there. In '02 (shortly after I had G) I went to Chicago with my cousin and grandparents to see Nick Carter at the Hard Rock. I went to the HOI Fair to see Nick too. I took my sister to see Aaron Carter on Valentines Day in '01 at the Civic Center. I am a devoted fan :).

And on August 2nd, 2013 I will once again be making a journey to Chicago to watch my boys. Thanks to my awesome husband!! :)

I think it's kind of crazy how when I first started going to concerts you had to call and order your tickets and wait for them to be mailed to you. I printed these out 2min. after I bought them. Decent seats and I'm sooooo excited!!

May 12, 2013

{To my kids on Mothers Day}

To the one who started it all; I would not even be celebrating this day had it not been for you. When I found out I was pregnant with you I was scared out of my mind. And I continued to be scared...10 years later and you still scare me. Not because I don't know what I'm doing but because I don't ever want you to look back at your childhood and be disappointed with me. I am so thankful that God saw fit to make me your mom. I am so thankful that I get to spend the rest of my life watching you become the thoughtful, caring, smart, amazing person you are sure to be. So thank you for letting me be your mom...and for showing me that it is possible To fall completely in love with someone you just met.
 Me and G meeting for the very first time.

The one I chose to love; I know that I didn't carry you for 9mo. But I have been there from the time you were barely 2. I have watched you grow into a very smart (all be it bossy) young lady. I taught you to tie your shoes and I was there when you finally learned to ride a bike. And I will be there when you go to your first dance and have your first boyfriend. I will be there when you experience your first heartbreak and when you get married. I know that I did not give birth to you but I don't consider you any less my kid than the 2 I did bring into this world. I love you...even though your attitude sometimes makes me want to run for the hills.
 First picture of Drama Queen and I at a bday party for my great- grandmother.

To my smallest; Oh the fits you gave me when I was pregnant with you. The sickness and the swollen everything. But I was still so excited to finally meet you. When I held you the first time I just wanted to eat you up. Since you are going to be my last I wanted to keep you a baby for as long as possible...probably the reason I nursed you so long. My little booby monster. I love watching you grow up though. I love watching you become a little boy and the time we share is so special. I look forward to spending my days with you and cuddling you every single night to go to sleep. I love you five my little :).
 A few hours after my little boy was born.
And while I'm at it, thank you D. Cause without you I wouldn't have 2 out of 3 of my kids. Without you...G wouldn't have a dad. And he does love you so much. And so do I.
Happy Mothers Day to all you mothers out there :).

May 11, 2013

{How Dare You!!}

This is for the pitiful excuse for a man that gave my son half his DNA.
HOW DARE YOU walk out on such an amazing kid.
HOW DARE YOU leave him wondering where you are and why you have no desire to be in his life.
HOW DARE YOU leave the people that do care about him here to pick up the pieces when he comes to realize the truth about you.
HOW DARE YOU make me have to lie to my son by telling him over and over you "just weren't ready to be a dad". When in reality you just couldn't handle being an adult and thinking of anyone hut yourself.
HOW DARE YOU tell anyone that you're 'ok' with D raising my son as his own. YOU have no say so in the matter. You forfeited that right when you walked away from him 10 years ago. So stop trying to make it sound like you gave me the OK and it was some mutual decision.
You are a sorry worthless PATHETIC excuse for a human let alone a father. You don't deserve the amazing smart kid that I created. You don't deserve to know him or for him to love you.
I can not even believe that you would make the choice not to be around this kid and I hope that when he's older and you're wanting a relationship with him..that he tells youbexactly where you can stick that idea. He has an amazing dad. One that is always there for him and makes sure he has everything he needs. You are simply the other half of his gene pool.

"I'm writing this after it was brought to my attention that G was seen crying at my grandparents house. When asked why he was crying he said he wants to know where his dad is. My son does not deserve to have to feel unwanted. Because he is very much wanted by all those that are in his life. This sperm donor he speaks of should not hold such a place in his mind. But he does. Probably because I've done what good mothers do and I've kept from him the truth about why his sperm donor isn't around. I kept that feom him because I don't want my feelings to cloud his judgment of him. And it kills me that he is hurting so much because of this jerkoff. The same jerkoff who took me to court for visitation and has still yet to be in the same room as my son cause he just blows him off. I have a feeling you'll regret this decision when you're old and he's grown and you want a relationship with him. You'll be the one that is hurting then. Cause I have jo doubt that he will tell you that he has a dad...the man who raised him. And that he wants nothing to do with you. Of course you'll blame it on me. But uou andbi we know the truth..don't we?"

{I'm a 90's Kid!}

I was a total 90's kid. I mean, I was 7 years old in 1990 and in 1999 I was 17. So yeah. I lived through it all. The bad fashion, the shows, the music. All of it. So when I saw Tracy and Stephanie do this tag, I had to do it. So here we go!

1. favorite tv show of the 90's
Early 90's it was Strawberry Shortcake & Rainbow Brite no doubt about it. I also watched David the Gnome and Gummy Bears, Duck Tales, and a bunch of others. I love cartoons lol. For regular shows a little later in the 90's I was watching Step By Step and Family Matters and Full House. Those were the main ones that I remember.

2. favorite toy of the 90's
Umm..I'm going to say Barbies.

3. favorite commercial
I don't think I had one. I hate commercials.

4. BSB vs. Nsync
Are you kidding?? Backstreet Boys all.the.way. Nick Carter...*swoon*

5. Weirdest fashion trend.
Stirup pants. I wore them..I did not enjoy them and I still don't know why the hell they were so popular.

6. favorite collectableI don't think I collected anything but Backstreet Boys stuff. Oh! I collected Barbie stuff lol.

7. favorite beanie babyI wasn't really a fan of beanie babies. I had a couple but I don't remember which ones.

8. How many tamagachi's did you go through?Just one. I got it for Christmas from my moms dad.

9. Favorite game console and game.Oh man, we had a lot of game consoles lol. We had a Nintendo at my parents house and I LOVED the original Mario Bros. game. We also had a Simpsons game that I played constantly.

10. Favorite disney channel original movie.I don't think I really watched the Disney Channel. So I don't know.

11. Favorite music artist of the 90's.New Kids on the Block in the early early 90's. Then it went on to Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.

12. Favorite Nick Jr. showDavid the Gnome is one that I watched every single time it was on.

13. Favorite CandyMy grandparents own a gas station and every day after school (or sometimes before lol) we would stop there and get a candy bar or something. I never really had a favorite but I always got snickers. I also enjoyed Pay Days.

14. Favorite GameMy mom bought us a Disney Trivia game. Loved it!

15. Favorite McDonalds happy meal toyI didn't really have one I don't think.

16. Favorite Book.Early 90's I was 7 so my favorite book was 1 kitten is not too many, I read that book so much that I could recite it without even seeing the words on the page. Later I started reading Babysitters Club, Box Car Children, R.L. Stine books, Babysitters Club Little Sister. My mom also had this book called Secret Admirer. I read this book so many times the cover fell off. I still have by the way.

17. Favorite clothing storeWhen I was a kid I didn't have a favorite obviously. But later it was Wet Seal and Deb.

18. what did you watch when you got home from school?
I don't even remember lol. I do remember later on coming home and my brothers were watching Power Rangers. But we spent most of our time outside.

So there you have it folks. You should fill it out and leave a comment with a link to your post! :) Or you can just comment with your answers.

May 6, 2013

{♥ My Siblings}

My brother and his gf put together a little sibling night for us all :). It was such a good time! My siblings and I never get together like that. We are all pulled in different directions and if it's not a holiday, we don't usually see each other.

And you know I snapped a few pics :)

He thinks he is so funny!
My 2 brothers and their girlfriends.
Our chef for the evening. He was HILARIOUS.
I have never been to a Hibachi grill before. I was not excited about going honestly. I don't like sushi and I had convinced myself that it was going to be horrible because I also don't like to try new things. At the back of my mind I just said, "well, if it sucks there's a McDonalds across the street" lol. Yeah...I'm that person. But it turned out that you could eat something other sushi. And it was AMAZING. Seriously best food I've had in a long time.
I think a huge part of what it enjoyable was that our chef was hilarious. He just kept picking on my brother lol. It was too funny. We all loved it lol.
The best part of the whole night though was spending time with my 2 brothers cause I never get to see them. We were missing my sister though who had other plans before these were made.
Have you ever been to Hibachi grill? What did you think?

May 2, 2013

{My Netflix Queue}

Seeing SouthernBellJM do this, I thought it looked like a good idea :). So I went right to my netflix queue and what I saw was not surprising. If you're a mother it won't surprise you either.

In my queue I have...

The Adventures of Brer Rabbit

Dumbo which we have on dvd so I'm not sure why we have it in our queue lol

Tinkerbell also in our dvd collection

Oh lordy if I go through all the Disney movies I'll be here an hour. We also have Aristacats, Rescuers Down under, 2 more Tinkerbell movies, 2 Brave Little Toaster movies, and some other Disney ones.

What I want to know is where the hell are all of my movies?? Oh right, the children have taken over Netflix like they've taken over everything else in the house! Why Little Boy is upstairs right now watching Captain America for about the 20th time. *sigh*

I give up.