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October 30, 2015

{Pumpkin Carving And Costume Parade!}

It's almost Halloween!!

This is literally the only holiday I can get D to participate in without pulling teeth. He is such a pain in the ass sometimes lol.

This year we actually carved pumpkins, in the past we just sort of forgot about it. This year, however, Owen was pretty vocal about his need to have a jack-o-lantern on the front porch. We waited until yesterday to do it because we didn't see the point of carving any earlier. By the time Halloween rolls around the pumpkins are usually sinking into themselves anyway. We finally picked some up the other day and managed to get them done yesterday!

October 29, 2015

{Just Rambling In the Car}

I'm just sitting here in front of the school waiting for the kids to come out and I thought I'd take a minute and blog.
I am kind of ready for Halloween to be over now. I am not looking forward to another Thanksgiving or Christmas without my grandpa but I am finding my holiday spirit again and I want to put up my tree and start decorating lol.
Owens Halloween parade at school is tomorrow (so be on the lookout for those pics soon!) and then his party (I'm bringing the drinks!). He's pretty excited to show his friends his Baymax costume lol. Gaige is going to the shop to hand out candy with my grandma I guess. He doesn't want to trick or treat this year..and thats fine. I was probably around his age when I stopped too. I ended up walking with the other kids though. Dawn is still excited. Her nerd girl costume is cute! 

October 25, 2015

{2nd Grade is Awesome!}

Owen has been talking about his open house for two weeks. I love going to stuff like this! I love seeing his classroom and walking around to see what he's doing all day. I love watching him interact with the other kids a little bit and hear about how much he's growing. It's probably one of my favorite parts of him being in school. 

So naturally tonight he was so ready to show me around. 

October 23, 2015

{Things I Do at Midnight}

I should be sleeping right now. But I'm not. D and I just took back a movie to the video store. Dark Places..have you heard of it? Neither had we. But we figured that any movie with Charlize Theron in it couldn't be a bad decision. We were right. It was a good movie. Certainly not what I was expecting from a straight to DVD. I was pleasantly surprised. 

October 19, 2015

{Dating Disaster!}

Although I'm happily married now, that was not always the case. I was once a single girl out there in the world. I didn't have kids but I also didn't have a life lol. I was meeting guys on the internet and usually making poor decisions because of them. There were more than a few that turned out to be...horrendous.

October 16, 2015

{Mom Tag Questions!}

I know I do a lot of tags! I loved doing these on Myspace though (remember that dinosaur?) and when I find one I haven't done, it's like I just can't help but copy and paste! I saw JesssFam do this one and I've never seen it before! So woohoo! I think you guys should do it too and then tag me either on Twitter or Facebook to let me know you did it so I can read your answers too!

1. Are you a SAHM or working mom? My job is taking care of my kids. Technically I am a stay at home mom. 

October 14, 2015

{An Uneventful Weekend, Just how I like them!}

This long weekend has been quite enjoyable!

The kids got off early on Friday for school improvement/teacher planning day. My grandma came and took the kids and I to lunch at Culver's. She was going on a week long trip with my grandpas brothers and their wives. So I guess she wanted to see the kids before she left. My grandpa used to rush home after their trips to drop the luggage off just so he could turn around and come take the kids for ice cream lol.

October 12, 2015

{Thank You for 50 Years of Service!}

Had my grandpa lived to see 2015, his shop, Myers Zephyr Service, would have been 50 years old on the second of October. Had he lived to see 2015, he would have seen over 100 people congregating at this small home away from home shop on the third of October to celebrate his service. Had he been here he would have seen a clean shop, painted light blue like it was when he purchased it in 1965.

October 9, 2015

{Owens 8th Birthday!}

Who's idea was it to have a party outside in October? Ugh. OK...it was me. I'm the idiot that planned that. We suffered but we got through it and everyone had a good time!

We decided to have his party at the zoo this year instead of at the house. Mainly because I didn't want to clean the entire damn house...and of course there was always the fact that our house is under construction and it looks like a pile right now.

October 7, 2015

{Shania Twain Concert!}

If you've been following me on any of my social media then you probably already know that my mom scored tickets for the Shania Twain concert when she came to town Tuesday. My mom, sister, sister-in-law, and I all went and it was a good time! For not having toured in about 10 years she sure does know how to put on a show. I do have remind myself though that going to her concert and going to a Backstreet Boys concert are going to be different. It's a different group and a different energy. It's a little...calmer I guess lol. There wasn't as much screaming that's for sure.

October 5, 2015

{ABCs of Me!!}

A- Age: 32
B- Biggest Fear: Something happening to one of my kids..or my dogs.
C- Current Time: 7:20p
D- Drink you last had: Water
E- Easiest Person To Talk to: My little sister.
F- Favorite Song: I don't know what it's called but its about winning the lotto and buying a boat lol.
G- Ghosts, are they real: Yes.
H- Hometown: A small town in farm country IL that you've never heard of.
I- In love with: The same jackass for 12 years.
J- Jealous Of: Lauren Kitt-Carter ;)
K- Killed Someone? No. But there have been times that I've come close. Then I decided prison wasn't for me.
L- Last time you cried? Today. I cry every day at least once.
M- Middle Name: Michelle
N- Number of Siblings: Three
O- One Wish: To travel back in time to December 2nd, 2014.
P- Person who you last called: My grandma.
Q- Question you're always asked: "Mommy can I.." followed by something they probably can't do.
R- Reason to smile: My small people.
S- Song last sang: I loved Her First- Heartland
T- Time you woke up: 7:30a
U- Underwear Color: Pink and white stripes.
V- Vacation Destination: I think next summer we might go to GA.
W- Worst Habit: Micromanaging. I don't plan on breaking it any time soon.
X- X-Rays you've had: My back when I was 14 and my ankle..
Y- Your favorite food: Chicken Caesar Salad!!
Z- Zodiac Sign:Taurus. (explains a lot doesn't it?)

October 2, 2015

{Christmas Shopping!}

I can't believe I'm saying this but I'm almost done Christmas shopping for Dawn. I know. I could get her so much more lol. But for the most part, she could be done and have plenty of nice new things to enjoy.