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June 30, 2014

{Raod Trippin '14- Whats in my suit case}

Its that time again folks! I love these types of posts! I usually watch them on YouTube but since I hate being on video I will stick to blogging.
After our tub broke and having Cassie move in, we blew through our vacation savings. So I decided that we should put off Disney and go somewhere a little closer. It was a hard decision to make because I really wanted my kids to experience that. We started out thinking we would go to the Dells but Owen isn't into swimming and water. I didn't feel like there would be enough for him to do. So we then set our sights on Mall of America. Nick Universe seemed like lots of fun! Then Gaige mentioned going somewhere with roller coasters. So naturally D changed our destination again to 6 Flags. And our hotel is now booked so we aren't changing our minds again! Anyway, on to the fun stuff!
PS I don't know why my pictures aren't turned the way they're supposed to be.

What's in my suit case
For starters its not a suit case lol. This is the bag that my Chi hair dryer came in. I have been dying to pack it full

Since we are only staying one night I don't have to take a ton of stuff but I'm a girl..so I need options. I might wake up in the morning and not feel like wearing what I thought I would. Which happened last summer and iI had to deal with that.
So I'm wearing my grey capri workout pants for the ride down. Along with my TMNT t-shirt. I refuse to be uncomfortable on a 3hr car ride. Its not really going in my suit case but it's going with me.

For 6 flags I am going with comfort and something I can be cool in. I bought these shorts at Kohls for $10 the other day and then found the tank at Target for $3! I'll also be bringing a pair of denim capris in case I don't feel like wearing shorts that day and I don't want to wear workout pants either.

Now if I'm not feeling it that day I'm also bringing my blue love 83 capri work out pants so that I have a choice. And if I choose those I'll have my IronHorse tank to wear with those. If I end up not wearing this one, it'll be what I come home in.
I'm also packing a pair of flip flops and my sketchers just in case I want to wear them. And my swim suit.
On top of the clothes I will have my straightener (not pictured) and my make up.
In my make up bag (not everything I'll be taking is in the bag in the picture obviously)
-3 make up brushes
-Naked 3 shadow pallet
-Soap & Glory Heel lotion
-CK & Benefit They're Real mascaras (because I never know what my eyes are going to be doing that day lol)
-NYX Pore Filler (a great dupe for Benefit Pore-fessional
-Mini Suave hair spray
-Revlon Color Stay 24hr
-Benefit Boi-ing and Erase Paste concealers (I use both)
-Tooth brush/paste (Crest 3D White Luxe)
-Deodorant (Dove)
-Yes to Blueberry make-up wipes
-Ponds Dry Skin moisturizer
-Up & Up peach facial scrub
-Razor/shaving gel mini

D will also have his stuff in this bag because we don't need 2 bags for us lol. He will also have a toiletries bag.

June 24, 2014

{ #weightwatchers Week 24}

OK. Now that I've gotten that out of my system I can continue.
I had a gain this week of 1 lb. I'm not pleased. This process is taking so long. I finallybstart losing and then all of the sudden I'm back where I started. Ugh!
I do know that some of this is water because I had a couple regular sodas the other day (not 2 in 1 day but 2 days in a row I had 1). I knew I shouldn't have done it when I was drinking them but I did. Blah. I've also been eating out a lot this week. And that's not like me. I've had McDonalds more in the last week than I have in the last month. Its no good.
I also havent been very faithful about getting to the gym. Cassie's great grandma died and it seemed like the second I got to the gym someone was calling to make sure we knew they were coming. It was kind of a pain in the ass. Instead of being able to count on the fact that she is 17 and should be up and ready when she knows she's going somewhere, I had to get to the house and make sure for her. Highly annoying. This happened twice.
On the upside I'm seeing the changes in my body finally. I wore one of my favorite shirts without a tank under it yesterday (the pic of me in the orange shirt). And I did a comparison body shot and I can see the differences. I wasn't going to post that one but I cut my head off so there you go lol. At this point I guess it doesn't really matter huh? Me in my underwear is still more clothes than most people wear to the beach :/.
So that's my weigh in this week.

June 21, 2014

{Trust Me}

Isn't that what every teenager screams from the top of their lungs every single day? They want to be trusted and respected. They want to be treated as the adult they believe they are. And as a parent you eventually have to do that. You have to let them go into the world and trust that you've taught them right from wrong and how to be a decent human being. You have to trust that they won't do anything stupid and that they're smart enough to get out of a situation they shouldn't be in in the first place. They scream "trust me!" and "I'm not a kid anymore!". And you learn to not treat them as such and to trust them.

But when that trust is broken its a whole different ball game. They scream a little louder but suddenly you can't trust them anymore. Because they've lost your trust. They've lied to you one too many times and snuck around behind your back too much for you to let your guard down again. And so you start screaming back "earn my trust!!"

And then you play the waiting game. They want to know how long it'll take before you trust them again and you can't give them an answer because you yourself have no idea. There's no time frame for earning back trust. Keeping it is easy..earning it back near impossible.

I can tell you this though (should a certain teenager be creeping on my blog)  the amount of time is not a week. Its not 2wks, hell it might not even be a month. Because after all the BS you pulled we don't trust you at all. And why should we?? After being lied to and snuck around behind and you yourself telling us that you would find ways around being grounded (one of which is staying with friends/family and then doing as you pleased from there). You really think that we are going to trust you or them enough to let you do to us the way you did your mom?? Um..no. I wasnt born yesterday kid.

So here is how to earn our trust back. Don't lie. Don't sneak. Don't tell us one thing and do another. Don't try to be shady because we always find out. Always. Keep doing as your doing now. And remember that eventually you'll be glad you learned this lesson. Because even though you and your little friends don't think you needed to, you did.

Good luck other parents of teenagers. You're going to need it.

June 16, 2014

{ #weightwatchers Weeks 22 & 23}

I'm sorry I'm not keeping up with these like I first was.

I'm not gonna lie, I don't really remember the 22nd week lol. I do know that I lost. I weighed in at 193.6.

This past week I got my "girl time" Ugh. So I didn't spend any time at the gym. I stuck to my points and tried not to over eat.

I weighed in on Wednesday morning (the day after I was off my "girl time") and I had lost! I was 192.4!! I was so excited!

That same day was our trip to Chicago and I did not eat very well. I had McDonalds for breakfast, a salad at Shedd for lunch, a pretzel with nacho cheese at the concert, and then McDonalds on the way home too. I'm guessing I burned a lot calories at the concert because I was still 192.4 the next day :).

When I weighed in this morning, I was 192.6! So I had a gain as far as my nonofficial weigh in but according to the week before, I'd lost a whole pound!

So that puts me at 15lb down! I'm so excited!

How is your weight loss going?

{Backstreet Boys #IAWLTSummer take 2}

So as you know we left early in the morning Wednesday to get to Chicago and spend the day.

Around 5:00pm after sitting in the car waiting for our phones to charge for about an hour or so, I finally could not contain my excitement any longer and decided it was time to go stand in line. We got up there and found several people already waiting. Since the gate didn't open until 6:30pm we all just sort of stood there talking about BSB. As Cassie would put it I was "in my element". And I was. Being surrounded by so many other fans, all of us there because of our love for "our boys".

Cassie and I got in around 6:30, after standing there for about an hour or so, and contemplating pooling our souvenir money and upgrading our tickets to VIP (they were sold out lol). We made a B-Line for the merchandise table. Cassie bought an Avril shirt.

I, of course, chose more backstreet gear ;). As if I would choose anything else right?

(above) That is the zip up hoodie I had my eye on at the last show. But I chose the beach bag instead. I scooped this up right away this time though, I missed having a BSB jacket since I sold mine.

I also picked up this little gem :). I absolutely friggin' love it!

When the show finally started of course Baylee came out first...accompanied by Brian. He was amazing just like he was last time! :)

And then Avril came on.

And then it was time! My boys were on stage! And this time, they finished their show. And it was amazing! By far one of the best concerts I have ever been to. They did all the hits and several of my favorites from the In a World Like This album. I am so in love with these boys. I could seriously not function without them in my life :).

There are a ton more lol! But I didn't want to flood my post with BSB pictures. So you can view them either on my facebook or on my google + ;)

So there we have it. I think before the next one I'm going to upgrade my camera lol.

June 14, 2014

{A Day in Chicago}

I know that everyone is probably beyond tired of hearing about the Backstreet Boys and such. Which is why I've tried to contain my excitement for this concert. I think I've done a pretty good job lol. I could have talked about them all the time like I did last year..but I didn't :). Someone should give me a reward because its hard as hell to not talk about them all the time lol.
Anyway, last year we left around 2pm to get there by 730 for the show. What we didn't take into consideration was the stupid construction. So we thought sitting in that traffic for an hour was going to make us either late or miss the show all together. Which would have made me cry. We got there just in time though obviously. So this time, since we didn't need to wait for my mom to get ready and pick her up, we left in the morning. At like 8 something I believe lol. 
It was a pretty good ride up. Our trusty navigation on D's phone directing us the whole way. 
We arrived in Chicago at about 11am. We found a spot to park near the venue for $22 and even though we would have had free parking with the ticket, we had no desire to deal with that again this year lol.
We went ahead to the planetarium part of of a museum, it was a wash. The part of it was the kids part. Then it was off to Shedd we went. We walked around and saw the animals/fish.

Then it was off to the aquatic show where we sat for about 30min and watched them put on a half ass show. 

It honestly wasn't anything I would pay to see again. 

The most interesting part of the whole Shedd experience was that we sat behind 3 members of Avril Lavigne's band lol. 

We walked through the planetarium too but I didn't much care for that. 

Then since we could hear them playing music from the stage (from a radio not a band) we went ahead and walked back there :). I totally saw the buses...I died a little bit I'm not gonna lie lol. 

I'll make a concert post on a separate post. Cause this one is already kinda long lol. So stay tuned for that goodness :) 

June 2, 2014

{ #TLCVoxBox Influenster Goodies!!}

I got my influenster TLC box today! And it came with some goodies that I can actually use! :)

The first thing I pulled out was the Neo to Go! This comes at a pretty convenient time. I know for a fact that we will end up needing it at some point on vacation. And if I can have something like this in my bag at the park theres no mess and no fuss. As many moms can attest to, quick and painless is the way to doctor any boo boo on the go. So I will stick that in my bag with Owens TMNT bandaids and we will be set :).

The next thing I got was a package of puffs Kleenex. Which will also come in handy lol. I usually make sure to keep some of these in my purse all the time but haven't in a while. Mainly because someone ran off with my stash of them in the cupboard and I just didn't bother to pick up more. But yeah, these are going in my bag as well.

This is something ive never seen before. Its a bar of soap but it says its free of dyes and perfumes. Which might be handy for D because he has ridiculously sensitive skin. It also says it floats. I can't imagine how I'm going to test that out lol.

I'm kind of excited about this! Its a FREE Bryers Gelato! Yum much??

To be completely honest, I don't think I will even bother keeping this. I don't get gas at Shell. There are a few gas stations in my town and the Shell is always more expensive than the other ones. Why would I pay more for gas than I need to? In fact, one of shell stations closed because no one ever went there. So yeah. No thanks.

This last item is a wrinkle and fine lines corrector from Avon! It retails for $30!! Now I'm only 31 so I don't have wrinkles yet. But I will happily try it out and see if it helps with my under eyes :). I will be sure to come back give a review of it once I've used it for a while.

So there we have it, my voxbox this time! Can't wait to try this stuff out!

{ #weightwatchers Week 21}

Well I was 194.4 last week and I'm 194.4 this week. I didn't gain which is good. But I also didn't lose which sucks.

I've decided to add some things to my work out. I'm guessing that my body is just too used to the workouts I've been doing. So since I've had good luck with it in the past, I'm going to add Tae Bo to my workouts. I will still go to the gym every morning because I love it. But when I come home instead of jumping into the shower or sitting down to eat, I will get out my DVD and see if that doesn't help me out a little bit :).

So there we have it. How is your weight loss week going?