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May 28, 2015

{ #ThrowBackThursday Vacation Edition}

I love looking through old pictures! I love remembering all the things that went on when I was a kid (most of them anyway). It's nice to know that even though some of the people in the pictures are gone, I've still got them in my memories. Which isn't as good, but it's better than nothing. So this Throw Back Thursday I went through some vacation pictures and found some I'd like to share with you!

May 27, 2015

{Update on the Broken Ankle}

It has been a long road since March. I've been in pain, scared, cut open, gotten hardware, and been immobile. I've come to appreciate being able to do anything for myself. Not to mention get out of the house whenever I want. But we are finally coming to an end of the journey to recovery.

I have another week in the boot officially, but as yesterday I'm only wearing it when I leave the house. Not quite comfortable enough with my muscles to take it off outside. But I am excited to finally do that.

I'm in pretty much no pain now. It gets sore if I'm on it for longer than I should have been. But for the most part nothing I need a Tylenol for.

I've started driving also! Which is my favorite part! I've missed being able to leave the house whenever I want. And its annoying to have to wait for someone to be ready to take you somewhere. Especially when you feel ready to do it yourself.

I decided not to go ahead with physical therapy. I just don't feel its needed and my mobility is pretty good. I've really pushed myself to get back to normal. I don't like depending on someone else to do the things I should be doing. That I've been doing for 12yrs.

I think that's the extent of my update. I'm on the right track for getting out of the boot and back to my life! Maybe I'll even be able to get on the bike soon! Woohoo!

May 25, 2015

{Go to BED!!}

Gaige and Owen are awful about bed times. They are constantly up and down the stairs. Every single night at bed time it's a fight.

Gaige is going to the bathroom. Then he comes back down for a "quick drink" which means he'll be back down soon to pee again. Or he's hungry. "I didn't eat dinner!" Bullshit kid. I made food. I saw you eat said food. Go to BED!

Owen is the same. Except he wants to take a snack up stairs. He just came down for a single serving of ice cream (one of those 10/10 cups at Kroger), chips, and a Capri Sun. He will be back down in about 15min to "kiss me goodnight". It's never that simple though. He usually ends up saying something along the lines of "Is dad going to work tonight?" Are you kidding me? He knows he goes to work pretty much every night lol. So it's his way of saying he wants to get in my bed. I send him in there and then he wants another snack. I think he believes that since he switched sleeping spaces that he should get to do his routine all over again. Sorry kid. No. That is not how we operate. Go to BED!

All of this is followed by me hollering up the stairs for them to go to sleep until about 9pm when I holler at them to turn the tablets off. Which Gaige doesn't actually do I don't think. He just turns it down real low so I can't hear it lol. As long as he gets up in the morning for school on time and doesn't fight with anyone, I don't care about that though.

Please tell me I'm not the only one who fights with their kids to go to sleep?

Oh, Dawn gives me fights too about it. Can't leave her out right? It's usually a bathroom break, then she wants a drink, then of course she has to pee again, then she realizes she didn't take a shower. Well too bad, you're going to school stinking lol. Of course this leads to her melt down and telling me I'm a horrible parent for not letting her shower. I'm a horrible parent no matter what I do with her so it doesn't faze me too much to be honest. (by the way, as I was typing this, Dawn came down and had to pee for the 2nd time).

I long for the days of empty nesting.

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May 23, 2015


D left me for the Springfield Mile early this morning. Well, not exactly early lol, he didn't walk out the door until almost 10am because he was waiting for his dad to be ready. But still, he's gone. I'm super bummed I couldn't go. The mile was one of the first road trips we ever went on. I loved it! I love anything that puts me on the back of a bike for any extended period of time though. Unfortunately though I couldn't walk without my boot this year obviously, so I had to stay behind. Next year though I am absolutely going!

So my day has been mainly me sitting in the recliner, sitting on the couch, or sitting on the bed lol. I did manage to get out of the house twice though. Once for Sonic for lunch and then for Steak 'N Shake for dinner. Which put me way over my points. But there was nothing in the house to eat and I couldn't walk around Walmart. Since there's no guarantee that I'll get an electric cart, I didn't want to chance getting to the door and there not being one. Annoying. Still I managed to drive myself to both places. I was pretty excited about that! I haven't driven my car since March (the day I broke my ankle actually). That feels like a year when I have been driving every day since the first day of school.

Yesterday I went on Owens field trip to Wildlife Prairie Park. It was a pretty good time. D pushed me around in a wheel chair a lot of the time. He had told me not long ago that they had paved the paths and stuff but that's not exactly true. They laid down fresh white rock, but that was it. Which made it difficult for him to push and for me to walk. It wasn't horrible though. We had lunch there at the park. By the time we got to the Gully Womper (the big slide) my ankle was killing me. I managed to walk the trail there but I refused to walk all the way to the slide or to go up the stairs. I just couldn't do it. So D got his truck and brought it to the top around the other side, I sat there while he watched Owen on the slide and then took the boy we were paired with back to the bus. It was still a good time though :) I'm glad I got to go since I missed out on the last one.

I'm so bored right now I'm sitting here watching Master Chef. Not that it's a horrible show or anything, but for the love of God, this is a Saturday night. My kids are at my grandparents house and I could be out on a date or something with my husband. But no.

I also just got a skype call from both of the boys lol. Owen loves that he can call me anytime he wants when he's not with me. That was a big part of why he never wanted to go with my grandparents. He needs to be able to see me pretty much all the time and if he can't see me when he wants to, it's a problem. He is a serious mama's boy. Gaige was a PawPaw's boy, Owen is a mama's boy lol.

So yeah, that's what's happening today. I guess I should just go before I start rambling. I realized I hadn't blogged since my birthday. So I wanted to pop in and say I'm still alive ;)

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May 14, 2015

{I am Getting Older}

Ain't that the truth ladies?? I'll take a year older any day over being growing another human. Ugh.

That's exactly what happened yesterday too, I got a year older. So sad.

The day went fairly smooth. I wasn't planning on anything big. I don't celebrate my birthday like that anymore. Plus, this being the first year with my grandpa, wasn't feeling a big party or even a family dinner to be honest. I just wanted to curl up and go to bed.

May 9, 2015

{May #BirchBox Unboxing!}

I can't even handle how excited I am for this box! I've been thinking about trying out BB for a while but subscribed to Ipsy instead. After this box though, I might switch! We'll see how next month goes ;). This month and next month are gifts from my sister for my birthday this week! She did good ;)

Don't even get me started on how ridiculous it is that I'm turning 32 this year. Ugh.

This month is cupcakes & cashmere themed. I thought the packaging was super cute! D saw it sitting on the table and thought it was cupcakes. He was going to eat them and put it back for me to find empty. He was disappointed lol.

May 8, 2015

{Im Free!!!}

Good lord I hope I never have to go through something like that again. The worst part was not being able to get done what I knew needed done at home. I hated it! Ugh.

Yesterday I had my cast taken off. It was an interesting experience. Not painful, just interesting. We brought Owen with us cause my appointment was right around the time he would need to he picked up. He was pretty excited he was gonna get to get out of school early but the other kids weren't lol.

They took more xrays to make sure I was healed. They had me stand on this box in front of the machine and it scared the crap out of me. I had to put weight on it, which didn't hurt it just scared me after not being able to put any weight on it since March (the beginning of March). Everything looked good the though! The doctor said that you can't even tell where it was broken! Woohoo!

May 4, 2015

{TMI #YoutubeTag | 50 Questions About Me}

I love answering survey questions. I don't know why. I just always have. So here is one of them! You should fill it out and let me know you did so I can read your answers!

1. What are you wearing?
A ninja turtle t-shirt and underwear. It's 5:30am people. I'm still sitting in bed lol.

2. Ever been in love? I got married three years ago..so I'm gonna go with yes to this one.

3. Ever had a terrible break up? Terribly heart breaking, only when my husband (then boyfriend) and I broke up. That nearly killed me. But before that no. There have been drama filled break ups. But nothing more than that really.

4. How tall are you? 5'7"

5. How do you weigh? Last time I weighed in I was 196 :)

May 1, 2015

{Let The Planning Begin!}

Can I just start this post off by saying how the hell is she 13 already??