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March 17, 2017

{Standing In My Own Way | Weight Watchers Update}

I don't even want to admit how much I weigh right now because it's nowhere near where I thought I would be at this point. I don't know what's wrong with me...but I just am not sticking to this diet. I'm not sticking to anything. I've tried giving up soda (which I've done a few times before we success) and I fall back into old habits pretty fast. Luckily I'm not taking my huge 64oz jug to the gas station every day and filling it up, but of course I'm not cutting back as much as I should either.

And the fact that I've all but stopped cooking is part of the problem too. I go out and buy the groceries, but I don't make meals. I'm not sticking to plan at all. I tend to grab fast food more than I should too. Which is a huge part of my issue.

I haven't been getting my steps in either. I do a little bit, I wear my fitbit every single day. I put it on in the morning and try my damnedest to get those steps in, but I stopped doing the treadmill. Without any real exercise at all, how the hell am I expecting to lose any kind of weight?

But I'm going to try again, eventually I'm going to get this weight off. Eventually I'm going to look in the mirror and not see a big fat blob. Eventually. And I keep following these weight watchers girls on Instagram and watch how well they're doing and I just think to myself If they can do that, so can you, get off your ass! But then I sit there and do nothing. It's constant cycle.

Hell right now I'm sitting here watching My 600lb Life after just eating some KFC mashed potatoes.

But I am sitting here on pinterest trying to find some weight watchers friendly recipes that the kids will eat too. I swear I'm going to get this shit figured out. Eventually. I'm going to stop standing in my own way and making excuses for why I'm not hitting my goals.

Someone tell me they struggle just as much as I do with this. Please?