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November 30, 2014

{The Countdown is On!}

It's OK to start talking about Christmas now right? I mean, it's after Thanksgiving and Black Friday is behind us. Lets be honest, I started talking about next Christmas the day after last Christmas lol. It's my favorite holiday.

I'm slightly ahead of the game this year. I've got Dawn completely done for under the tree gifts, and her stocking is pretty much full. I'm going to add some candies and maybe a book to it just to fill out the top since everything seemed to drop to the bottom last night when I was checking it out lol. She is going to be very pleased with what she is getting this year. Mainly because it's what she asked for lol.

November 27, 2014

{One Boring Thanksgiving}

Usually on the holidays I get up semi early, get showered and start doing my getting ready routine. Then I wake the kids up and make sure they've got all their clothes ready. Then I finish getting ready. We are usually out the door after a few fights and a little more yelling than I would like. But today this was not the case.
I got up around 930 to D already in the kitchen. He had put the turkey in the oven and had peeled and quartered the potatoes. We couldn't really make anything else until the turkey was about half way done since nothing else was going to take 3hrs to cook. So we hung out and watched the Macy's parade until I could peel myself off the couch. I made the green bean casserole, corn, mashed potatoes, and stuffing. I put the pumpkin pie in the oven also.
By noon everything was ready and we one eating our first round by about 12:30. That never happens lol.

D and I headed to the hospital after that to see my grandpa who is in with pulmonary fibrosis. He is looking much better than I thought he would be. They actually think he might be coming home tomorrow. We shall see :).
So in all it was a pretty boring day. Just the way I like it these days :).

November 25, 2014

{Just Another Thankful Post}

I'm planning on doing a whole Thanksgiving post on Thursday since I'm doing all the cooking this year at home. But I thought I'd go ahead and do my What I'm thankful for post now :). I know that everyone is doing them, it's just a part of the season. Deal with it.

For starters my husband. As much as he might annoy the piss out of me sometimes, I'm glad it's him that's doing it. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me (apart from my kids) and I could not imagine my life without him. Our relationship might not be normal to some. We name call and joke around about things that might cause fights between other couples, but not us. We're just...not normal to be honest. And not just all that, but I know I can count on him to be there for me. Just like when I was sick. I knew that he would come rescue me and do everything he could to make it better. And he did. Sure he didn't get my texts until 30min later but when he did he came home. I'm thankful for that. Other husbands might not have been so willing to leave work and come take their sick wife to the ER.

When I'm talking about being thankful, I can't forget to mention my kids. They all 3 try my patience sometimes. They all 3 make me want to pull out my hair and I know one of them will push me over the edge someday and I'll end up crazy pills. But I love them all anyway. Owen is such a sweet boy. Always so worried about other people. And so curious about everything. Gaige is the same, worried about how everyone around him is. He will probably the one of the 3 that the other 2 can call and he will come running no matter what he's doing or what they need. He's a great big brother. Dawn has come a long way herself. I've come to realize she's never going to be like the boys, and that's OK. As long as she can make it through high school, I've done my job right?

Although some people don't understand it, my dogs are something I'm beyond thankful for too. Sure they poop on the floor every chance they get and Boss is so grumpy it's ridiculous. But with losing Lina this October I have really come to appreciate them even more. Boss definitely got me through it. Dogs are just dogs to some people, but my dogs are family to me.  They're like 2 furry farting babies lol.

Last on my list of things to be thankful for, but certainly not least, is my grandparents. Most specifically my grandpa. As most people know, my parents were not ideal. They were both wrapped up in their own little worlds when we were growing up. Since they were really just kids themselves when they started, it's not that surprising. But my grandparents really stepped in and made sure we were taken care of. Spoiled even. To be honest, we got by with a ridiculous amount of stuff lol. My grandpa worked day and night to make sure that we had so much more than we would have if we wouldn't have had them. He kept me in backstreet boys merchandise until I was 18 for crying out loud lol. We went on trips every summer. We were well loved as kids. And now I'm thankful that my kids get to spend time with him. Gaige especially has bonded with him like nothing I have ever seen before. I'm so glad Gaige had a grandparent like him.

So yeah, there we go. I'm done. So tell me, what are you most thankful for this year?

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November 18, 2014

{Well That was Unpleasant}

I woke up Friday morning (probably around 4-5) so cold I couldn't even uncover long enough to put my PJ pants and slipper socks back on. I scooted as close to my little oven (Owen who I often refer to as my personal space heater lol) as possible and tried to go back to sleep. I did. I felt kind blah and yuck the rest of the morning but ended up going to the lawyer with D to finalize some things about our will and make changes.

It wasn't until I was sitting in the car waiting for Owen and Dawn to get let out of school that it hit me hard again. I got the chills so bad it was making my body hurt. Now, I can take pain. I've got tattoos, I've piercings, and let's not forget I've been through labor and delivery twice (once with no drugs what so ever). So I'm not a wimp about pain. But this hurt more than all of that. When I had to walk up to the doors to get Owen that day I thought my body was going to break in two from the pain. My back was killing me and of course his teacher (who is the last to come out) was late getting them out there. So I stood there for a good 10 minutes longer than I do any other day while most of the other kids from the other classes were gone already. I was a teeth chattering mess by the time he got out to me and the short walk to the car was the most horrendously long walk I've ever taken in my life. I had the heat on full blast the whole way home and my teeth were still chattering and I was in tears by the time I got to the house.

I don't think I'd ever been so glad to see my grandma sitting in my driveway either. She was there to get Gaige (as usual on Fridays) and I had her take me up to the gas station for water of all things. I needed to fill my Mt Dew jug with delicious purified soda fountain water. I did that. I cried and told her I didn't feel good and gave her all my symptoms. There was nothing she could do really but I cried about it anyway.

So over the weekend I ended up bouncing between freezing to death and sweating my ass off constantly. If I wasn't doing one I was doing the other. No middle ground at all. But this morning I just couldn't handle it anymore. I was so hot I couldn't stand it. I crawled off the couch and laid on my hardwood floor for about an hour before I text D and told him to come home and take me to the hospital.

I never voluntarily go to the doctor when I'm sick. There are enough cold meds at Walgreen's that will usually take care of what's ails you. So I don't bother spending my $20 copay for them to tell me to take something I probably have in my cabinet. I also don't call D at work. Ever. I might text him or Facebook message him so that he can check it when he can but I have never called him at work. But I did this morning. Twice. After 3 text messages.

He took me to the hospital here in town and thank god it was dead in there. I had a 101 temp and they started off thinking whatever it was was viral. They did a chest xray and checked my pee. Turns out I had a kidney infection. Not fun. They gave me some drugs and hydrated me and sent me home with a scrip. I hate taking medicine.

To be honest though I'm feeling a lot better right now. Not as light headed as I was and I don't feel like I'm going to die. So there's that. I'm kind of relieved it wasn't the flu because as soon I got over it D would have gotten it and he would have ended up having to go to work like that. I don't like it when he goes to work anything less than 100%. It freaks me out.

And while we're talking about D I jut have to say that he is an awesome husband. He did all the laundry (even folded towels!) and cleaned the house while I was incapacitated. He even vacuumed and made sure Dawn did the dishes. I believe I'll keep for a while longer :).

So that was my fun filled weekend. I hope no one else's was worse.

November 9, 2014

{A Thanksgiving Change}

For as long as I can remember I've always gone to someones house for Thanksgiving. When I was a kid it was always at my grandma's house. She would get up and the crack of dawn to make the turkey and start doing anything extra. The table was set and everyone showed up ready to stuff themselves and engage in conversations about bodily functions (lol). Then as I got older my aunt started having the dinners. The same things would take place at her house, except we would also play games around the table. Last year my uncle took over and it was pretty much the same scene. The faces often change from year to year as people grow up and get married, spending their holiday with the other side of the family, but it's still all pretty much the same conversation.

This year, though, D has requested that we stay home. He wants to just have a thanksgiving with us and our kids at our house. I'll cook the food. I thought that maybe he would invite his grandma over but I guess he isn't into that idea. He says she's not doing anything this year.

So I'm guessing you can all see where I'm going with this post. D and I will stay home. I'll cook and then I'll clean up after it. We won't sit around and talk, we will most likely eat in the living room and watch TV just like we do every single day. And it won't be the Thanksgiving Day Parade like we watch at my family's house. It'll be a movie or show that no one can really agree on. I'll end up playing referee to the kids like I do every day.

Owen will end up eating cereal because he doesn't like any of the food made. All while watching youtube on his tablet.

I really don't want to do this this year. I like to be around family. At the same time though, I know why D doesn't like to go to other peoples house. His asthma always makes it a pain with people smoking (even if it's not in the house) and pets roaming around or on peoples clothes. I know what you're thinking, Go without him!, but then I feel bad because it's thanksgiving and he's sitting at home doing nothing.

I really hope it doesn't suck this year. If it does, I'm sure you guys will hear about it lol.

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November 2, 2014

{Halloween & Selling my Childhood}

Happy Halloween Everyone!! Nothing exciting happened this year. Gaige went off on his own in my hometown, Owen wouldn't get out of the car, and Dawn was the only one that wanted to trick-or-treat.
 My little Bumble Bee at his school Halloween party! :)

 LOL His halloween parade.

 Deadly Wed lol. She hated her hair.

Me and my goober. He was being a heathen.

They didn't get a whole lot of candy. Which was fine with me after spending all that money on cavities 2 months ago. We were going to do a buy back at the dentist, but they didn't even get enough for that. So I don't see the point. It was a good time though.

My grandma and I have decided to sell off my part and her part of my American Girls collection. So I spent the better part of Friday night (after we got home) and all of Saturday going through things. I really wish she would have waited for my sister or I to help her pack things up. Nothing is together. Nothing. I spent most of my time sifting through small pieces of large sets and trying to find everything so that I could sell it all together. I'm still missing pieces. Hell I'm missing large pieces of furniture. How does that even happen? But I have enjoyed going through it all and remembering how much time I actually spent playing with it. I would dress and re-dress. Do their hair over and over. I was so careful with all of them. I loved them so much!

Molly (above) was my first. I loved her. I wanted her so bad! So my mom made me a deal that if I quit sucking my finger (Yes, I did that) I could get her. Well, it was tough, but obviously I got that under control lol. I took her with me all over. And she was sort of the jumping off point for American Girl. Once I got her I needed her clothes and books and trunk. I then got Addy. Her books were my favorite to read.

But now that I'm older, I have come to the realization that I don't have a reason to keep any of it. I've wanted to give some of it to Dawn but she is so vindictive when it comes to me that she ends up destroying things she knows are mine. I don't think I would be able to handle it if she got pissed off at me and decided to destroy one of them to get back at me. So its best for me to just sell it off and then I don't have to worry about what's happening to it all.

Its selling pretty fast. At least the small things. I've yet to sell anything bigger than a doll :(. I'm hoping eventually though ya know? Mainly because its all sitting in my dining room lol. 

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