September 18, 2017

{My First Attempt at Doughnuts!}

When I was little I remember my grandma frying up doughnuts for us once in a while. We all thought it was crazy that she could make her own doughnuts and they always tasted good! So the other night when I got a craving for baking and doughnuts, I went in search of a recipe.

Of course I checked Pinterest first (isn't that everyone's first stop nowadays?) and of course I found one I thought I could work with. But upon inspecting my kitchen for the yeast I bought to make Owen some Subway bread (that I never got around to doing), I found that someone had either thrown it out or decided it did not belong in my baking cabinet or on my pantry shelf where I had put it. So I had to forgo that recipe and went in search of one that didn't use yeast.

September 15, 2017

{Well That Would Have Been Easier! | 5 Things I Wish I Had With My Babies}

I have been a mama for almost fifteen years y'all. Fifteen. I have been through more 3am feedings, blow out diapers, ear infections, sleepless nights, and a few miserable hospital stays in those fifteen years. I have filled bottles with my eyes almost closed and spilled formula all over the kitchen table because I was so damn tired I couldn't focus my eyes. I don't know how I made it through those early years with Gaige. Well, yes I do, I had my grandparents to help. And along the way I learned how to make life a hell of a lot easier.

September 6, 2017

{Learning Hard Lessons | Teaching Her About Money Management}

For starters, can we talk about how old I feel that Dawn is already a sophomore in high school? I'm confused on how that happened so fast!

The obligatory duck face mirror selfie.