July 21, 2017

{This is Worse Than Labor!}

What have I been up to the last few days? Well that's easy folks. I've been bouncing between the recliner and my bed all week. Pretty much living with the heating pad attached to my back until I'm almost asleep (and to be honest if I could get it to stay in one spot, I'd sleep with it there too).

July 17, 2017

{8 Years to Go! | The Countdown is On!}

I have been debating about blogging about this for a while now, but I think some people (I don't know who...but someone) is probably sitting in their living room right now (or in their bed like me) thinking this same thing.

So here it is folks.

July 10, 2017

{ #weightwatchers Update | Not Skinny Yet}

I think we all know where this post is going. I'm going to make some apologies for not giving an update, then I'm going to say that I haven't been losing weight anyway so why update about me still being fat. Then I'm going to give you some story about how I have a plan to lose the weight. But it always turns out the same. A week later, despite good intentions, I'm sitting on my ass in front of the TV with a little bag of chips in one hand and giant soda in the other. Lord help me I just can not push myself enough to get my ass back in gear!

But once again, I'm going to try.

July 5, 2017

{4th of July 2017}

So I'm sitting here half ass watching Nerve (thank you Amazon Prime!) and I figured I should go ahead and post about all the shenanigans that went down yesterday. Then I realized that there were no actual shenanigans yesterday. So I'll just tell you about my insanely boring 4th of July.

July 3, 2017

{Well Of Course This Would Happen!}

Husband: They're about to cut into my balls babe.

Me: *crazy eyes*

Husband: What?

Me: I had TWO babies. That means I pushed a baby out of my vagina TWICE. When you do that, then you can complain. 

Husband: *silent*

June 28, 2017

{Done With Babies!}

I have been a mom my entire adult life. I had Gaige when I was just 19, met D who had Dawn (and Tristen) when I was 21,  and Owen when I was 25. I hadn't even gotten my feet on the ground before the carpet was ripped out from under me. I love being a mom. I love my kids. But even though I love them. I have no desire to ever be pregnant again.

June 26, 2017

{Parent Is a Verb!}

I have been a parent for fifteen years. On top of the years I spent "parenting" my three younger siblings and babysitting from the age of twelve. And in my years I have noticed something so sad that I just had to write about it.

Parents today don't parent their kids.

It's a sad fact.

They're so caught up in their jobs, tv shows, social media, their own lives that they don't take the time to actually parent their kids.

June 23, 2017

{Backstreet Boys in Vegas!}

I don't think I can even express how excited I was to finally be in the same area as my boys. I really could have cried. What's funny about me though is that, I hate large crowds of people. I hate being touched by strangers. I hate dealing with strangers. I don't like tight spaces either. So it surprises me how much I really love going to concerts. For those that have never been to a concert, those are all things you deal with the entire time you're at the show. It's amazing what I will put myself through to be near those guys.

June 21, 2017

{Vegas Day 2 | Just Chillin' With My BFF Britney}

Waking up the next morning in the hotel was exciting to say the least. Mainly because I knew that my boys were there, and that in just a few hours I'd be standing in front of them. Soaking up the same oxygen. Watching them do what I love to watch them do! But since we had a full day free, we got moving and made our way to the strip after ordering an awesome breakfast from room service.

June 20, 2017

{We Made It To Vegas! | Was She Wearing Underwear?}

It only took us a couple hours to get to Vegas from the Grand Canyon. Thank the lord cause I was beyond over being in that car by that point.

Driving up on the strip was an experience. It's funny how when you see something on TV, it ends up looking nothing like you imagined it. Of course I'd been there once before, when I was fifteen. I'm guessing that everything looks a little more exciting from the eyes of a teenager right?