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August 15, 2018

{Controversial Parenting Questions!}

I'm aware that this is supposed to be a video for YouTube, but I don't really want to get presentable and film it lol. So I thought I'd just do it here! Please feel free to join in the discussion either on Facebook or Twitter or even on Instagram! I'd love to hear your opinion on these questions!

Generally my views on most of these topics are simple...

But since I'm human, I also have opinions about things. So lets jump in shall we?

August 13, 2018

{Taking a Step Back | #NachoParenting }

For fourteen years I have been Dawn's main parent. Although my husband has obviously been here, he has worked the entire time. He left raising the kids up to me. Which is fine. That's what I've always wanted. Or I did anyway. Apparently though, I did it wrong. Or maybe I just don't know what the hell I'm doing when it comes to raising her? Either way, I have come to a decision this past week, it was a long time coming.

I am no longer going to be the hands on parent.

I am no longer going to be the disciplinarian in the house (when it comes to her).

I am employing the Nacho Parenting Theory.

What is Nacho Parenting? I've got a link for that...

July 29, 2018

{Bedroom Make Over Inspiration}

I have wanted to redecorate our bedroom since we moved into this house. I thought it could be so cute with a fresh coat of paint (that wasn't that landlord beige-ish color) and some cute furniture. But seven years later, other rooms in our house have gotten some love, but not the bedroom. I think part of the reason is because we just sleep in there. No one actually sees it. We don't show it off or anything. We close the door when guests are over because it's right off the living room. So there was no rush to get it done. But now since I'm working, I'm slowly but surely trying to get rid of old furniture, organize things, and re-do this bedroom so I can film in it lol.

July 27, 2018

{Curing My 16yr Old Daughters "Boredom" }

You're bored? I don't even know what bored is. - my grandpa, every single time we complained about being bored.

My grandparents raised me for those that don't know. My grandpa was the hardest working man I have ever known in my life. If he was sitting down it was because he was in the bathroom, eating, or sleeping. And even then he was thinking about all the things he had to do when he got up, got done, or got out the door in the morning. I grew up seeing this hard working man put himself through hell because he was taught growing up that you didn't stop until the job was done. He was never bored because there was always something that had to be done.

My grandmother was a lot like this as well. As a housewife/stay at home mom there was always something to do around the house or in the yard or with the kids. Always. 

I'm not going to lie, I'm lazy lol. And I'm OK with that. But in the last nine months I feel like I've hardly sat down. My job keeps me hopping. This house keeps me hopping. I'm basically a rabbit. 

Apparently my sixteen year old daughter is not seeing any of this work though, because her favorite thing to say is I'm bored or I was bored. She says this mainly after she's caught doing things she knows she's not supposed to do.

So, I pulled a move my grandma would have pulled on me. 

I found her something to do. A lot of somethings actually. 

July 5, 2018

{My Camping Grocery List}

While planning this trip, I keep wishing that I had the motor-home to camp in. My grandma always kept its cupboards stocked with whatever she would need to cook while on the road/camping. Obviously she would transfer the food from her house fridge to the motor-home, but that's easy.

I can't do that. 

Not only can I not do that, but we aren't traveling with any food. We are going to stop at a grocery store close to the park and stock our cabin fridge for the week. So I'm now trying to throw together a list so that when we get to the cabin, we don't have to run back to the store fifty times to get things I've forgotten.

Ya know. Like I do at home.

June 29, 2018

{ #ThrowBackThursday on a Friday }

I haven't done one of these in a super long time! So I thought I'd do one today since I don't have another post planned. And because I saw one of my favorite pages on Facebook, The Wild Wonderful World of Gingersnaps, post a throw back pic of herself, I thought I'd copy her and do one too!

So here we go...prepare yourselves.

June 25, 2018

{Camping With The Dogs | What We're Taking}

I tried to make a video about this, but it turned out to be too short. So, here I am blogging it.

June 11, 2018

{She Just Keeps Sending THOSE pictures!}

Dawn: If you guys would stop grounding me, then I wouldn't be in trouble all the time!

Me: If you would stop doing things you know are going to get you in trouble, you'd stop getting grounded.

This is what I'm dealing with today folks.

June 4, 2018

{He Wants Me to Stay Where?!}

Y'all...my husband finally talked me into taking a trip that has more to do with the outside than the inside. We shall see how this works out.

June 1, 2018

{I Caught Her with ANOTHER Phone}

I'm not sure what to do with Dawn anymore. She just keeps doing the same things over and over to get in trouble. She's not learning from any of the consequences we give her. She just insists that she's never going to change and we need to stop asking her to behave because she won't. She's gone further this time though...and I've decided that this is something someone with more authority needs to handle.