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May 16, 2010

{I never thought I'd see the day..}

D and I have been together for 6 years (holy crap!) and in that amount of time I have witnessed him doing many things. None of which surprised me too much (after past boyfriends he would have had to be really creative to shock me), but today, at 2pm, he accomplished shocking the crap out of me.

Yesterday at the birthday cookout (because it wasn't actually a party) he informed me that he would be getting baptized today. Yes ladies and gentlemen of the blog-o-sphere I said baptized. Why does this shock me? Because for the 6yrs I have known him he has been very vocal about his opinions on church. He didn't want to go, he didn't like the set up, and he didn't need someone preaching at him about how to live his life. Which are basically my views also to tell you the truth. But as of a few months ago, he has been going to a Native American church. They focus on NA traditions and such. He has always been in to that type of thing (and has NA on both sides of his family). Anyway- today he baptized and joined the church officially. I can't believe it. Now, I'm not a religious person folks (big surprise there), but I am very proud of him for making such a huge commitment. After 6yrs of listening to him tell me how most religions are not worth his time, he is joining a church. A real one lol. Anyway- you know I got pics :)

Right before they started.

The living spring just behind the church. Amazing.

He should have dunked him ;)

Officially a member of the church. He's pretty happy about it :)
So there we have it folks. I'm officially dating a church goer. Who'd have thought right?

May 15, 2010

{Git R Doooone!}

Raise your hand if you attended a Larry The Cable Guy show last night.

*slowly raises hand*

That's right folks! Who's jealous? Don't look at me that way, you know you're green with envy! How did I score tickets to see such an awesome comedian? Welp, here's the deal..

I was just coming out of the theaters after seeing Iron Man 2 (awesome!) and I checked my phone. I notice I have 4 missed calls and 2 text messages. I thought something was going on with Bug or G (they were with my grandparents) so I hurried up and called my mother (my 4 missed calls). Turns out that, nothing was wrong with my boys (thank goodness), but my step-father had gotten several tickets to the show and wanted to know if I wanted to go! Ahhh! I was so excited I could have peed right then and there in the lobby of the theater. The show was 8pm, it was 5 minutes to 7. We hauled ass to my mothers house to pick up the tickets and thanked my step-dad profusely for getting the tickets.

See, a year or 2 ago when I had wanted to purchase tickets for Larry the Cable Guy they were $200 for the cheap seats. No way was that gonna happen lol. I figured I'd just have to wait until he wasn't as popular and came into town. I knew it would happen sooner or later lol.

So anyway- we had great seats in the upper bowl. It wasn't the nose bleed seats but we were pretty high up. We also had a great view of the stage. A local comedian came on first, he was pretty funny. I laughed quite a bit. Then Bill Invall came on. Now, I think he's really funny. I do. But the dude recycles his jokes. We (D and I) had both heard all of them several times. Ask me if they were still funny...yup, they were *haha*. He did have some of them that we hadn't heard though too. So it wasn't horrible or even bad, just not surprising.
Now, when Larry came on-- that was a different story! The first thing out of his mouth was GIT R DOOOONE!! He was way too funny! I laughed so hard if I wouldn't have gone pee before we sat down, I'd have soaked my jeans LOL. It was crazy funny!

OK bloggies you can be super jealous of me for the rest of the day now! ;)

Stay tuned for more updates, I also had a birthday party today for the drama queen and D. Good times.

May 9, 2010

{Happy Mothers Day!}

I hope all my awesome readers (all 14 of you lol) had an awesome Mothers Day! I certainly hope that even if you didn't, he made up for it by giving you an awesome foot rub and buying fattening food :). Because that's what D did. I got up this morning to him and the drama queen getting ready for church. I don't normally go but I thought I would today since if I didn't I would be stuck at home. So I get all ready to go and sit down to put my shoes on before waking up Bug and he says, "Is today mothers day or is it next week?" I couldn't believe my ears. I said, "um..it's today." and he says, "Oh." Another five minutes goes by and he says, "I'm sorry I didn't get you anything, you took my last $50 yesterday." (He gave me the $50 and I spent it on things we needed for the house and trip to McDonalds) I said, "So you don't have any money for gas for the van?" He shook his head no. I was immediately pissed off. I took my shoes off and told him there was no point in me getting ready to go then because there's not enough gas in the van to even GET to the church. He offered to put the car seat in his car but by then I was pissed and didn't even want to look at him. So when he said he would just stay home with me I told him to go. I knew he didn't want to stay home with me. He wanted to go to church and play with his friends and if he staid home with me he would just be annoying me with the stupid effing x-box all day. So I did a load of laundry and the dishes and proceeded to go about my business. He left me home with Bug. Do you moms know how hurt I was that he didn't even tell me "happy mothers day"? I carried his kid for 37wks. (give or take a week) and he couldn't even be bothered to say, "happy mothers day" or "thank you for giving our son life". He didn't get me a card from the kids, NOTHING. So I sat there all afternoon (because he leaves for church at 10:30..they don't start until around noon) with the baby...super effing fun.
The kicker though is that he tried to tell me we didn't have the money this week because he had to pay rent. Awful funny how I'm the one who took the rent check up to the office LAST week. And his friend sold him a mower for exactly what our rent is! *Gasp* He clearly thinks I'm stupid. Otherwise he wouldn't try to blow smoke up my ass like that. So yeah..I'm miffed. Still.
He did, however, make up for it (somewhat) by buying me a card, foot massager, and Hardees. Had he just not bought the effing mower (that we didn't need because ours works perfectly well and does a great job on our small yard) then we would have had PLENTY of money. GAH!!
OK- I guess I'll stop bitching now. I'm sorry bloggies. I can't help myself. I'm just so tired of feeling under-appreciated around here. It's like, I don't make any money so my opinion and feelings don't matter. So guess what? He doesn't change diapers or do laundry so fathers day he can kiss my butt. I'm not fussing over him on his day if he's not going to give to piles of pig crap about me on mine.
My birthday is on Thursday. I'm going to be 27. Can you believe it bloggies? 27!! Where did the time go?? I'm just 3 years from turning the dreaded 3-0. Shhh...no one mention that number again. I may just turn 29 and let that be it. LOL Don't act like some of you don't do the same thing o_O.
OK- I guess that's enough for today :). I hope everyone had a GREAT mothers day!!