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October 19, 2016

{One Month with Binx!}

I can hardly believe we have had this sweet little devil cat with us for an entire month. Although he wasn't planned (as many of our pets were not), he's become such a part of our family that I don't remember what it was like without him.

He is by far the sweetest kitten I have ever encountered. Such a ham. Such a lover. Such huge pain in the ass at 3am.

He has grown quite a bit in the last month. At the first vet appointment I took him to he was three pounds.

The day I went to pick him up!

October 17, 2016

{Looking Back on Halloween!}

We all know how much I love looking at old pictures, so I thought I'd post some of the kids from past Halloweens.

So lets do it!

Halloween 2004

Tristen the Spider-Man at age six. Gaige my little Dumbo (the second time he had worn that costume) at age two (well almost, his birthday is in December), and Dawn the angel at age two.

October 14, 2016

{Supernatural, An F Bomb, & Disney}

If you don't watch Supernatural...you're crazy! What the hell are you doing with your life right now?? I have an addiction to this show. I found it on Netflix and couldn't stop watching it. I had to wait forever for Netflix to release the 11th season, and they finally did it Friday. Which means I've been binge watching since Friday. I am completely obsessed with this show. Like, I troll Instagram looking for anything about them. It's a little insane to be honest. The show is addictive. If you haven't watched Sam and Dean Winchester save the world from destruction, then you have not lived. The 12th season comes out on the CW on the 13th. So, I would set your DVR to record it, and then binge watch the whole 11 seasons. You'll thank me later. Trust me.

October 12, 2016

{We Bought Our 9 Year Old a Phone!}

Yep. I'm officially that parent that buys their 9 year old a phone. Who is going to talk to? I don't know. Will it just be pocket size tablet? Most likely. Will I most likely regret this decision? Without a shadow of a doubt.

October 10, 2016

{5 Doggie DIY's!}

If you're home is anything like ours, our dogs are part of our family. I take them to the doctor, they roam our house, I worry about them when they're sick. They are just like my two other kids that happen to have fur and four legs. I've had Boss since he was five weeks old (far too young to be away from his doggy mommy) and he grew up with Gaige. Owen was just four when we got Prissy from my aunt and so they grew up together too. I love that! I grew up with three dogs (Pomeranian, Samoyed, and Scottish Terrier) and I loved them.

October 7, 2016

{A Glimpse at Little Kristin}

I don't know about anyone else, but I am obsessed with old family pictures. I absolutely love them. Before my grandma went through all her pictures and gave them away to the people they were of, I would sit forever going through this huge tote of pictures that she kept under her bed. She transferred them to a huge trunk that now serves as a coffee table in her living room. I've seen every picture in there so many times.

But what I hadn't seen, were the pictures my grandpa's wife gave me a couple weeks ago. I promptly came home and scanned them. And now, I'm going to post them for you to see!

October 5, 2016

{Selling My Wedding Dress?}

I have been thinking about doing this for a while, even listed it a couple times. But when D found out I was selling it, he said not to. Mainly because I was selling it to pay for Backstreet Boys tickets. I was so glad when he said he didn't want me to sell it because it was giving me serious anxiety to let it go. But oddly enough, as much as I love this dress, I'm OK with letting it go this time.

As I posted already my mom and I are taking a trip to Vegas to see the Backstreet Boys this coming June. After pricing plane tickets and hotels (which I get a discount on because I'm a fan club member) it's going to cost us at least $500 to get there and stay. So I thought maybe I could sell my dress for $300 and at least cover something.

October 4, 2016

{Happy Birthday Owen!}

We had Owens birthday party on Sunday (the 2nd). I can not believe my little baby turned 9 this year. *Cries*

Anyway- he had told me weeks before that he wanted a themed birthday party (which he usually gets anyway). So I headed to my favorite store in the world (besides Ulta), Target. To my surprise Spider-Man party supplies were on clearance so that's what I picked up. I got a table cloth, banner, and plates/napkins.

I couldn't find any cups at Target though so I went to Walmart and got some of those plastic ones for .89.

His only preference for his cake was that it have blue icing. So we got that from Walmart too. (Ignore the backwards 9. I'm an idiot.)

We had invited all of my siblings, my mom, D's grandma and Tristen, and D's friend J. But the only people to show up were my brother and his girlfriend (with my niece), my mom, and D's grandma & Tristen.

We were pretty annoyed to be honest. We sent out the event invite a good month before the party and everyone said they were coming. Which meant we needed quite a bit of food, so we prepared for that. He ended up calling his cousin (who had also been invited by word of mouth) and she brought her kids over. So it all worked out.

We sang happy birthday of course..

Oh! I almost forgot, we bought him the Pie Face game too. So naturally Owen and my niece were all about that game lol.

By the end of the day we were all pretty tired. Owen says he had a pretty good birthday :) I think next year we're going to Chuck-E-Cheese or bowling or something. Screw a big party.


October 3, 2016

{My Baby Is 9 Today!}

I do this every year, and every year gets a little harder. I miss this little baby.

Where did he go? How has it already been nine years since this happened...

It feels like he was just little bitty yesterday. But no. Today marks the ninth year I've celebrated his birth.

I love that he's turned into this amazing, smart, funny, silly little boy.

He's growing up so damn fast. I see him every single day and every single day I am surprised by how grown up he can be. But then there are other days when it's still so obvious that he's still a little boy.

Like the day he came out of school almost in tears. I thought maybe he got in trouble or something, he gets so upset when he gets in trouble. Even if it's just an adult telling him he shouldn't be doing something. Anyway, he comes walking out of the doors to me, almost in tears.

I ask what's wrong, prepared to go into mama bear mode in .2 seconds.

He says, "My tummy hurts". Now when a normal kid says this a mom might assume he's coming down with something or that he ate something that didn't agree with him.

Not me.

When Owen said that I just whispered, "do you have to poop?" And he nodded yes.

And that's my little boy folks. He said he had to go potty for a while but his teacher didn't see his face and ask him what was wrong. Because naturally, I as his mother, can read his facial expressions and I know something is going on. She has 23 other kids in her class and can't just concentrate on his face all day. 

These are the times I'm reminded that he's my little boy. That I still have many years before he's to the point where he doesn't need me or doesn't want to be around me.

I can only pray that when he reaches that point, he can still come to me. Because even at 50 he'll be my baby.

So here's to another year of many to come, with my Owen Michael Dwight :)