August 13, 2014

{31 Day Blogging Challenge- Day 12}

Something that You Miss

I miss..being able to pee without someone knocking on the bathroom door. Or worse, coming in. Or maybe even worse than that, sitting on the stairs right outside the door waiting for me to finish. Try having a shy bladder and knowing someone is listening to everything you do in there. Impossible.

Owen before we moved to this house. Luckily the doors here go to the floor lol.

I miss going shopping and not having to second guess my decision because I know that if I spend that $10 on a shirt I'm going to need something for a kid the next day that will cost exactly that. That shit is annoying.

I miss nursing.

I miss this.

Do you see? Do you see how little Gaige was?? Oh my God. I'm seriously going to cry right now. :(

I miss this man.

My grandpa Dwight. I don't think there's a person he met that doesn't miss him now. It's weird how you never realize how important someone is the structure of a family until they're gone. It's like the whole family just kind of fell apart after he was gone. *sigh*

I miss getting to sleep until noon without fear of my house being burned down.

I think that's enough for the things I miss lol. 

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