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March 29, 2014

{Well that was unexpected)

Ugh. What a way to start the weekend.

D woke me up this morning saying, "don't let anyone use the shower..I just broke the bottom."

For those of you that don't know we have had a problem with this tub since we moved in. The people we bought it from never bothered to tell us that there was a massive crack on the bottom of the tub. We found this out when D tried to take a shower that first night.

We have been patching it for the last few years because we wanted enough money and time to do all the bathroom. New floors, paint, put tile in, ect. But we could never seem to come up with the money to do it all.

A few days ago I told him when I went to step out I heard the tub crack and pop. He said he didn't want to deal with it right then. So it didn't get dealt with.

This morning he almost put his whole foot through the tub. Nice right? He was going to just patch it again but I guess he got pissed off at it lol. Cassie said that he ripped it out and took a hammer to it. Which didn't surprise me.

So he ripped out the plastic walls and then discovered when he ripped the tub out all the way that the boards under it (including one of the main support beams) was rotten. What was annoying about it was that some of the plywood was newer. Meaning that the people we bought the house from had replaced some of it but then just put the broken tub back over the other rotten boards!! Are you kidding me??

Everything came out and we went to Lowes and got the replacement wood. We also bought a new tub (obviously). Its being installed tomorrow.

Tonight though, there is a massive hole in my bathroom. And I am not a happy camper about it.

I am glad its finally getting done though. I know this isn't the way we wanted it to happen and we didn't really have the money for it (he dipped into the Disney fund). But in the long run its best cause the patch jobs weren't holding very long anymore.

So yeah, that's what happened on our Friday. How was yours?

March 28, 2014

{Nothing to Blog About}

So why not do a little survey? And since my anniversary is in just a few days, I will do one about my husband :).

What is your man’s name?

How long have you known each other?
11 years in May.

What color are his eyes?
Hazel I think lol. But most of the time I think they need to be brown ;)

Where did you first meet your man?

Were you friends before you dated?

Where did you go on your 1st date?
The mall, the movies, and steak n shake.

Do you remember what you wore or he wore on your 1st date?
Sure. Maroon top and jeans

Most fun date you two have been on?
Ummm...I don't know. The time we were on the bike and said it would be awesome if we found a carnival for some corn dogs, and then we came up on one, that was pretty awesome :)

Do you go on more alone or group dates?
Just the two of us.

Who usually pays for the date?
He does.

What does your man do to make money?
He works at CAT.

Do you normally date older or younger guys?
I've always liked older guys.

How was your first kiss?
Good ;)

Did he use any cheesy lines?

How long have ya’ll been together?
11 years

When did you meet his parents?
Ummm...I think a few days into dating.

Who said, “I love you” first?

What was the first thing he gave you?
He bought me a tongue ring with a play boy bunny on it.

What’s the most exciting thing he’s given you?
A baby :)

What does he call you?

How well does he know you?
I think he knows me pretty well.

How well do you know him?
I like to think I know him pretty well.

Do you know any of his ex’s?
I’ve met his first wife and Cassie's mom. Those are the only 2 and I don't wish to know anymore after meeting them.

Is he friends with any of his ex’s?
No way. He tried to be friends with Cassie's mom but she's crazy lol

What is his favorite thing to do?
Shoot, play video games, read, ride the bike, hike, fish.

What is one thing that really annoys him?
People that call or text him when he should be sleeping.

Are you happy?
Yes, very much so.

Do your parents like him?

Is he the best kisser out of all that you’ve kissed?
Yep :)

What does he do that gives you butterflies?
Makes me laugh ;)

Have you ever gotten into a fight?

If so what was it over?
We have been together 11yrs. There have been a few big ones.

How many kids does he want to have?
We have 5 between us...that's more than enough.

What is your best memory together?
Our wedding.

Have you talked about a future together?
Yeah. And I can't imagine one without him ❤

March 24, 2014

{ #weightwatchers Week 11}

Last week I was 198.6 and this week I'm 198.8. Its literally starting to piss me off.

This is pretty much the difference in me holding on to water. Which is pretty common with me. So next week I could be down 2lb like I was a couple weeks ago. It all depends.

I'm trying to stay away from salty foods. I had McDonalds the other day for the first time in a while. Which probably didn't help the gain. Blah. I should have had him stop at Subway like I wanted to instead of just eating that fish sandwich.

I can't seem to give up the damn junk food. It really doesnt help that I buy stuff for me to snack on and someone eats it all before I can get to it. Meaning, the kids eat it all. Its annoying as crap to go looking for a snack and the only thing left is chips. My weakness of course. I even bought some Simply Balanced stuff from Target last week and I caught Gaige eating it the other day. Like I don't buy a ridiculous amount of snacks for them already they have to eat mine too. *pulls hair out*

So that is my weekly update. How is your weight loss coming?

March 20, 2014

{Trust and the Teenager}

Tonight Cassie (16 almost 17) came to me and asked what friends she is actually grounded from. I told her that she isn't necessarily grounded from friends. She just isn't allowed to go do anything since we don't trust her. I also told her that she has only been in our house for 3 weeks. There is no way you can earn someone's trust back in that amount of time.

She said we can see where she's at with Google+ (which I set up so that I knew she got to school) or the library which are the only 2 places she is really allowed to go. But that needs WiFi to work, and although her friends house might have WiFi that doesn't mean she will only go places with WiFi. Which make it pointless to look at the app.

Then she said that she could just text us where she's going (she has my old s3 and uses a texting app because it has no data attached to it). But she could easily lie about that and we would be none the wiser. Sorry. I'm not giving her that opportunity. And I told her that. She claims she wouldnt lie to us but I'm not that dumb lol.

She asked me how she can earn our trust if she isn't allowed to do anything. And honestly I don't think I will ever trust her completely. Its that old saying "fool me once same on you, fool me twice shame on me." I'm not about to have that drama.
We basically want her to spend this time bringing her grades up and focusing on getting back on track for next year and graduating. I don't want to constantly worry that she's going to end up shoplifting again. Or that she's out drinking and going to end up in a car wreck. Ya know? I know that's not very much fun, but she should have thought about that before all the bs that happened over the last year at her moms. Not to mention the hell she put us through when she was coming over all the time.

So my question for you is, how do we go about letting her earn our trust back? Or as much trust as we can since we will always have our guard up with her.

March 19, 2014

{A full Summer}

I can not believe that in just a few weeks (June 5th) the kids will be out of school and the summer will officially begin. I am completely shocked that we all made it through this year alive lol.

And then just a week after they get out of school I get to go to Chicago for another Backstreet Boys concert. I promise I won't talk about them too much ;)

In August we are going to both Lookout Mountain (I think that's what it is) for a night and then heading to Florida for our first huge vacation...to Disney World.

Its gonna be a pretty freakin awesome summer I think :)

What are your summer plans?

March 17, 2014

{ #weightwatchers Week 10}

OK. So maybe I should lay off those delicious Kroger glazed donuts (that 8pp each! Yikes!). But they're so good!

I still lost this week though. Itcertainly wasnt as much as i was hoping but something is better than nothing, or gaining. Right?

I started the week at 199.4 and today I am 198.6. So that's a .8lb loss this week.

I really need to step up my game if I want to be in a swim suit by our Florida trip. Its hard though! I buy the kids snacks and they end up eating mine. Ugh. It makes me crazy!!

But I'm really gonna have to just make myself stop. Because its not doing me any favors. And I've seen the amount I can lose in a week of staying on plan. So let's get this shit going already!

How is everyone else doing with their weight loss? Please feel free to comment and share your journey with me :)

March 13, 2014

{Updates & Ramblings}

Alrighty, well it's been almost 2 weeks since Cassie moved back in and so far things are going pretty good. D basically let's her know that I control where she goes and what she does and how long she's punished for. Which is a huge step up from him doing the exact opposite last time. Telling me one thing and then doing another when she was around.

We have spent zero money on her as far as shopping goes. Which was a big cause of fights when she would come over before. She went through all her clothes this time when she moved in and we let her know that we aren't repurchasing anything. So if she gets rid of something that's perfectly fine and she could still wear it, we are not replacing it when she decides she needs it again. This goes for bras and clothes and make up and basically anything else. Because she has more clothes than anyone I've ever seen before.

She has also been putting in applications everywhere to try to get a job because we also told her that we aren't providing a phone or anything like that. If she wants to be able to talk to her friends then she needs to figure out how to pay for that. So she is trying to find something.

We still don't have her enrolled in school over here because of some screw up with how she was registered at her last school. Blah. There's really nothing we can do but wait for them to get her in. Until then we are thinking about just having her correspondence courses. It might help her get her shit together since she seems to attract the same kind of friends everywhere she goes. Losers.

Anyway, so that's how that's going.

The other kids are doing good with the change. Gaige has started riding his bike to and from school. D went and got him a new one cause his other 2 were falling apart. He thinks he's pretty cool now lol. And with his tablet I can track where he's at all times ;). Because I'm that mom.

Dawn is Dawn. Her teacher and I got together and made up a plan where she has to earn a certain number of points and she gets a reward. She has been doing pretty good with it. I don't get my hopes up too high or get excited about anything because then she will decide to go backwards. *Sigh*

The little boy is doing really well :) He's so smart sometimes it scares me lol. He loves school and he has a few friends and its adorable to watch them after school, they all say bye to each other and stuff. *Tear* My baby is growing up.

In like 2wks is mine and D's 2yr wedding anniversary. Yeah. It doesn't feel like 2yrs. But in May we will be together 11yrs. So ya know lol.

I suppose I should get to bed now. I've been dragging ass in the morning lately. It needs to stop.

March 10, 2014

{ #weightwatchers Week 9}

I can not even believe I'm posting this right now.

When I weighed in last week at 201 I thought the most I would pull another lb and put myself at the 200 mark. But I didnt. I pulled another 2.4lb!! I can't even believe it!! I never thought I would lose 2lb in a week.

I'm so excited to finally be in the 100s again! I haven't been this weight since before the wedding (2yrs ago!).

I updated my goal to 190. I'm taking it 10lb at time. My ultimate goal is just to feel good in a bathing suit this summer. I want to buy one and not feel like a cow in it. I don't want to be as skinny as I was when D and I met. I feel like I might have been a little too skinny for my height. If like to be in the 140s by the end of this journey :).

So..how are you girls doing with your weight loss?

March 8, 2014

{2 Steps forward...3 steps back}

We should just count on things never working out in our favor for more than a month or so at a time.

As if Cassie moving in wasn't enough of a complete friggin upset, and an added expense, the basement is flooding. The floor drain just can't keep up with the melting snow this year.

Dave has been down there off and on all day with the shop vac trying to keep it at bay so we don't end up with a swimming pool. Its not working. There is just too much snow and the river is pretty high right now. So we are just screwed until it all dries up.

Dave and Cassie also went to her moms to get all of the stuff she had there today. She came home with a bunch of garbage bags that are now sitting in my dining room because she can't put them down stairs. I will be glad when the basement is ready so she can keep her crap downstairs. For real.

Update: D got the floor drain fixed as much as it could be tonight. I see a trip to Menard's in his future.

OK. I think I'm done cause I can't focus on a single thought at a time.

March 4, 2014

{Can I Just Take a Minute}

I just want to take a minute or 2 to say that I love my husband.

He gets grouchy and annoying. He lashes out and says hurtful things sometimes. He can be a real pain in the ass and at times I wonder why the hell I chose him to spend the rest of my life with.

And then there's moments when I am reminded why I love him and why I chose him.

Take tonight for example. I had already sent the kids to bed and we were sitting on the couch watching Supernatural. When all of the sudden we hear Cassie start screaming and Gaige running around his room like he caught it on fire. She comes running down the stairs saying there's a bat up stairs!!

He gets up to check it out and sure enough there was a damn bat in the boys room. Which completely freaked out Owen who was in tears at that point. And he is also currently in bed with me because, ya know, if it gets past daddy in the living room it damn sure won't get past mommy in the bedroom to get him lol.

Anyway, he goes up there, catches it just like he did the other 2, 2 summers ago (yeah we thought we got rid of them).

No more bat.

Just one of the reasons why I'm reminded why I keep him around and put up with his shit ;).

March 3, 2014

{ #weightwatchers Week 8}

This week was pretty good. I stayed on program and made sure that I tracked everything. Basically if I put food or drink in my mouth, I broke out my phone to add it to my points. Even when I went to Chili's with my sister on Friday. I got right on my weight watchers app and made sure I wasn't eating all my points in one meal. I ended up eating 18 but it was a chicken ceasar salad (my fave!!). I just made sure I didn't over eat the rest of the day.

And since I lost 1.2lb this week, I would say I did pretty damn good :). So that puts me at 201.8. Ahh! I'm almost at my first goal. Which is 200.

Why did I make my goal 200? Because I wanted to take it easy on myself. I don't want to make unrealistic goals and then be disappointed in myself. Ya know? I think that's a lot of the reason why I was failing before. So I'm taking it a few lbs at a time.