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November 24, 2012

{Ematic Tablet & An Email from Santa?!}

I know not a lot of people read my little blog here, but I thought even if I help one person avoid the BS of this tablet, it'd be worth the time spent writing this. D and I wanted to get Bug his own tablet for Christmas this year. I thought a cheaper one might be better because chances are it'll get broken eventually and who wants to be out $200? Plus, he's 5yrs old. He doesn't need something that expensive. So I got on walmart.com and ordered him the Ematic tablet. It said it was an android so I figured it would use the market and have all the great apps that he loves on my phone. Not the case. This tablet is an android but has its own app store. I was super annoyed with that at first, but then it wouldn't even let me register for the app store! It kept giving me the drop down for country but it wasn't showing anything. No matter how I held the tablet it was blank. It also had a wonky touch screen. No matter where I clicked it would take me to where I didn't click and when I tried to scroll it would zoom in. Pointless. I eventually just got tired of it and decided to take it back. It was $64.00 at walmart (that's with tax). I'm just going to get him an Innotab2 and be done with it. So if any of you are searching for a tablet for your little one, bypass this one and save yourself the headache.

Now on to more pleasant matters :)...well..leading up to more pleasant anyway. Driving home from picking up the Drama Queen and Bug yesterday from my grandparents house, the subject of Santa came up. Bug looks at me and said, "Santa's not real!" Now you can imagine my horror. Who had taken my little boys innocent belief in Santa so soon?? He's just 5. He can't have figured out that it's just a story already! Has he?? So I ask him, "Where did you hear that?" Ready to rip whoever had told him this crap a new one. He says, "Drama Queen" (only he said her name lol). I almost pulled the car over I was so mad. She denied it of course because she knew she screwed up. I made her go straight to bed that night. How could she tell her little brother something like that?! She doesn't even completely not believe in him yet, how could she try to ruin it for him?? I'm still so annoyed with it that I could spit nails. But instead I took to my facebook mommy group (hi girls!!) and vented to them. One of them gave me this site..Portable North Pole. You can made a personalized video to your child from Santa! You get to choose if the child has been naughty or nice or if they've been an equal mix of the 2 (like most kids are). You add a picture and tell a little about your child so Santa can state some facts about them. Then the site emails the video to you from Santa :). Bug was completely thrilled by it! He officially believes in Santa again and will for as long as he doesn't realize I set that video up lol. To explain why Santa had emailed him I told him I had emailed him first and told him what his sister had told him. And he wanted to prove her wrong.

Of course when Drama Queen found out about this video, she wanted me to email Santa about her and see what he had to say. So I made her a video except I put her on the naughty list. Mean? Probably. But the kid told her 5yr old brother there is no such thing as Santa. And she needs to learn not to open her big mouth. Santa knew an awful lot about her too :).

So I think all of you should go over to that site and let your little guys/girls experience an email video from Santa!

November 20, 2012

{So here it is!}

I can not believe we are almost finished Christmas shopping and we still have a month until Christmas! This never happens to us! lol We are those parents still rushing around the week before trying to find exactly what the kids want. But this year we started kinda early. D got his bonus check this week and we made a huge dent with that. Drama Queen is pretty much taken care of. No problems with that. But G & Bug, those 2 are kinda hard to shop for.

All Bug asked for was a Halo 4 (which we are getting them) and a shot gun lol. When I asked him what he wants, he literally said those 2 things and nothing more. *sigh* So we are getting all 3 of them Halo 4 (joint gift), their own wireless controllers, and then the charging dock like the one that D got for his birthday 2yrs ago. That charger has really come in handy!

We also are going to pick up Bug another shot gun *eye roll*. The kid has 20 different friggin' guns up stairs but he wants a new shot gun. I figure I'll hit Dollar General for that. No point in spend $20 on something he's gonna leave outside lol. I also ordered him a tablet so he can stop stealing my phone lol. It should be here Friday. And he's got a couple costumes and a Halo figure for under the tree.

G asked for a pellet gun that looks like a pistol or something like that. I'm no good with guns lol. D got him that and a bunch of stuff to go with it. A holster and Co2 and all that jazz. We got him that thermus that he's going to be happy with I'm sure. And we're gonna get him some other goodies that have nothing to do with a gun. We just don't know what.

Drama Queen wanted a DS so we bought her one of those even though I told her she wasn't getting any more gadgets this year. She has gotten a camera, laptop, and an MP3 player over the last few years. I think that's enough. So this will be the last gadget we buy her for a while I'm sure. She's also getting clothes, which she said she wants, and some other random stuff that I found for her along the way.

What's uneven is the stockings. Drama Queen is so easy to buy for because she likes all the girly stuff right now. So I'm in 7th Heaven buying for her. The boys are really hard to buy for though. I did manage to find a few thing for them though that I think they'll enjoy. At least I hope so. I miss the days when just a couple toys in the stocking was enough. But I kinda like having an excuse to buy them all this stuff :).

So what are your kiddos getting from Santa?

November 9, 2012

{It has begun!}


Yup. That's my Christmas tree right there. I put it up yesterday. Why? I couldn't tell ya lol. I got in the mood after going to Hobby Lobby and seeing all their Christmas trees. I couldnt help myself. I love Christmas but I try to wait until after Thanksgiving to put my decorations up. Anyway- I'm kinda bumbed that my tree is missing the angel my mother used on hers. Not because I didn't want to use it. But because its a plug in angel and there is no plug in on this tree :'(. So we bought a star today and I figure I will just use my angel somewhere else. Still a little odd for her to not be on my tree though. I have had her since I moved out on my own.

But enough about my sad little tree. D and I also picked up some wrapping paper minus the cartoon characters this year. We also picked up a little DS purse for the drama queen to keep her DS in (cause we bought that last week). I also found G a thermos! I've been looking for one forever. He likes to take hot stuff to school but nothing stays hot. Its annoying. So he will be happy with that :).

OK so that's what I did today. What'd you do?

November 6, 2012

{This can not be my kid...}

Oh lord. Please someone help me. Something has taken over my little boy and turned him into a fit throwing little heathen and I don't like it one little bit! What happened to the sweet little boy that just wanted to nurse? Blah. I guess that stopped about the time weened huh? My fault. Should have kept him on the boob. *sigh*

Today he didn't want to put his shoes on to run up to the school. He refused to go up to the toy room to go look for them. He then refused to put them on. Same with his socks and his coat. So I told him if he didn't stop he couldn't play xbox the rest of the day. That means no Halo 4 when daddy gets home too, not just missing out on the kids xbox and netflix. So he was pretty pissed about it.

When the kids came home he kept asking for the xbox. He wants to play with G on it so bad. It's what they do every day after school. I kept telling him no, he started throwing another fit. Throwing around clean laundry and even kicked a pillow.

So this is where my little boy ended up...

He's still pretty pissed off. But he'll get over it. He's too old for fits.

November 1, 2012

{Happy November!}

Hi everybody! (did anyone else say that in the Dr. Nick voice? lol)

I just thought id pop on and make a quick post. Nothing too exciting. D and I were talking about Christmas today! He wants to get the stocking stuffers out of the way early so we have more time and less running around trying to make it even for all 3 kids. I can't handle it when 1 has more than the others. And because I tend to over buy for the drama queen we end up doing just that. Every year. This year though I made a list of things I would like to put in their stockings and we will go off that. Smart right?

Drama Queen
1. Cupcake body lotion
2. Body wash
3. Nail Polish
4. Lip gloss
5. Erasers
6. Jewelry
7. Wallet
8. Key chain w/ house key
9. Perfume samples
10. Razor
11. Shaving cream
12. Tooth paste travel kit

1. McDonalds gift card
2. Camera tripod
3.Captain America Poster
4. Comic Books
5. Glow in the dark stars

Little Boy
1. Glow in the dark stars
2. Character silverware set
3. Captain America Poster

As you can see she has way more than the boys but we get her all tht stuff either.

What are you putting in your kids stocking this year?

{Youtube-- Relationship Tag}

Once again, another tag from youtube lol. And I tag any and all of you reading to do it! :) I'm not an in front of the camera type of person so I'm not taping this stuff lol.

1. Who eats more? He does lol.

2.Who said I LOVE YOU first? He did :)

3. Who is Taller? Him again.

4. Who is smarter? He thinks he is ;)

5.Who is more sensitive and romantic? I think that would be me for both.

6.Who does the laundry? He just pushed the buttons on the drier for the first time a week ago. We've had it almost a year. That should answer your question. lol

7.Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? He sleeps on the couch because the little boy still sleeps with mommy...shut up. I know!

8. Who pays the bills? He does.

9. Who cooks more? That would be me. But he makes the best chili :)

10. Who is more stubborn? I think we're both pretty stubborn when it comes to something we really want.

11.Who is the first to admit they are wrong? Depends on who was wrong. lol

12. Who has more sibling? Me! He only has 1 sister but I have 2 brothers & a sister. I win!!

13. Who wears the pants in the relationship? He likes to think he does ;)

14. What don't we do together? A lot of stuff. We're not one of those couples that has to be together all the time, or talking/texting all the time. We like our space.

15. Who eats more sweet? Me. Duh.

16. What is your guilty pleasures? True Blood.

17.How did you both meet? We met online on my 21st birthday :)

18.Who kissed who first? He kissed me :)

19.Who proposed? The 1st time he did. The 2nd time it was kind of me.

20. How did you proposed? When he did it we went out to eat and he showed me the ring I already knew he had (cause I picked it out) lol. When I did it, I just changed my relationship status to 'engaged' on facebook. Then he had people congratulating him and stuff...so he was like FINE! haha

21. What are your partners best features? He's funny. He's a jackass but I kind of like it. He has a nice butt lol.