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August 19, 2014

{Meet Your Teacher Night}

Every year the night before the kids go back to school the district has a meet your teacher night where as the name would suggest the parents and kids get to meet their teachers lol.

Usually the teachers talk about what ton expect from the year and you get to ask questions and such.

So far Owens teachers have not done the whole talking thing. They give you papers to fill out and a couple explaining what their classroom is like and that's it. Its slightly annoying because I like to get to know what they're like as teachers. I literally talked to his teacher for 2min and that was it. And that was just to tell her I was done with the paper work lol.

Gaiges teacher did a speech. Much of which we've heard already last year. We sat through it though. And then when D went up to ask which desk Gaige should put his supplies in, she just said "we don't have assigned seats but there are lockers he can put his things in" then turned away to talk to someone else. Um..what? Lol I was not impressed with her at all. I have a feeling I won't be liking dealing with her. Upside is that the teacher he had last year for math and reading will still be pulling him out this year. She will also be helping him with testing and such. I love her.

Dawns is in middle school so she has more than one teacher. I only met the homeroom teacher briefly but she seems OK. They did their speech and such. The only complaint I have is that their schedules are hard to navigate. I didn't even understand it so I can't imagine how a 12yr old will. But she will have to get help I suppose. She has a locker too which she is really excited about lol.

We shall see how tomorrow goes.