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August 15, 2014

{31 Day Blogging Challenge- Day 14}

What's on your iPod?

I'm assuming they're wanting to know what songs I might have, but I don't have an iPod for starters, and second it would take me hours to type out every song on my phone right now. That is the beauty of my Galaxy S3 having an SD card ;). For our trip I just loaded all the music on my laptop onto my phone. There was no way I was spending 3hrs on the bike without my tunes! So I figured since I don't have an iPod I'd just do a "what's on my phone" instead. So here we go!

I guess we'll start with my lock screen. Which is a random picture I found a while back. I usually have a pattern lock on it because it tends to unlock and open apps in my purse if I don't do that. Plus, I don't need the kids getting into my phone all the time and changing things. Which has happened. But because I couldn't seem to take a screen shot with the lock on it, I took it off for the purposes of this post.

Moving on to my home screens..

When you push my home button, this is what you see. I've got another random BSB image on there for my background. And then at the very top (the teen mom thing) is actually Google now. It's pretty useful and usually says the weather.

Next (starting left to right on the top row), I have Swarm which is a foursquare app- I don't use it too much cause I check in on Facebook, Instagram- I am constantly on here, Pinterest- Another app I'm always on. Then we have the Google Play app, Google Chrome, Youtube, the stock camera that comes with the phone. On the very bottom are the "dock" icons. I've got my phone app, Facebook, Twitter, Hangouts which I use for my texting as well because I like it better than the stock texting app, and then the app drawer.

 In the next row I have 4 folders. Getting Skinny has myfitnesspal and true value diary (a weight watchers app), Blog has my blogger app and my facebook page app. Shopping has my bank app, Amazon, Ulta, Calculator, Sale Calculator, Cartwheel app for Target, and Wunderlist.

Then there's the Games folder. It has Diner Dash, Cooking Dash, Wedding Dash, Hotel Dash, Fashion Story, Restaurant Story, Tiny Tower, Kitchen Scramble and Design this Home. I don't play them all all the time though. I'm obsessed with Kitchen Scramble right now though! I'll move on from it as soon as it gets boring lol.

Moving on to the 2 other home screens, if you swipe left I've got my Calender on one side which is so useful! Any time I make an appointment I go right in there and put it in my phone. It helps me stay on top of things. I also already have the entire school calender already put in. From the first day to the last day. Quite handy.

When you swipe right it's less exciting. I've got my music player, the built in flash light which comes in handy all the time, and my data usage thing.

If you click on my app drawer this is what you'll see. I'm just going to the ones that aren't completely obvious lol. Why waste all that time right?

 (above) Month Pal is a period tracker. Every girl should have one on her phone I think. Lets me know when I should start freaking out lol. Then Aviary is a photo editing app. Ringdroid is a ringtone maker and I like it! I download it with every new phone I get. Streampix is like Netflix for Comcast customers. Skyward is an app that lets me see the kids grades and if they're missing assignments and such. It comes in pretty handy through out the school year.
 AVG is my anti-virus app. That is the first thing I download every single time I get a new device. Instaweather I don't use this too much but it's pretty cool. It's just puts the weather on a picture you take a post to instagram.
 Repost is to repost instagram pictures without taking a screen shot. Live Nation is where I get my concert tickets. Astro Player is so I can take books I've downloaded and converted to mp3 and listen to them. They'll save my place like audible does and all that jazz. Snapchat my sister is the only one that sends me anything on there lol. Trulia I'm obsessed with looking for another house, even though we aren't looking to move for a long time lol. Same with Zillow.
 Smile Mom is a community of moms. Expedia is what we use to book our hotel rooms for vacation. We've used it a few times now and it's never lead us to a gross hotel. The places are usually pretty nice. Friendcaster is alternative to the Facebook app. I'm signed in to Gaige and Dawn on mine so that I get their notifications and such too. Shopkick I've never used lol. Same with Food Planner. I'll have to let you know what I think of them when I actually use them lol.

So aside from showing you my entire gallery (which I'm not doing) and going through all my music (also not doing lol) that's what's on my phone :).

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