August 2, 2014

{31 Day Blog Challenge- Day 1}

I found this while searching for topic ideas..since I'm always going through spaces where I don't have anything to blog about. And thought it would be fun :). So here we go!

Day 1- self portrait & 5 facts about yourself

1. I'm super picky about chicken wings. The ones pictured are from Schooner's. They are pretty much the only ones I'll eat. I'm weird like that.
2. When I'm having a bad day there is one thing that will make it all better; music. Sitting in my room with my ear buds in or driving around town with the radio blaring. It doesn't matter how I listen to it, as long as it's on and it's good :).

3. I watch scary shows even though I know I'll just end up with nightmares later.

4. I'd rather sit through a cheesy 80's movie than anything else. (Breakfast Club, Howard the Duck, & Pretty in Pink are among my favorites)

5. I love to bake. Love it. But I rarely ever eat what I bake. Is that weird?