July 31, 2014

{Back in the Swing}

For the last 2 nights the boys have been up until at least 3am watching movies on their tablets. Last night I told them it was time to turn them off at about 11pm. I had Owen come down stairs because he didn't have sheets on his bed for some reason (the kid is always pulling them off). I set him up on the couch cause he wanted a snack before bed. I told him when he was done with his fruit bar that he needed to go to sleep. He said OK. I woke up at 130am to him in my room in his sleeping bag (that's where he usually sleeps)..with his tablet still on. So I took it. Told him it was time to go to sleep. Woke up again at 3am and he was back upstairs on his tablet again. Grrr!! Needless to say tablets will not be had today.

I've decided to start them on their school schedule as of tonight. In bed no later 930 and up no later than 8am. I have no desire to try to fight this whole transition in a couple weeks when they have to be up and dressed for school.

I don't expect this is going to be easy. Both boys are very much night owls (just like their mother). But I also know I don't want to constantly be late because they don't want to get up. That tended to happen a lot with Owen last year. I hate getting mad in the morning but it seemed like that was the only way I could get him moving. *sigh*

What kind of schedule do you have for your kids in the morning? Do they all get up at the same time? Do they have to be at school at the same time?

Owen has to be at school later than Gaige and Dawn. They got on the bus at 730 last year but he didnt have to be there until 820. It was nice and a pain in the ass all at the same time.

I'm really hoping to stay on a decent schedule this year. And I'm really hoping everything goes smoothly.

I guess we will see in a couple weeks.