October 1, 2013

{IEP in Place}

I had a meeting with all of Gs teacher today to get an IEP in place for the rest of this year. They didn't really tell me anything new and they have set goals to try to help him as best they can. They are basically doing everything for him that they did for me when I was in school. He will have tests read to him and they will give him extra time on tests. They are basically making it easy for him to succeed if he just tries and hard for him to fail. I think he will thrive in this school.

A conversation I didn't plan on having was with his principal. He got in another "fight" today at school. I don't know what else to do about it. He thinks he is this tough guy and he has to be hitting people that make him mad all the time. It pisses me off that the men in his life have made him so anti tattle tail that it could end up being his downfall. :(

I am really hoping that taking all the guns/ knives from him that he has to think of something else to be interested in. *Fingers crossed*.

So there you have it, an update from a hopeful mom.