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September 2, 2013

{1wk Down & 16 'til Christmas}

Yup I went there..I said it. The C word! We have already started planning...have you? I know its not even Oct yet. I'm aware that I have to get through Halloween and a thanksgiving before I can start decorating for my favorite holiday. But just the fact that I can start the count down..has me excited lol.  We all know how obsessive I can be, on just warning you all ;).

The first full week went far better than the first few days.

Drama Queen, who never really has much trouble in school as far as bullying or her teachers being a problem, started off the year trying to get out of homework. It was not how I wanted to kick off the year so I'm hoping getting on her about it early nipped it in the bud. I do not want her falling so far behind that she has to miss out on other things because of it this year. Last year was a damn pain in the ass getting her to do her homework.

G likes his teacher this year. His special education teacher has been in contact with me a few times and we are working together to make sure he is getting his work done. I also struck a deal with him that for every day he comes home with only assigned homework and his usual read 20min he will get $.50. So by the end of the week he will will have $2.50. Yeah. I'm paying my kid to learn. What about it? It works. She emailed me on Friday and told me he had a good day and had actually been very interactive with the other kids. It was a first for him. I was proud. Even though its costing me a little money to get him there. Its worth it :).

Little Boy, who started school on a very rough note ended out the week walking himself to class! Sure he did it because I promised him ice cream but what about it? He's 5 and what works works. I'll do anything to make sure my kids are happy at school.

So yeah...exciting stuff happened last week ;).

If your kids just started...how are they liking it?