August 21, 2013

{One Day many until Christmas break?}

Right now in a town in central IL, there is a little 5yr old boy fast asleep. His mommy (that'd be me) went up to give him cuddles before he fell asleep and found him holding his Innotab (which was still playing Gnomeo & Juliet by the way) eyes shut tight. No doubt exhausted from the long day he had.

I saw this coming you see. When I picked up from school we had to run to walmart right quick to return a pair of pants D bought this morning. One minute he was telling me "I'm not tired mommy" and the next...

Yup. That's my little boy sleeping about 2 blocks from the house (I stopped at a stop sign and snapped this by the way). He is getting so big *sigh*. But I'm getting ahead of myself. 

The morning started out much like every first day of school. I woke up around 6:30am extremely tired from staying up half the night doing laundry, and began to pull myself out of bed. Mainly because I heard the dogs barking. Had they not been making such a racket I probably would have slept another 10min. 

G was already awake and ready by the time I got up. Why? I don't know. Probably excitement. He was already making himself some cereal and making sure he had everything in his book bag. I had him wake up the Drama Queen and I woke up the Little Boy.

Drama Queen tried her hardest to make the morning a complete disaster I think. It was a constant fight, as if she didn't know what she should be doing to get ready. I'll chalk it up to the first day brain deadness and the fact that she hasn't been getting up that early all summer. Little Boy got right up and got dressed though which I was surprised about since he is not a morning person.

I made pancakes. 

The older 2 got on the bus around 8am.

Little Boy didn't have to be there until 8:20 so we were able to hang out at home for a little while before he had to walk out the door. I took that opportunity to shower lol.

The only picture I got of Little Boy that morning was this one..

He was fine walking into the school. He was fine when we got to his class room. But when he realized I was actually going to leave him (like I'd warned him about), he was not a happy camper. I tell you what ladies it broke my heart. I literally thought I was going to die right there in a Kindergarten class room. I helped him put his book bag up and showed him where to sit. But then I hugged him and set him down and left him in the capable hands of his teacher, who assured me he would be OK. I cried all the way back to the car and off and on for most of the day. I hate seeing my kids upset. I can not handle it. I become a blubbering idiot without fail every single time.

I knew it had to be done though and I had confidence in his teacher who had given us a chance to write out something we thought she should know about the kids at meet your teacher night. I'd expressed my concern with her about him not being away from me before. She understood. I thank her for that.

She later (around noon) called me to let me know he was OK and she even text me a picture of him :)

I picked him up in the afternoon and I was so excited to see him I cried. I had no idea how much I depend on him for my entertainment through out the day. But he was so excited to tell me all about what happened :).
He didn't see me at first. I had to yell his name :)

And so we wrapped up the day with dinner and sleep :). Since the small people are snoring away up stairs I suppose I should get to bed too. Good night ya'll :)