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January 17, 2015

{ #weightwatchers Dinner: Turkey Muffin Balls}

I forgot to snap pictures tonight. So if you want to see what these delicious balls are supposed to look like you'll have to click here for the recipe :).

I know that I've talked about how many picky eaters there are in my house. Owen and Gaige are the worst. They pretty much live on cereal. Don't judge me. In my opinion as long as they're eating they're fine. They'll find something better at some point.

Tonight though, everyone ate these! I served them with green beans. Normally I would serve something like this with mashed potatoes. I was trying to stay on top of my points though and green beans are 0pts.

I picked and chose what I wanted in them because I don't like jalapeños and neither do the kids. The peppers and onions were pretty much enough to make them yummy but I also added the red pepper flakes (which made them slightly spicey) and the other spices.

I would say this one is a huge hit. I had some mix left over so I made that and D is gonna take them to work lol.

The very best part of this recipe is that its something I can eat. I hate having to eat something else when I know the food I'm making is so good!

Try out this recipe and see how your family likes it :).