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January 5, 2015

{My Home with Wheels}

I know that I've talked about how I inherited my grandpas motorhome. I knew I was getting this amazing vehicle long before he became ill. I think it was mine before I could actually form the sentence to claim it. When I was a teenager I remember him telling me someone had stopped at the gas station he owned to inquire about purchasing it. He said "if it were up to me I would talk about selling it. But I have a grand-daughter that would be less than happy if I let it go" (or something along those lines). He was talking about me. 

I know that when people look at this '66 dodge they see the missing paint, the rusted mirrors, and dated interior. I know they see that there is nothing flashy about it and it isn't as state of the art as motorhomes made today. But what they don't see are all the things that make it worth saving for me.

They don't see that trip to Florida we took when I was 2. They don't see all our summer trips to Tennessee to visit my grandpas friends. They don't see us all curled up in our designated sleeping spaces. They don't see the memories of the Easter we spent in there because we weren't going to be home by Easter morning. They don't see us sitting at the table watching the cars go by as we traveled to Arkansas to see my aunt and uncle. They also don't see the man sitting in the drivers seat. Cup of coffee in hand (black of course...it was always black) talking to whatever kid was sitting in the passengers chair. I see all of those things. And that's why it's mine. Those memories are the ones I want to keep. Those memories are the ones I want to share with my kids and D. I want his memory to stay alive by using that motorhome. I want to see my kids faces light up when they hear it start up. I want to them to make memories in it and for it to eventually be as special to them as it is to me.
Anyway, I asked on Facebook if anyone would want to see the inside of this amazing motorhome and all 2 of you said yes, so here I am lol. I snapped some pictures and got a video of the inside. If it wasn't raining and gross out I would have gone more in depth. But it was so cold and gross out that I just did a quick look. I'll explain with the pictures :).

In this one I walked to the back of the motorhome to show you that first. I'm standing right next to the big bed in the back (which was where my grandma and usually the smallest kid, and my grandpa slept). To the left is the bathroom and to the right is a dresser (which will be shown in a later pic) and one of the closet doors. You can see all the way to the front.

 In these 3 pictures (above) you see the "kitchen" area. The sink, counter, and stove. The top of the stove works but the oven doesn't. It just needs a part and it'll be in working condition also. But my grandma cooked many meals on this going down the road. The blue thing in the sink is for water to put in the fridge. For drinking or cooking. Whatever you need it for. Then further over is the counter which holds the mini microwave. There are 4-5 drawers under the microwave that hold silverware, random cooking utensils, and other things one might need while making food on the go. Then the very bottom drawer was always filled with the travel games, coloring books, and all that good stuff :).

Up above are fully stocked cupboards with dishes and my grandma usually kept things she used often in there also. Like tea bags/coffee and sweeteners or sugar.

Across from the sink/oven is the fridge and above it a small cupboard. See? Stocked with containers for flour/sugar ;). You can also see she's left me a couple pitchers in there for tea/kool-aid lol.

The beds. The top bunk folds down to make a couch and also frees up a little walking room. The table also folds down into a full size bed. It has storage under it as well with cast iron cookware in there.

The front needs work. The passenger side chair is super loose and will need new wood put under it. It leaked in the windshield all over the speakers and radio so that had to be taken out. But it can easily be put back in. It just needs to be done. That TV isn't usually there either lol.

 The big bed in the back :) There is a headboard of sorts to the right with an itty bitty fan in it lol.

This is where the TV goes. There are 4 drawers there that hold a ton of clothes. Right now there's a bunch of toys Gaige stored in them. But when I was a kid they were full of extra clothes. This way she didn't have to pack a bunch of stuff every time we went somewhere.

I didn't take pictures of the bathroom or inside the closets. But I did get video of the whole thing :).

I'm pretty excited to get her on the road again :). We can't start working on her until it warms up, so that won't be until at least March/April. But I'll start doing posts about it once we start making progress that you can see :).