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January 1, 2015

{2015 Goal List}

While everyone else is busy making their New Years Resolutions I'm making goals. I realized a long time ago that my resolutions were just not getting kept. They were being swept off to the side around February and forgotten completely by April. Last year was the first year I had actually stuck to what I'd set for myself longer than just until spring. Of course, by summer vacation I'd lost all motivation but whatever. A little improvement is better than none right?

So this year, I'm going to set my goals again. Hopefully this time I'll be able to get further than June/July with it.

1. Get back in the gym!
And I don't just mean get back in the gym. I mean, get back and actually do the work. I've really let myself slip back into the slump of not working out and not eating right. I want to blame it all on the past month, but in reality, I stopped going to the gym regularly a long time ago. I also stopped counting my weight watchers points. One or the other wouldn't be bad, maybe I could have kept off those 16lbs I lost. But no. I had to do both. Because I'm lazy.

2. Rid myself of toxic people.
After the year I've had dealing with all the teenage drama I'm beyond ready to just get rid of anyone bringing anything but positive energy into my world. I don't want drama every other week. I don't want to worry about someone popping up and us having to spend our Disney World fund on getting them set up in our home. I don't want to fight with people who are not really an important part of my life, or my family's life. So good riddance toxic life suckers!

3. Build my wardrobe.
I am aware that this is slightly shallow. I'm OK with that lol. I have never been super interested in the fashion world. I love to watch Youtubers talk about their clothes and see the things they put together. But I've never ventured past my staple jeans and t-shirt ensemble. I've always wanted to be one of those girls to get asked where did you get that? when I'm out somewhere, but I've never been brave enough to buy things that might get that kind of reaction. So that's one of my lesser goals lol. Perhaps after I get back on track with my weight loss I'll be able to take this goal on :).

4. Build my blog.
I want to get more views for my blog and more likes on my facebook. I'm hoping that producing more content people want to read more frequently that it'll happen. I love to blog! I love writing about my kids and my life. But I'd love it even more if I knew people were reading it lol.

So there you have it folks. Four goals for my 2015. Are you making goals or resolutions this year? What are they? Comment below! :) Lets have a conversation!

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