January 1, 2015

{Sometimes Being a Mom is Boring}

With the holidays over and having just one more event planned before school starts back up, my life has gotten so boring. Not that it was full of excitement before lol, but its gotten even more so lately.
There are plenty of things I could write about. Like how I hate doing laundry, or how I really wish Owen wouldn't stand outside the bathroom door while I poop. But those are all such mom things to write about. Don't we all have to do laundry? Don't we all wish we could go potty without an audience? I'm pretty sure those are the things every mother bitches about.

I could talk about how excited I am for the motorhome to start shaping up. But then I get sad because we can't really start doing anything to it until it warms up. Until then its just sitting in my grandparents driveway all sad cause pawpaw isn't around to talk about how he wants to get it running again.
God I miss him.
Oh! I've decided to start doing my survey sites again. I can make a little extra money usually if I let my points from swagbucks build up. In case you don't know what swagbucks is, its a site where you search, watch videos, download apps, and take surveys and they give you points. The points add up and eventually you can then them in for money. Right now I'm on my way to a $25 PayPal gift card. Which isn't a lot but if you let the points add up, you can score a nice little bit of cash. I'm hoping to save them up as long as possible and then I'll be able to either help pay for some of this summers vacation, or next summer when we go on the big vacation ;).
I'm not sure what else to blog about lol.
How was all your New Years? Anything exciting take place?