January 15, 2015

{January Ipsy Bag!}

Yay! I'm so excited that this finally came in! I've been putting off joining Ipsy for a long time. Probably since they first came out and YouTube beauty vloggers were all over them. Back when they were My Glam Bag and no one thought they were any good lol. But recently I've been watching unboxing videos and I've seen some pretty cool stuff come out of them. So I figured hey it's only $10 a month why not give it a shot. I might end up loving it. I might end up canceling too though lol. Either way I signed up and got my very first bag today!

I have to say I'm not displeased with everything I got. The bag isn't a cheapo one that seems like it's going to fall apart after a month so that's good. Chances are I'll repurpose it as a pouch for my purse. So that's good!

The products were decent also.

I got a  Hikari eyeliner in storm. Its a silverish grey color. I've never heard of this brand before but I'm kind of excited to try it. My only concern I'd that I have to be careful with eyeliner and mascara. Some of it gives me awful headaches. I'm hoping this doesn't do the same. The swatch rubbed off my hand pretty easy so I'm hoping that doesn't mean its going to be running down my face. There are also glitter flakes in it which I'm not a real fan of. I'm 31 not 13. I don't do glitter.

Next up is a polish by Probelle in Into the Blue. We all know how much I love polish! I haven't gotten a chance to apply it yet but it says it's long lasting and high gloss. I'm pretty picky about my polish though so check my instagram for a Review later :).

This I'm slightly excited about! I am attempting to grow my brush collection and this one is pink!

Its a Elizabeth Mott all over shadow brush. Its thick and soft and it might be my new favorite brush ;).

Staying in the eye area I have a  Pacifica shadow in Ethereal. It seems like it'll be good :). I've heard good things about the brand.

I am a lip balm junkie! So this  (Malin+Goetz) mojito lip balm should be right up my alley. Its not that wonderful though. It tastes and feels like lipstick on my lips which isn't my cup of tea. And there's no mojito smell. It smells like lipstick. Also not my cup of tea. This will probably go to Dawn to be honest.

So there we have it. My first ipsy bag review. Over all I wasn't too impressed by it. I'll keep it for another month and see how it is. If I'm still not impressed then I'll search for a better one lol. There are so many.

Do you subscribe to any beauty boxes/bags?