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January 7, 2015

{Things Every Mom Should Have in Her Car During Winter}

With temps getting below freezing the last couple days (at least here in good ol' Illinois) I thought I'd do a little post about what a mom (or anyone to be honest) should keep in their car.

I remember when I got my first car and my grandpa always stressed to me that I should have some type of kit with me at all times during the winter, just in case. Not just for me but for Gaige too. One never knows when you'll hit a patch of black ice or someone will not be paying attention and end up pushing you into a ditch. Depending on conditions you could be there a while.

So I always liked to have a few items with me during this time of year.

1. A heavy blanket or 2.  This is super important in case your car dies and someone can't get to you right away. I had one for me and one for Gaige (after having more kids I just added another blanket and figured we could all share).

2. Bottles of water. I usually just put one per person in there. In reality if you were stuck and thirsty you could melt snow.

3. Snacks. This is kind of important especially when you have small kids. I kept a bag of cereal bars and granola bars in my trunk so that should we be sitting for a while I wouldn't have to worry about said children getting hungry. Cause cranky kids + stuck in a ditch = more stress in an already stressful situation.

4. Bottle Warmer. Now thisisnt something I keep in my car all the time (obviously I don't have a baby lol), but when Gaige was a baby I kept one. Should be lucky enough that your car is still running, this handy gadget plugs into the lighter and will warm up a bottle.

5. Ready made bottles. That brings me to another thing I used to do. I would premake bottles and leave them in the trunk. That way I could just add the water and boom, baby is fed. Another reason to keep bottles of water, but you could always use snow for that too.

6. Warmer clothes. I always made sure I had an extra set of clothes in my trunk. If we had to walk somewhere we could bring the bag and change them once we got where we were going. Not that I ever had to do that. But it was something I didn't want to be without.

I think that's all I ever had in my little kit. Of course the first aid kit also but that is in there all the time. No matter the season.

So I hope this gave you some ideas on what to have in your car this time of year. Its better to be safe than sorry.