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January 20, 2015

{ #RocktheLunchBox Influenster Box!}

I am so excited that I got sent these coupons from Influenster! For those that don't know what Influenster is, it's basically a product review website. You answer questions and they send you products to test out. You review on their website and you can also earn more points for writing blog posts (like the one I'm doing now), unbox on YouTube, Tweet about it, and Facebook it. The more points you have the more likely you are to qualify for boxes/products. It's free to join. If you'd like an invite feel free to email me (put influenster invite in the title). They just recently went mobile as well so you can pull out your phone and review products while you're bored lol.

This box could not have come at a better time. I am constantly trying to figure out what to put in Owens lunch box. He gets into a funk where he only wants one certain thing in his box and that's it. Last year it was Lunchables. This year it he got bored with Lunchables and I bought him strawberry Uncrustables. He takes a juice box or a Capri Sun to drink because they're easy/fast to open. I know he's getting tired of the Uncrustables now too though. But he's such a picky eater. The kid is ridiculous to pack a lunch for lol.

This "campaign" consisted of several free coupons. All of which I redeemed (with no trouble) at Tartget and Kroger.

The first thing Owen dug into were the Honest Kids juices. You get 8 of them in a box (much like Capri Sun) and Target has them for $3.69. I got the apple ones and he went through a box in about 2 days. He loved them. The only complaint I had was that the straw was much harder to get into the pouch than a Capri Sun. Other than that, if he likes them they're a win for me :).

Next up was Annie's Mini Pizza Bagels. These are only found at Target. I wasn't really a fan. The kids seemed to enjoy them though. I wouldn't spend $4.19 on them though. Maybe I should have gotten the poppers instead.

Then we have Applegate Half Time Lunch Kit, also found at Target. This is basically a Lunchable. Owen was not impressed. He ate the yogurt and the cookies but wasn't in love with the crackers. He never eats the cheese lol. I'd be more inclined to buy more cookies and yogurt than the actual kit itself.

Another Annie's product; Cheddar Bunnies. These are basically just gold fish shaped like bunnies lol. They were good though. I might actually pick up another box.

Last up is a bag of Rudi's Bread. Not bad. That's about all I can say about it. It wasn't amazing. 

So there we have it. I certainly got some good products. I will most likely pick up some more of those juices. But the other stuff was sort of blah. Nothing special.

But thanks Influenster for sending me these coupons!
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