January 14, 2015

{Another Dentist Adventure}

Gaige and Owen both had dentist visits today. Our last appt did not go well. Owen had to have a crown and ended up needing to wear "the blanket" and get laughing gas. You don't know stress until you hear your kid screaming cause he's scared and you know what's being done has to be done. They didn't hurt him. And they were really nice about it all. I'm sure they get kids like that all the time.

Today went so much better than last time. We checked in and they were ready for him right then.

Owen went back first. He walked back without me and I didn't hear a word out of him.
Gaige was called back just as we were sitting down and as to be expected he was fine.
Gaige needs sealants on 2 of his adult teeth. But that's all. Woohoo! But his next appt they want to take his xrays and see about braces :(. 

Owen on the other hand has 2 more cavities. This time they're between 2 of his teeth. She said he needs to start flossing which we don't do..I know! I'm a horrible mom. Shoot me. We will start now though. Mainly at night right before bed.

Over all I think it was a good visit. Even with the cavities and finding out Gaige is going to need braces sooner rather than later.

While we were there we made Dawn an appt too. She will just get a new patient exam this time but we are already aware she's gonna need braces. She has more teeth than she has space in her mouth. (Shocking)

And here's a little bit of good news, last year we thought we didn't have dental coverage. Turns out we did. So we should get a credit for our account at the dentist which will cover this visit and maybe have some left over to cover some of the braces for one of the kids. Pretty awesome to get money back from something like that.

So yeah. That all happened today.