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January 18, 2015

{The Youtubes are a Black Hole!}

I love Youtube. I think it's one of the best inventions ever. Without it I never would have learned how apply make-up properly, or that someone other than celebrities could walk into a Sephora and purchase amazing make-up. Yeah. But then I get bored and start searching for random things.
A lot of the time I search for shows. Mainly because I hate commercials and chances are someone somewhere has uploaded it.
Then occasionally I search for haunted houses. Which then leads to abandoned buildings. Then that leads to abandoned towns. Did you know you know there was a whole little town in Connecticut for sale?? It looks like something straight out of Gilmore Girls! When a friend posted about it in my mommy group we all joked that we should pool our money and buy it. There was more than enough room and the houses looked amazing for being abandoned for 20 years. If I was a millionaire I would have scooped it up and moved my entire family out there! Well..maybe not the entire family. Who would want that much drama in such a pretty place?

Tonight I was on facebook and saw someone had posted someone else's pregnancy announcement. After I watched that I saw a suggested video for home births in the side bar. Well I can't pass that up.
Little secret about Kristin; I wanted a home birth when I was pregnant with Owen. It didn't work out obviously. Even if D and I had been living together I had to be induced so I wouldn't have gotten one. But still. If I was to get pregnant (lord please don't let this be a request for another baby) again, I'd have a home birth..probably a water birth. But I digress.

I managed to watch about 10 videos before finding one that caught my attention completely. A home water birth...but the title had surprise twin in it. It's OK. I'll wait for you to pick your jaw up off the floor.

There it is. I don't even know how you don't know you're pregnant with twins but that would shock the shit out of me.

Another fun fact; my grandma had twins. She had no idea she was pregnant with multiples until the doctor said she was still laboring. That was back in the day though.

I also found some other interesting videos of home births (including one woman giving birth on a toilet...) that I won't post but you can search them on Youtube and watch them yourself should you feel the need.

I closed the Youtube window after this one though. I don't know what I would do if I had a home birth and there was more than one baby in there. Can you imagine??

This is probably the more mild findings on black hole adventures in youtube land. There are some people who should just not be allowed to have a camera. And yet, they are the ones with the most views lol.