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January 26, 2015

{Lost In My Own World}

I have been doing very little the last few days. Why? Because my little brother heard I wanted to read Fifty Shades of Grey..so he got me all 3 ebooks! I have already blown through 1 and 2. I'm on Chapter 3 of the 3rd one now. I don't know what it is about these books that pulls me in so fast. Most people think its the sex (it very well could help me along lol) or because Christian Grey is supposed to be super hot (and in my brain he does not disappoint). But to be honest I think the love story between the Christian and Anastasia is more consuming than anything else. Their relationship is so damn intense I walk away from the pages and feel like I'm going through all of it too. When they fight I worry they won't work it out and when they're all kissy I have the dumbest grin plastered on my face. Why aren't more relationships like that? Not that I want that much drama. But good lord. It certainly does make a girl swoon a little bit to see how much he loves her. And to be honest, I don't kind a guy taking charge of situations. Would be suffocating to have him stalk me like he does her, yes. But I don't know. I'm almost into it lol. I know. I'm probably crazy. It's OK. Have any of you readers read these books? I'll be honest I didn't want to and then my bff made me lol. I'm hooked. And I can not wait to see the movie in a couple weeks. Stay tuned for my review on that!

Speaking of reviews, weight watchers is going pretty well right now. I know its only week 3 but I've tried really hard to stick to my points. I'm trying to remember my rules for last time. Lots of bread at lunch means no pasta for dinner. I'm not living off of smart ones either. I'm attempting to make meals I can eat. Once I've tried them all, I'll be sure to write a post and let you all know what they are :). If you follow me in Facebook or twitter you might actually see them before that. I don't know though. I'm hoping to find some more. Pinterest has been my go to for recipes lately. Even though some of the links lead to nowhere or to a picture which is frustrating as hell!
I don't know what else to write about right now. The books are a welcome distraction for how I feel when I'm not reading them. I'm sure people get tired of hearing about sad I am. But those who have lost a parent know its not something you just go through once and get over it. There is no moving on there's just living and knowing they're always watching. Ugh. If I start taking about this I'll start crying again. And I don't want that all.
Who else is looking forward to Valentines Day?! My grandma is taking the kids and I'm hoping D and I can have a date night. Its been quite a while.
So yeah...that's what's happening around here. A whole lot of not a whole lot lol. I'll have more posts soon I'm sure :).
Side note: I am 50 kinds of done with winter! Bring on summer!!