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January 12, 2015

{Mom Blogging...or is it?}

So I don't follow a lot of mom blogs anymore. Not because I don't enjoy them or want to meet new moms. Because I do, I really do. But because I feel like they're more about reviews and giveaways than they are about parenting anymore.

I went to one site today (in search of a good blog to read) and what did I find? 3 sponsored posts right in row. I don't know about you guys but that makes me click out automatically. I don't want to read your ads. The 50 in the side bar are enough for me. I want to hear about your family, your life, and if you're going as crazy as I am. I don't care what you thought of a product someone sent you. A review once in a while is one thing. I like to know what other moms think of products also. I need to know if they're crap or not lol. But those sponsored ones really annoy me.

And while I'm on the subject of bad mom blogs, if your site takes forever to load with a bunch of ads and graphics. I'm probably not going to stick around or come back. No matter how good the posts are or how funny you are. It is completely ridiculous with my high speed wifi that I should have to wait 5min for your site to load. Cut back on graphics.

OK. I think I'm done ranting now. Just thought I'd see if I was the only one annoyed with the route mom blogs took. They're almost not even fun to read anymore. And yet, if you want readers you have to do those things. *sigh*

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