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December 15, 2013

{25 Days of Blogmas: Day 15}

Best Gift You've Ever Given

I have given several gifts over the years. But some of the best ones haven't been given yet ;)
One of my favorites to give was the John Deere mower Gaige got when he was about 3 and at 4.

I looked for a month for that John Deere mower. I saved it for the very last gift and made him think he didn't get it. He about had a heart attack when he saw it! This was when he was 4 and everything was John Deere. The year before that (at age 3) we got him a John Deere powerwheel. I thought he was gonna keel over from excitement when he saw that one lol.

This year though I think the best gift is going to be this..

D and I got Gaige a Galaxy tab 2 for his summer birthday this year and my grandmother has been on it every single chance she gets. She is literally on it on the weekends more than he is lol. So I contacted my siblings and we got together and got her this one :). She is going to love it! We got her the 10.1 because she was saying that the 7" was too small for her to really see. It's kind of amazing. I'm going to make sure to have everyone with a phone or camera record her opening it so they can get her reaction.

So what's the best give you've ever given? Tell me in the comments :)