August 1, 2013

{So excited!!}

I registered the kids this morning for school. I am freaking out about sending Little Boy to all day kindergarten. I dont want to. I want to keep him home forever. I know that I cant. But that doesnt stop me from wanting to. Hes my baby and my last kid. I dont want to be away from me. I know that I can get a job and stuff with all 3 being gone all day. But i would rather have him with me. *tear*

Obviously thats not what Im excited about lol.

At this time tomorrow (642pm) I will be standing outside the venue, in Chicago, my sweaty hands holding the tickets i printed off the second i got confirmation that the payment had gone through. There will be butterflies and an accelerated heart rate. There might be squealing and possibly tears lol.

I hope you guys can handle all the updates from the concert lol. I really hope i get some amazing pics :).