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May 24, 2016

{The Year of The Mouse?}

Of course you know I'm talking about M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E right?
I have been trying to get this family to Disney World for years. At one point we had our trip all planned out, a hotel reserved, our route mapped out, and then Cassie happened. And all our money started going to her. Then I planned it for the following summer, but once again, Cassie happened and we ended up canceling our trip and going to St.Louis instead. Not that I'm complaining about our trip, but I want to get to Disney damn it! So this year I told D that we are going to Disney and he agreed. In fact, he said that even if something comes up he will take out a small loan just so we can go and I can get off his back about it lol. I feel like he kind of wants to go just as bad as I do. He has never been on a big trip like that with someone other than his grandma and aunt. So he doesn't know how much fun it can be! I, on the other hand, was never home in the summer growing up lol.

Anyway, so we have our dates pretty much picked. I've looked at every crowd calendar I can find and it says the first couple weeks in December are usually the best time to go. My brother and his girlfriend went last year and they said the weather was amazing in Florida also. We chose to go then. Of course we're not staying a whole two weeks, that's too expensive. We decided to just stay for four days. I think it's going to be so much fun!

I've been planning our route and it looks like a 16 hour drive straight through. So that means we will have to leave the day before and travel all day and into the night. Not a problem. As long as it's straight through we can take turns driving. D has attempted to find an alternate mode of transportation. He suggested we take a train all the way...no thanks. Neither of us want to fly either (if God wanted us to fly and all that jazz). He brought up renting a van or a motor-home (since mine is unmovable right now..don't get me started on how much that hurts!) but that would cost more than just driving our own car. We had pretty much had it set that we'd just take my car (a Hyundai Tuscon. I love my car!) down there. It was stressing me out a little bit thinking we would be in this car for 16 hours with basically no leg room and no real room to move. Then he suggested we ask his aunt to borrow her van. She just had the engine tuned and it doesn't have many miles on it because they don't really go anywhere anymore. So hopefully we can do that. It'll give us a little more moving room. Plus, when the kids get tired they can lean back and go to sleep. It has two bucket seats and a bench seat so it should be quite comfortable and a lot more room for our stuff.

I've been to the Disney website about 100 times now planning out our trip and seeing how much everything will cost. I'm sure I'll post more about it once we get closer to actually going, but it's going to cost us around $3k to stay on property (which comes with it's own set of perks so we decided to go ahead and do that) and do a dining plan plus tickets. Which I don't think is too bad considering we're a family of five. A friend of D's went not that long ago with his family (same size as ours) and he said the dining plan gives you more food than you can eat also (which I've heard before) so you might not even need to use your whole budget.

I'm just really excited about the whole thing. We've basically decided on everything and if you follow me on pinterest you know that I'm a pinning fool when it comes to planning this trip. I need to know exactly what's going to happen so that I'm not just up in the air with shit.

So fingers crossed I get to meet Mickey this summer ;)
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