July 27, 2014

{Just the 2 of Us}

If you've been following me on any kind of social media for the last week then you are well aware of my adventures lately. If you haven't been following me then what are you doing with your life?? I kid! I kid! But here is where you can play catch up to the funness I've over the past week.

D and I decided to take a little trip with just us this summer. In 11yrs we've never been on a trip without at least one kid. Sure we've been kid free for a few days. When the older 2 were little we would ship them to grandparents houses and have date nights. Sometimes for 3-4 days at a time. But we never had the money to actually go away together. Until this summer. We decided that since we had the season passes already for Six Flags St. Louis that's where we would go. Except I wanted to stay 2 days. I was in no hurry to return home lol.

We ended up staying at the Holiday Inn across the street from Six Flags out of sheer convenience. If you want to read my review on the hotel you can see that here. We arrived long before we were able to actually check in at our hotel so we parked the bike (did I forget to mention that we took the motorcycle? We did) and took the hotel shuttle across the way to Six Flags. It saved us $25 in parking which was awesome.

We walked through the gates and headed right for Batman, but saw that it was down. I was kind of upset because it's my favorite ride. But we headed for the Joker instead. Waiting to get on (which wasn't a long wait because there was pretty much no one there lol) we noticed that the reason for Batman being down..

Yes, that is the ride stuck at the top and people walking down the stairs! As badly as I wanted to ride it, I took it as a sign that we shouldn't. And we continued on our quest of riding every big ride there. We did the boomerang, boss, american thunder, joker, ninja, screamin eagle, river king mine, superman (even though D has been avoiding it for years..he went on with me), pandemonium, colossus, log flume, and xcalibur. Those aren't all the rides there, but they're the ones we wanted to go on lol.

At about 3pm we headed back to the hotel to check in and get our room. From there it was the pool, which was decent, and food which was amazing. Then we slept.

The next morning we got up and headed toward some mall that D found online after searching "man mall" lol. It looked massive from the road but when we got in there it was no bigger than the mall we have. And to tell you the truth the clothes stores weren't really my "style". It was a lot of shit that looked super ghetto is what I'm getting at here lol. We did find a pretty good mini golf thing in there though. And we found a Cabella's which is the same thing as Bass Pro I guess. Except kind of way more awesome lol.

Black light mini golf at the mall.

 He snuck in there when I was getting a pic...Cabella's

 1 of the fish tanks they had at Cabella's. It's huge!

After we'd seen the whole mall we hit the road again and we ended up in Alton which has a haunted hotel that we wanted to tour and possibly stay at. Unfortunately they didn't answer their phones and we found out they only did tours on Saturdays. Dumb. We decided to head into Grafton instead and check out the Pere Marquette Travel Lodge.

The place is amazing! Its huge and old and right up our alley :). We took the bike out on all the twisty roads that the park (where the lodge is built) and explored as much as we could.

 Our room.

 The King

The Queen

We had lunch in Grafton (yum!) and then dinner at the hotel (less than good). 

When we were about to go to bed D went down to the lobby to get us some sodas and came back up telling me how the place is haunted! Of course I didn't believe him but it turns out that it's true! They do paranormal investigations every couple months..their next one being on Halloween!! We of course booked another night right then. I'm so excited to go back.

Speaking of going back, we are going to take the kids back for a week next summer I think. You can rent a cabin and stay there which I think would be best with kids. They can ride their bikes and explore and its only 45min from six flags. I can't wait to see their reaction to the place :).

The next morning we left and headed for home. We stopped off in Hannibal again and did the Tom Sawyer cave tour. Not as good as meremac but enjoyable. We also ate at the restaurant there that was totally under water when we were there with the kids so we will have to watch the flood water next summer.

We also went through Louisiana, Mo. Not much to see but we did discover the water tank house. So weird lol. D tried to get me to move there but I don't think I could handle a town that small lol.

I have to say this is one of the best trips I've ever been on as an adult. I can't wait to do another one next summer.