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July 12, 2014

{Road Tripping '14- Six Flags}

D and I had both not been here for years so we were just as excited to go as the kids were.
In route we stopped along the side of the road and picked up a turtle. Because D can not let a turtle just be on the side of the road and get run over.
When we arrived at the park we let the turtle out at a small pond on the grounds. It was a good choice. D wanted to keep it and let it stay in the car while we were in the park...yeah..no. So that happened first lol.
We were in the gates and waiting when they opened the park at 1030am. We pretty much had our pick of the rides at that point. The first one we walked to was The Boss. Owen couldn't go on it (I wouldn't have wanted him to anyway) and neither did Dawn. So they waited with the employee while D, Gaige, and I went. I could not believe that Gaige went with us! It was so crazy!! Gaige and I were both screaming like babies when it would go down a hill lol. D was loving every minute though lol. And after that it was Thunder River (everyone went on that) to get soaked! We would later end up riding that a 2nd time.
We also went on Pandemonium, some mine one, and D & I went on Batman alone.
We hung out for a while in the kid part of the park for Owen and he loved it :). He said his favorite part of the whole trip was the castle play place lol.
Owen also went on his first coaster! He went on Pandamonium with us :).
We all (minus Dawn) went on the Log Flume but Gaige, Owen, and D went on 2 more times. Then Gaige went again alone by himself. I think its safe to say that he liked this one the best lol.
About 2hrs in we hit a snag when my blood sugar dropped and I almost passed out. We got some food in me and some water then headed to an arcade to sit in the air conditioning. I laid on the floor in a corner for about 30min while Dave and the kids played games. I felt better after that. I made sure to keep drinking water and that's when we went on Thunder River again so that we could all cool off. Not that it was a hot day, the weather was pretty much perfect.
The lines didn't start getting long until about 6pm when the water park closed. We stood in line for an HOUR for the Scooby Doo ride. Blah.
We ended the day at the kids area again and Owen went on the little train there. Oh! We took the big train around the park too.
But here are the pics I took. :)