June 28, 2016

{30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 28}

Something or someone you miss.

I miss this. More than anything. Our family used to be so close. Vacations were taken together. Birthday parties were attended by all the aunts, uncles, and cousins (except for the Arkansas family who only came up for Christmas and the big stuff). It's not that way anymore at all. I feel like it all stopped when my grandpa passed in 2005. I feel like he was really the glue that held us together and gave everyone somewhere to go that didn't lead to a bunch of drama. When he passed we had one more Christmas at his house and then nothing. I don't see his wife unless I happen to run into her. It's sad. Our family is full of drama and fighting and just all around bullshit and you can only imagine how tiring it all is.

Any time someone asks me a question like this, my grandpa will always be a part of the answer. I miss this more than I could possibly miss anything, ever. I think this is probably my favorite picture of my grandpa and the boys. Taken on Halloween obviously. We always ended up here. Walking into the shop now (this picture is in the back room where the pit is) is sad. It's wrong. It doesn't look like someone has spent his entire life working there. It looks new. Like someone came in, moved everything, got rid of things, and painted over his presence. I miss him. I miss this. I miss it all.